110 Raven or Crow Tattoos (and their Meanings)

A swarm of crows can be a daunting sign, but there is nothing to be afraid of these birds. Crows, which are very similar to crows and are often confused with them, are not the horrible monsters that many people think. These misunderstood birds are much more than we can see from them at first sight.

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First and foremost, the raven is considered a deceitful creature, a thinker and strategist. There are no difficult situations from which he can not go out. Ravens are particularly respected and revered in the native culture of North America. From Haida tribes to Kwakwaka'wakw, the raven is both considered a misleading character and a creator god. He is also seen as a Guardian of Secrets, a title given to him to pay tribute to the mental prowess of this bird. There are countless stories in which the raven clever uses his genius to defeat formidable enemies.

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The Pacific Northwest Tlingit people of North America considered the raven as one of the ancient deities who brought light (which can be translated by wisdom), the sun, the moon and the stars to the dark and ignorant world, deceiving the seagull so that it opens his gift box. Thanks to the raven, the first day could have started, which in some circles means that this bird brought wisdom to the ancient tribes. In many stories, the raven is able to transform into another being to achieve its ends, making this bird an ideal totem of transformation.

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Crows have been central in many battlefields of history. They are scavenging birds and, as such, they are associated with death. The belief that seeing a raven on your house would be a sign of imminent death is quite common. This concept is the central point of Edgard Allan Poe's most famous poem, The crow. In it, the raven gives the main character of the work the opportunity to communicate with his dead love and explore his own fears about the afterlife. The fact that crows spend a lot of time circling the skies has given them an ominous reputation and, for many people, these birds announce the approach of a time of misery.

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Crows are considered as the guardians of lost souls. For Swedes, crows are the ghosts of murder victims and Germans consider them the souls of the damned. The crows were the representatives of Morgan, the Celtic goddess of battle and war. This association is probably due to the fact that crows were always present on European battlefields, cleaning the bones of dead soldiers. This legend is also found in Nordic mythology. Odin's daughters, the Valkyries, had the power to decide which warriors would live or die on the battlefield. The Valkyries were often represented riding in battles, accompanied by crows.

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Odin himself was always accompanied by two crows, Huginn and Muninn. One controlled the process of thought and the other saw the depths of mind or memory (intuition). The pair was Odin's Google mythological, gathering information from around the world and bringing it to this god. But Odin was not the only God to gather information in this way. The crows were the messengers of the Greek god Apollolike swans, hawks and wolves but, according to legend, they would have lost this privileged position because they were too talkative.

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Their talkative nature has caused them problems in the legends of different cultures. According to the Greeks, crows were, in the past, pure white birds that would have too often talked wrongly and would have been cursed. Their feathers would have become black to symbolize their misfortune. A Christian version of the story tells that after the great flood of Noah's story, the raven would have received his black feathers as punishment from God because he would not have returned to the Ark to warn that he had found firm ground.

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In pagan traditions, crows were considered "pets", that is, birds spiritually related to witches – like black cats. By connecting with a powerful animal spirit, the Gentiles thought that they could unite with the primal energy of Mother Nature, which would make them stronger and more anchored in the earth. The raven is a Wiccan messenger who would have the ability to move between the spiritual and physical realms with grace and ease.

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In Europe, these birds were considered guardians and protectors linked to the Welsh god, Bran the Blessing. according to the legendhis head would have been buried at the White Hill in London (under the eyes of his beloved crows), with the aim of preventing any future invasion of England. His head would have been removed by the legendary King Arthur but the crows would have remained there, on which the Tower would have been built. The legend says that as long as the crows will remain quietly settled on the tower of LondonEngland will never be the victim of an invasion. The truth of this superstition is difficult to determine but what is certain is that since the fall of the Roman Empire, England has never fallen into the hands of the invader and that Crows band lives permanently on the heights of the Tower of London.

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The raven is a creature capable of doing many things. He is in constant motion, bringing both life and death to human beings while keeping a close eye on the world he has helped to create. The personalities of those who identify with crows are complex and contradictory, like those of their totem animals.

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Meanings of tattoos of crows or crows

These birds represent a wide variety of symbols, including:

  • Intelligence and cunning
  • Deception and disappointment
  • An omen of sickness and misfortune
  • Creation and birth
  • Foresight
  • A messenger of the gods
  • Healing and medicine

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