100 Drawings and meanings of tigers tattoos

The tiger is one of the most revered feline species on the planet.

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In short, the tiger represents the way in which we as humans want to live our lives – without inhibitions. They are ferocious and sensual, wild and indomitable, powerful and strong. They are driven by their instincts and passions and are not conditioned by reason and propriety. These animals are solar totems. This means that they are guided by the sun. As such, they are seen as wild and passionate beings. To be a great lover, you must be a tiger in bed. This explains why parts of their bodies were, in the past, used in many love potions and all natural aphrodisiac potions.

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In much of India, tigers remain the emblem of unimaginable destruction. Some rural villages still report today (though rarely) attacks where tigers have eaten human beings. These attacks are not the norm and, in almost all cases, were caused by humans desecrating the animal's territory. By removing the animal's food supply, humans forced sick tigers to take desperate measures.

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Tigers are also characters of popular culture. How not to think of Tony, the Kellogg tiger, or the inevitable worldwide hit Life of Pi? In either case, the tiger is seen as a caretaker or some kind of protector who makes sure we eat a healthy breakfast or that our journey goes well. In recent years, the product of the cross between a lion and a tigress (called liger in English) has become a memorable and lovable figure of our culture. This curious mixture of two powerful beasts can be seen in zoos around the world.

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In Chinese folklore, tigers are considered as guardians of death. Decorating a tombstone or burial with the image of a tiger is a way of paying respects to the soul of the deceased and making sure that they will travel without problems to the afterlife. Their image is used to ward off demons and bad luck, and the animal is often represented in the company of the god of wealth, Tsai Shen Yeh. In summary, if you want to put a little luck in your life, why not make a tiger tattoo?

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Meaning of tigers tattoos

The tiger is a perfect cat. It represents a large number of characteristics, including:

– The power

– The brute force

– The dominance

– Energy (as a solar totem)

– The protection and the role of guardian

– Danger and destruction

– The royalty and the nobility

– Passion and sexual prowess

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Variations of tattoos of tigers

When it comes to acquiring a tiger tattoo, we can say that the North American expression "Do it big or go home" makes perfect sense. This animal is bigger than life itself. Vibrant colors and intricate dresses must be represented by a brilliant and talented artist. As is usually the case with images representing the majority of big cats, it is best to place a tiger tattoo on a group of major muscles. Thus, the beauty of the animal and the drawing will come to life with each movement.

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1. Tribal tattoos of tiger

The tiger is a powerful symbol of power and invincibility; that is why it is not surprising that elite soldiers sport tiger tattoos. These drawings are related to the belief that this type of tattoos brings the power and energy of this animal totem to those who wear them and are a way to connect with them, to draw inspiration from them and to draw the resources of these animals. sacred totems. The tribal tattoos of tigers represent power, strength, dominance and the absence of fear.

2. Tattoos of tiger cubs

It does not matter that the tiger is an intimidating and scary person. Tiger babies, they only cause admiration and exclamation unanimous "Oooh, he is cute!". Since tigers are generally solitary animals, females of the species are considered particularly devoted mothers. Tattoos of tiger babies symbolize innocence and fragility. They are a living representation of the relationship between a mother and her child.

3. Tattoos of Tiger Eye

The tiger's eye is not just a pretty gemstone; it symbolizes Concentration, Patience and Determination. The song "Eye of the Tiger" is the musical theme that best represents the relationship between "a man and his desire to survive". A tiger eye tattoo represents your most primitive desires: you only move and think according to your instinct and your impulses. The tiger eye represents the animal in its purest state: on the lookout, hungry, concentrated and, more importantly, lethal.

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4. Tattoos of butterflies and tigers

The butterfly is a fragile creature that must be treated with love and delicacy. It is a symbol of femininity that represents the concept of "the delicate nature of the weak sex". On the other hand, the tiger is a symbol of power, strength, passion and sexual prowess. These drawings represent the most indomitable and hidden desires of humanity. A tattoo of butterfly and tiger is a great juxtaposition of two concepts that are apparently not related. This drawing essentially means that you should never judge a book according to its cover. These tattoos are often worn by women: they show the world that even the most fragile of beings can be strong and indomitable inside. They represent the inner strength and reserved power of women.

5. Tattoos of blue tigers

According to Chinese legends, the universe is balanced by five powerful tigers. Each of them has a vibrant color, has a specific task to perform and controls a specific natural element. The White Tiger represents autumn and governs the metal element. The Black Tiger controls the winter and the water element while its opposite, the Red Tiger, is the guardian of the summer and controls the fire element. The Blue Tiger is the totem of spring and earth element. Just like in The Lord of the Rings, there is a tiger that directs them all. The Yellow Tiger is a being from the sun who has the duty to control his companions.

6. Tattoos of Tigers and Dragons

In Chinese culture, the tiger and the dragon are mortal enemies, eternally engaged in a fierce battle. Both are totems of Mother Nature and represent power, strength, passion and desire. What makes these two creatures so different is the way they interact with the world around them. The dragon is a wise creature and a being of knowledge that is in tune with the fundamental events of the world, while the tiger is a creature with brute force and primary power. That's why a tiger and dragon tattoo represents the struggle between mind and body.

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