101 Pigeon tattoo (and their meaning) and the dove of peace

Tattoos are gradually becoming a real fashion and are no longer limited to representing only a form of body art. People who wear tattoos always have a story corresponding to each design tattooed on their skin. Tattoos are a way of expressing a person’s opinions or are a representation of some of their characteristics. No matter how simple or complex the tattooed design is, its meaning will always depend on who wears it.

Dove tattoos are some of the most beautiful tattoo designs available today. It is a type of tattoo that is suitable for men and women; a unisex design that highlights femininity as much as masculinity. It is up to the person looking at him to interpret what he sees.

Dove tattoos can have different sizes. Some people prefer larger tattoos in order to convey a clearer and more meaningful message. Others prefer smaller tattoos that print perfectly on the wrist or at the bottom of the neck. You can choose any size and type of dove tattoo. But always remember to worry about the meaning behind this tattoo.

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Meaning of dove tattoos

Dove tattoos can have different meanings. The meaning of your tattoo will only depend on your own interpretation of the design. You can choose a simple tattoo design or choose a more elaborate one – the choice is entirely yours. What matters is that your drawing conveys a message to others that you cannot get across with words or actions.

Dove tattoos represent peace and harmony. Unlike other creatures that fight with each other, doves are often calm and seem to be constantly at peace with those around them. You will never see doves fighting. They are always innocently watching what is happening before their eyes.

Doves also symbolize endless love. The meanings once attributed to doves were generally romantic, which is mainly due to a unique feature of the dove: once it finds its mate or companion, it lives with it the rest of its life. Usually, when one dove dies, the other dove remains alone and dies in the days that follow. The dove is therefore a symbol of true love that can exist in a couple.

Dove tattoos also symbolize family. They are generally loyal and loving creatures. Like humans, they stay with their families and spend a lot of time educating their young.

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Types of Dove Tattoos

Dove tattoos are extremely popular today. Some drawings represent only a simple dove while others combine these birds with other patterns or symbols, even with words. The more symbols there are in the design of a tattoo, the deeper its meaning because each object brings its individual meanings to the design.

Here are some of the most popular designs of dove tattoos currently:

  1. Doves in flight tattoos with text

People who want to convey a clearer message, in case those looking at the tattoo do not understand the hidden meaning of each symbol, usually use this tattoo design. In it, the dove holds in its beak a ribbon with a few words or several numbers written on it. These are often names, special dates, quotes or life mottos. As this part of the tattoo is textual, many people immediately understand the meaning of your tattoo.

  1. Dove tattoos with key and padlock

It is another very popular design for dove tattoos. Members of a couple use this drawing to show the unconditional love they have for each other. This tattoo perfectly represents people in love or who maintain a romantic relationship. This drawing generally shows a dove carrying a padlock, while the other dove holds the key in its beak. The two birds are drawn flying towards each other, symbol of the union of two beings. There are some variations of this tattoo design where you can, for example, see the dove holding the padlock waiting for the dove carrying the key (in flight).

  1. Tattoos of clouds and doves rising in the sky

This tattoo design has a certain religious significance for many people. The ascending dove represents a spirit going to heaven. For Catholics, this type of Dove is often associated with the Holy Spirit. However, be aware that this tattoo design is not only reserved for religious people. When adding clouds, this tattoo can also represent the beginning of the quest of a person working to achieve their dreams. When you have a dream, you naturally want to go ahead, go to it, so that that dream becomes reality. This is what this tattoo design means.

  1. Dove tattoos with angel wings

Doves have long been a symbol of peace and purity. The angels, on the other hand, are the messengers of God. When you combine these two symbols, you send the world the following message: you are a peace advocate or a peace maker. This drawing is actually very current. Today, many nations are in conflict. If you dream of world peace, this tattoo could help you spread this message.

Ideal placement of dove tattoos

Where you place your tattoo is very important. If you don’t think about the location of your dove tattoo properly, you could spoil a real masterpiece. If you want your tattoo to bring some type of awareness, you need to make sure that it is in a visible place on your body. You should also be aware that the size of your tattoo will clearly affect where you can place it.

If you want to acquire a large dove tattoo, you will have no option but to place it on a part of your body large and spacious enough to do so. Your back and chest are the only parts of your body that can receive large tattoos.

Some people are quite conservative when it comes to the size of their tattoo. For those who want smaller tattoos, the best is often the wrist or arm. These body parts are very visible once decorated.

Preparation tips before the tattoo session

The only thing you need to prepare before going to the tattoo artist is yourself. Make sure you have eaten enough. Since the tattoo process can sometimes be stressful, especially for people who are not very resistant to pain, you will need all the energy available to go through the whole process. You will also need energy to endure the relatively painful tattoo procedure, especially if this is your first time.

Also remember to hydrate yourself well before the session begins. This will help you relax and calm down, despite the scary sound of the tattoo gun. Once the session starts, you will not have time to hydrate yourself, because all you can think of is the needlestick on your skin.

Estimated production costs and standard prices for dove tattoos

The price of dove tattoos can depend on several factors. The size of the design of your tattoo, for example, will strongly influence the price of it. If you choose a large tattoo design, you should expect to pay between € 200 and € 350. And these rates only correspond to the prices requested by a local artist or tattoo studio. If you want a tattoo by a renowned artist, expect to spend at least double that.

Another factor that can affect the price of your tattoo is the complexity of the design. Some tattoo artists ask for a fixed base rate and an hourly supplement. If your tattoo design is extremely complex and detailed, it will likely take a lot longer to complete than a normal tattoo. This means that you will have to pay much more to be able to do so.

Tips for maintaining dove tattoos

The most important rule to follow after the tattoo session is to never wear tight clothing for the first three weeks after tattooing or until your skin is completely healed. A good reason why you should not do this is that the injury from your tattoo may stick to your clothes. You can also destroy the colors of your tattoo if you wear clothes that are too tight, because the ink can transfer to the fabric.

Your tattoo will eventually fade over time, but you can delay this process. If you want your dove tattoo to last longer, keep your clothes or hands from rubbing the tattooed area. When you clean your tattoo during the first weeks, you should only do it very delicately and never rub the design.

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