114 Popular Octopus Tattoos (and their meaning)

Octopus designs are popular tattoos inspired by marine life. They are suitable for both men and women. People who wear these designs are often drawn to the symbolism and strength of the image. The flexibility of this creature leaves a lot of space for the creativity of the artists. In addition, the octopus is often used as a character in movies, cartoons and books, which has allowed the general public to humanize this creature and identify with it. These are the main reasons why the octopus is currently a wonderful tattoo design. Over time, understanding of the symbolic meanings of this creature began to surface as more choice and better quality of octopus designs encouraged a wider audience to choose the octopus as their first tattoo design.

Meaning of octopus tattoos

Octopus tattoo designs can mean and symbolize many things. The meaning of octopus tattoos depends mainly on your source of inspiration. To give you an idea of ​​the different possible meanings, here are some examples to consult:

– General meaning

Octopuses are known for their intelligence, adaptability and brute strength. These main characteristics are also represented in octopus tattoos. Octopuses are the most intelligent marine invertebrates, which makes them an ideal representation of knowledge. Their capacity for regeneration as well as their ability to camouflage themselves by imitating the colors of those around them makes them perfect symbols of disguise and elasticity. The octopus tentacles not only represent its agility underwater but also indicate the strength of this multifaceted creature. The combination of these symbols and meanings is fully present in each octopus tattoo.

octopus octopus tattoo 239

octopus octopus tattoo 127

– Spiritual significance

The spiritual meaning of this tattoo is based on the strength and ability of the octopus to adapt to changes. It is the totem animal which represents creativity and psychic power coming from pure and strong emotions. Everything that is spiritually touched by this creature sees its psychic ability and its effective communication prowess intensified. The octopus’ unique flexibility and regenerative gift also acts as a spiritual guide for the tattoo wearer, allowing them to easily adapt to changes. Whether he travels, heals or is in the midst of an emotional change, the octopus spirit will allow him to breathe in difficulty and to recover from any loss or injury.

octopus octopus tattoo 203

– Biblical meaning

In the biblical sense, the spirit of the octopus is the symbol of the water demon. This demon has the ability to wrap itself in your mind and your soul, clouding your judgment and preventing you from gaining enlightenment. It plants its tentacles so deeply that you are no longer able to see the evil path you have chosen. Some people who are aware of this biblical meaning, however, choose to wear an octopus tattoo on their arms to remember the scars of their dark past. There are also people who choose this tattoo design as a reminder of human weakness in the face of sin.

octopus octopus tattoo 134

octopus octopus tattoo 130

– Tribal meaning

The octopus has several meanings at the tribal level. One of the most popular is the Polynesian version. This is based on the story of the magical creature Kanaloa, mistress of the underworld represented by the symbol of the octopus. Kanaloa’s primary role is to guide the sea in its moments of fury and calm. Wearers of Polynesian octopus tattoos choose this design as a sign of respect and admiration for the enchanting and devastating spirit of the sea.

octopus octopus tattoo 151

Types of octopus tattoos

Different types of octopus tattoo designs are surfacing these days and the media are increasingly using marine life in their productions. The most useful and powerful tool you can find to see the different types of octopus tattoos that exist is of course the internet. But, to give you an idea of ​​current trends, we have put together a presentation of the types of octopuses most used in tattoo designs in 2019.

1. The realistic octopus

A so-called realistic representation of an octopus is a drawing which represents as realistically as possible the shape and appearance of an octopus. This type of design is often chosen by defenders of marine life, nature lovers and people who love octopuses in general. Respect for details and where the tattoo will be placed is crucial when choosing this type of design, especially because the main characteristic of the octopus is its tentacles, which need a lot of space to be reproduced with all the necessary details. . The realistic octopus is often used alone, although a good artist can add additional details or background to enhance the realistic rendering of your tattoo.

octopus octopus tattoo 237

octopus octopus tattoo 129

2. The Japanese octopus

The Japanese octopus tattoo design is a combination of a realistic octopus tattoo and the use of vibrant colors to represent it. The design of the Japanese octopus, which is part of Japanese mythology, is often presented as a particular concept where realism and mysticism meet. This drawing is known for the freedom it leaves to the artist in terms of creativity, allowing him to integrate into the drawing additional elements drawn from the very rich Japanese culture. Purple and blue are the most used colors for Japanese octopuses. However, with the passage of time, this practice is becoming less and less popular as more and more tattoo artists are starting to explore modern concepts of the Japanese octopus. These new creations offer more options of shadow effects which allow to significantly improve the final rendering of the drawing.

octopus octopus tattoo 181

3. The cartoon octopus

Cartoon octopus tattoos are often chosen by people who want to personify this powerful creature. A cartoon octopus design allows you to integrate a larger palette of emotions and characters into your tattoo. In fact, the most popular sources of inspiration for this type of drawing are books or stories where octopuses are represented by characters with traits similar to those of humans. These representations make it easier to identify with the octopus design. This type of octopus is clearly the most flexible and the most easily transformed. Tattoo artists generally like to conceptualize this type of drawing a lot, because it gives them the freedom to recreate certain facial expressions and to provide the octopus with accessories that are very far from its usual frozen image.

octopus octopus tattoo 238

octopus octopus tattoo 131

4. The octopus with blue rings

The blue ring octopus tattoo designs are often associated with people with aggressive personalities. Despite its limited size, the blue ring octopus is considered to be the scariest creature of the seas because of its toxicity. In fact, a simple bite from this creature can be fatal, even for an adult. This is probably the reason why those who wear this tattoo are considered to be better left alone. The tattoo designs inspired by the blue ring octopus are naturally full of colors. Regardless of the size and background used, this tattoo will more than likely be an attractive and symbolic masterpiece.

5. The tribal octopus

The tribal octopus is often associated with the rich traditional culture of the Polynesians. Unlike the majority of octopus designs, the tribal octopus tattoo is not colored and is not accompanied by a background or accessories. Like many tribal tattoos, it has only one color: black. The unique aspect of this tattoo is based on the tribal motif carefully selected and used to create the shape of the octopus – or to fill the entire body of it, giving the entire drawing a particular texture and a magnificent final rendering due to the contrast between the black of the ink and the color of the skin.

octopus octopus tattoo 223

Ideal placement of octopus tattoos

The flexibility of octopus tattoos allows this design to be placed almost anywhere on your body. Depending on the size and richness of the details of the octopus tattoo, you can easily determine which part of your body will be the best backdrop for your tattoo.

The arms, back and legs are ideal places to place your octopus tattoo. They will allow the artist to focus on one of the best attributes of the octopus: its tentacles. For large octopus tattoos, the choice of back as a backdrop is ideal. However, for those who prefer to wear an octopus tattoo alone, the arms and legs should suffice.

The correct placement of the tattoo will have a significant effect on its final impact and its rendering: so be sure to choose it intelligently.

octopus octopus tattoo 188

octopus octopus tattoo 234

octopus octopus tattoo 180

octopus octopus tattoo 199

octopus octopus tattoo 135

octopus octopus tattoo 208

octopus octopus tattoo 230

Preparation tips before the tattoo session

1 – One of the first things to prepare before getting an octopus tattoo is the concept or tattoo design you want. You need to determine why you want an octopus tattoo and what it means to you. This should help you choose the type of octopus design you want to wear.

2 – Consult the articles and reviews mentioning local tattoo studios in your region and locate those who may be specialized in the type of design you want. Some tattoo designs will need several sessions before being finished, so it’s best to choose a studio not too far from your home.

3 – Avoid using tanning or exfoliating products on the skin area where you think your tattoo will be located. Shaving excess hair on the future tattoo area can also help improve the tattoo result.

4 – Arrive at the session mentally and physically prepared. You must be well rested, properly hydrated and well nourished before labor begins. To be able to resist the entire session, you must have a lot of energy, determination and endurance.

5 – Wear comfortable clothes. During the session, you will need to sit still for a long time, which can be difficult – especially if you are not wearing comfortable clothes.

6 – Swallowing a painkiller shortly before the start of the tattoo session can make the pain more bearable. Avoid aspirins, which thin the blood.

octopus octopus tattoo 141

octopus octopus tattoo 150

octopus octopus tattoo 175

octopus octopus tattoo 144

octopus octopus tattoo 158

octopus octopus tattoo 227

octopus octopus tattoo 195

octopus octopus tattoo 177

octopus octopus tattoo 161

octopus octopus tattoo 212

octopus octopus tattoo 231

Estimated production costs and standard prices for octopus tattoos

The average cost of realization and the standard price of your octopus tattoo will depend on several factors such as the richness of the details of your drawing, the size of the tattoo, the level of experience of the tattoo artist, the location and the reputation of your favorite tattoo studio. You should know that a good tattoo can be quite expensive.

Depending on the factors described above, a tattoo artist or tattoo studio can calculate the cost of doing it in two different ways – either you will have to pay for the work per hour, or it will be determined based on the tattoo design you have selected.

When the price is determined according to the design, the average cost of a slightly complex tattoo, of a single design or of a tattoo comprising very few details (whether small or medium size), can be less than € 100. On the other hand, a full sleeve tattoo made in color can cost several hundred euros.

Tattoo artists or tattoo studios that charge for their services per hour will likely ask you to pay an average amount of € 100 per hour. Some additional hourly fees may be added if you ask the artist to conceptualize or create your tattoo. The standard price for a full sleeve tattoo, which usually takes 7 hours or a little less, starts at € 80 an hour and can go up to € 120. The intermediate level for a tattoo made by a simple tattoo artist is between € 125 and € 150 for the same work, while a professional tattoo artist can request an amount of € 200 (or more) per hour of work.

It goes without saying, it is always better to spend your money with a reputable tattoo artist than to seek to save money and then regret this decision all your life.

octopus octopus tattoo 170

octopus octopus tattoo 148

octopus octopus tattoo 202

octopus octopus tattoo 154

octopus octopus tattoo 163

octopus octopus tattoo 139

octopus octopus tattoo 149

octopus octopus tattoo 126

octopus octopus tattoo 125

octopus octopus tattoo 173

Octopus tattoo maintenance tips

Proper maintenance of your octopus tattoo will help you preserve the colors and details for longer. Like everything, your tattoo is vulnerable to the passage of time and, without some basic care, it will start to lose its vibrant side more quickly and will have to be retouched sooner than normal. To give you an idea of ​​the care you need, here are some maintenance tips that you can follow to take care of your tattoo:

– Apply a moisturizer. Regular application of a moisturizer on the area covered by your tattoo will help you preserve the details and colors. Your skin may lose its natural moisture due to changes in climatic conditions, which can cause it to dry out. Dry skin will destroy the colors of your tattoo and the contours of your skin, which can affect the main lines and details of your drawing.

– Use sunscreen. This habit is crucial, especially in those who have tattoos placed on areas constantly exposed to sunlight. Direct heat causes the colors of your tattoo to fade by destroying the layers of epidermis. Use a protection index of 45 minimum to protect your tattoo.

– Avoid scratching or injuring the area where your tattoo is located. Scars are the best way to destroy your investment. Use clothing to protect your tattoo when working with sharp or heavy objects. Apply mosquito repellent if necessary. This can help keep bugs away and prevent bites in the tattooed area.

This article aims to give you a general overview of the different designs of octopus tattoos. This should be enough to help you make an informed decision and to decide if an octopus tattoo is a good choice for you.

octopus octopus tattoo 122

octopus octopus tattoo 210

octopus octopus tattoo 172

octopus octopus tattoo 209

octopus octopus tattoo 142

octopus octopus tattoo 193

octopus octopus tattoo 174

octopus octopus tattoo 204

octopus octopus tattoo 155

octopus octopus tattoo 219

octopus octopus tattoo 235

octopus octopus tattoo 183

octopus octopus tattoo 187

octopus octopus tattoo 171

octopus octopus tattoo 169

octopus octopus tattoo 197

octopus octopus tattoo 159

octopus octopus tattoo 207

octopus octopus tattoo 157

octopus octopus tattoo 121

octopus octopus tattoo 132

octopus octopus tattoo 240

octopus octopus tattoo 233

octopus octopus tattoo 146

octopus octopus tattoo 196

octopus octopus tattoo 143

octopus octopus tattoo 201

octopus octopus tattoo 226

octopus octopus tattoo 145

octopus octopus tattoo 190

octopus octopus tattoo 152

octopus octopus tattoo 136

octopus octopus tattoo 124

octopus octopus tattoo 162

octopus octopus tattoo 224

octopus octopus tattoo 184

octopus octopus tattoo 120

octopus octopus tattoo 218

octopus octopus tattoo 164

octopus octopus tattoo 200

octopus octopus tattoo 137

octopus octopus tattoo 225

octopus octopus tattoo 179

octopus octopus tattoo 182

octopus octopus tattoo 166

octopus octopus tattoo 215

octopus octopus tattoo 123

octopus octopus tattoo 228

octopus octopus tattoo 178

octopus octopus tattoo 192

octopus octopus tattoo 189

octopus octopus tattoo 140

octopus octopus tattoo 128

octopus octopus tattoo 191

octopus octopus tattoo 220

octopus octopus tattoo 229

octopus octopus tattoo 176

octopus octopus tattoo 138

octopus octopus tattoo 232

octopus octopus tattoo 160

octopus octopus tattoo 167

octopus octopus tattoo 156

octopus octopus tattoo 186

octopus octopus tattoo 205

octopus octopus tattoo 165

octopus octopus tattoo 213

octopus octopus tattoo 221

octopus octopus tattoo 217

octopus octopus tattoo 153

octopus octopus tattoo 222

octopus octopus tattoo 236

octopus octopus tattoo 147

octopus octopus tattoo 206

octopus octopus tattoo 216

octopus octopus tattoo 194

octopus octopus tattoo 214

octopus octopus tattoo 133

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