105 Sun tattoos (and their meanings): 10 types

One of the easiest tattoos to customize is the sun. Not only is the sun filled with ancient symbolic meanings, but it can also be combined with other symbols and images and placed almost anywhere on the body. In addition, the importance of the sun in many cultures also means that you can use a sun tattoo to represent your national or cultural pride.

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Meaning of sun tattoos

Since the sun is a terribly ancient and intercultural symbolmany different meanings have been attributed to him over time. Some of the most common and constant are:

  • The gift of life
  • energy
  • Vitality
  • The power
  • The inner strength
  • National pride / culture
  • Masculinity
  • Protection / guardian role
  • The mind / intellect
  • Religious beliefs
  • Renewal
  • optimism
  • The occult
  • The balance

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Variations of sun tattoos

1. Rising Sun Tattoo Drawings

The sun we see every morning is an image that tells us of renewal and rebirth: every day begins refurbished and full of exciting possibilities. Getting a tattoo of rising sun can demonstrate your optimism about the new opportunities that each day brings us.

This tattoo allows different drawing possibilities, but whichever you choose, you should try to include vibrant colors to symbolize the optimism of the new day and its possibilities.

In other cultures, the sun is a symbol of masculinity and is seen as a protective entity.

2. Japanese rising sun tattoo designs

A particularly popular rising sun tattoo drawing is that of the Japanese rising sun. Japan is known worldwide as "the land of the rising sun" and its national flag beautifully represents this image in its red and white design. This tattoo drawing is therefore an excellent choice for people who have Japanese ancestors or a great affinity with Japanese culture.

3. Tribal Sun Tattoo Drawing

A tribal sun tattoo is a good option to represent the energy and vitality that the sun often symbolizes.

4. Black sun tattoo drawing

While a tribal sun tattoo is often black, a black sun tattoo has a different meaning. This particular drawing has a Germanic origin and represents a black sun placed in the center, with rays zigzagging all around in two concentric circles. As this symbol was on the floor of the Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, a place used by the Nazis, it was considered a Nazi symbol but the symbol itself has no racial or neo-Nazi connotation. On the contrary, it is often found in the occult circles of German neo-paganism. This drawing is therefore an ideal choice for anyone with Germanic origins or associated with this particular movement of neo-paganism.

5. Sun Yin and Yang

In Chinese philosophy, the symbol of yin and yang is representative of the balance of opposing forces: while yin represents qualities such as darkness, passivity, femininity, and water, yang represents qualities such as enlightenment, activity, the feminine side and fire. Together, these elements symbolize the harmony and balance represented by the symbol of yin and yang.

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6. Phoenix and sun

As we pointed out above, one of the most powerful meanings of the sun is that of renewal and new beginning. When combined with the image of the phoenix, another symbol of rebirth and renewal, this meaning is amplified.

7. Lion and sun

The lion is a symbol of strength, courage and masculinity, making it a complementary symbol of the sun, another image with these connotations. A drawing idea of sun and lion tattoo would be to mount the lion's head directly looking out from inside a circle (the outline of the sun), his mane representing the rays of the sun coming out of the circle. You can represent the lion either calm and quiet, just warming in the sun, or with the teeth shown and the eyes fixed, more direct and powerful image of energy and ferocity.

Another idea of ​​drawing that comes from the Egyptian symbolism is to represent two lions back to back, one against the rising sun and the other against the setting sun. This tattoo represents the meeting of East and West, the rising sun and the setting sun and reminds us of the cyclical, growing and decreasing nature of life.

8. Sun and water

Fire and water are two of the most basic and important elements of our universe. This is why representing both the sun and the water in a tattoo design is a good way to highlight the essential balance of the elements necessary for a harmonious existence. It is also a great tattoo drawing for those who feel a communion with the elements of nature or those who just like to spend time in the water in summer.

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9. Sun and moon

The sun and the moon, together, are often a representation of balance and harmony because, although opposed, these astronomical bodies require each other. When you compose a moon and sun tattoo drawing, there are several options available to you. One of them is to show a separate sun and moon, often at opposite places of the body (for example, one on each wrist, ankle or shoulder). Another option is to combine the two in a single drawing, with a half-moon on one side and a half-sun on the other. In both cases, there are several ways to customize your drawing. You can personify the sun and the moon by giving them a face, perhaps representative of the elements, on one side, feminine (moon) and the other, masculine (sun). You can also indicate their characteristic features, such as calm and serenity for the moon and active energy for the sun.

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10. Aztec god-sun

Although the Aztecs had many gods, none is probably as recognizable or powerful as the sun god, Huitzilopochtli, who served as guardian of the sky. Make you do a sun-god tattoo can serve as a link to your ancestors and your heritage or be a visual representation of your own inner strengths and powers and your role as protector.

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