125 Moon tattoos (different types with their meanings)

Moon tattoos are perfect for those who believe in the powers and influence of celestial elements and for people who have an impulsive side or appreciate the history and science of astronomy. The moon is a deeply symbolic image in itself, but its meaning may intensify when it is accompanied by another symbol, such as a sun or a wolf.

Meaning of moon tattoos

Some of the most common and easily recognizable meanings are:

  • The cyclical nature
  • Madness / whimsical character
  • The feminine mystique
  • The power of astrology
  • Magic
  • Fertility
  • Creativity
  • The growth
  • The expulsion of negative energies
  • Dark / dark side
  • Wiccan beliefs
  • Scarcity
  • The memory of loved ones

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Variations of moon tattoos

1. Crescent moon – half moon

Make you do a half moon tattoo is a good way to show the duality of your own nature or of life in general. The half-moon, or crescent moon, occurs when the moon is growing (approaching its full moon state) or decreasing (approaching its next phase). A crescent moon tattoo can therefore symbolize several different things: if the moon is decreasing, it represents the expulsion of the negative energy from your personal, spiritual or professional life: you get rid of people, habits or things you do not you need more and are harmful to you. However, if the moon is growing, it is a symbol of growth and creativity.

2. Full moon

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Several superstitions exist in relation to the full moon: this is the moment when the influence of the moon on the earth is particularly strong, where we feel the power of this celestial body above us. The full moon is particularly associated with madness, change and at a time when the links between this world and the next are more fluid and relaxed.

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Another option for a full moon tattoo is to represent its Gothic connotations or those related to the other world. The full moon is traditionally associated with the time when werewolves transform and witches and wizards utter the most powerful incantations. Wearing a full moon tattoo is therefore a particularly strong symbol for Wicca devotees or those who believe in these beings. You can indicate your beliefs by drawing a witch flying in front of the moon or by adding a cauldron or a black cat under the star. If you want your moon tattoo to have a more Gothic general symbolism, place thin black clouds floating in front of the moon or use it as a backdrop to a raven pattern, the death messenger, resting on a branch .

3. Mid-sun, half-moon

Having a mid-sun, mid-moon tattoo printed is a great way to express your own duality and the duality of nature. While the moon represents your lunar characteristicslike your hidden potential below the surface, your emotions and your intuition, the sun represents your solar characteristics, like your reason, your ego and your potential leadership. We all have lunar and solar features: this tattoo is a wonderful way to represent this beautiful inner balance.

Depending on how you feel the balance of these traits, there are different choices of drawings to consider before you get your tattoo sun and moon. If you think that your personality is a harmonious blend of these traits, you can consider having a sun and moon face to face, their faces reflecting peace or satisfaction. If you feel an inner struggle or tension due to this duality, you will probably prefer to have a sun and a moon turning your back or even, moving away from each other.

4. Wolf and moon

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While the moon is already a powerful symbol in itself, adding a wolf to the lunar symbol creates an even more powerful meaning. The wolf is particularly important in the culture and environmental circles of the native peoples of North America. That's why being made a moon and wolf tattoo is particularly recommended for members of these tribes, people who have affinities with this culture or those who have a deep respect for nature.

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One of the most popular design choices of Wolf and Moon tattoo is to show a wolf howling at the moon. The wolf is an incredibly intelligent animal that can communicate with members of his pack across a region, just screaming for a meeting. That's why this image is an excellent choice for those who consider themselves as particularly communicative people or as leaders of a group.

In the culture of the native peoples of North America, the wolf is also a totem of life after death. By combining this animal with a moon image, however, it is possible to link this image twice to that of the other world. In this drawing, the wolf does not need to be screaming but can simply be under the moon or at the bottom of the picture. The wolf is not an animal to fear in this scenario, so it is best if his expression is thoughtful or even lovable.

5. Cat and moon

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In many cultures, cats are incredibly symbolic animals: this is especially true in Western culture, where cats (and especially black cats) are considered members of the witch family (and therefore potentially malicious beings) and in Roman culture, where cats are associated with the goddess of the moon, Diane. In these two popular representations, cats are similarly associated with the moon, which is why a cat and moon tattoo is a particularly good tattoo choice.

Depending on the particular association between the moon and the cat you want to describe, your tattoo design will change. If you appreciate the aura of mystery and power, or even the power of evil that surrounds the character of black cat witches, you will probably like to represent him sitting under the full moon, his bright eyes, with perhaps a witch flying on her broom in front of the picture.

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If you prefer however the association of the cat with Diane or if you simply want to include a picture of cat in your tattoo, there are still more options of drawing. To mount the connection between the cat and the moon, you may wish to represent the cat sitting on a crescent moon, to represent the affinity existing between the two elements. You can even choose to represent a smiling moon to the cat or cat and the moon exchanging a look. In these drawing options, the color and species of the cat are at your discretion: you could even represent your own pet on the drawing!

6. Fairy and Moon – Fairy, Moon and Stars

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Some of the most important connotations of the moon are feminine power and feminine mystique. That's why integrate a fairy in your moon tattoo intensify this symbolism. The fairy can be both a symbol of malevolence and innocence, of obedience and rebellion, representing alone many contradictory elements of the very nature of the woman.

7. Dragon and moon

As with many of the other drawing choices mentioned above, including another element in the tattoo, in this case a dragon, will have a profound impact on the meaning of your tattoo. For example, in Chinese culture, the dragon is a powerful symbol of power and luck; that is why, combined with the moon, this image is doubly symbolic, when it represents the growing power of the growing moon or the potentially supernatural power of the full moon.

8. Sun, Moon and Stars – Sun and Moon – Moon and Stars

Placing both the sun and the stars on your moon tattoo is a good way to combine the power of these different celestial bodies or to represent different people or elements that are important in your life. As the sky is traditionally associated with more masculine traits and the moon, with more feminine features, you can draw the features of your mother and father, or of yourself and your partner, on the two stars. The stars, in this drawing, can represent you with your brothers and sisters, or symbolize your children.

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