147 Feather Tattoos (Eagle, Owl, Dove and more) (and their meanings)

The beautiful designs of feather tattoos are often envisioned by those who admire the body art but also the traditions and heritage of the native peoples of North America. Feather drawings have deep symbolic meanings for those who wear them, women and men, and who choose them as symbols representing their beliefs and heritage or embodying a particular spiritual aspect.

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Meanings of the different types of feathers

– Eagle: Holy character, strength, courage, leadership and prestige

– Crow: Talent, cunning, balance and liberation from the past

– Blue jai: Happiness, fullness

– Falcon: Speed, healing of the soul

– Crested eagle: Protection, strength

– Owl: Silence, speed, vision

– Raven: Creation, wisdom, knowledge

– Hummingbird: Love, beauty, intelligence

– Dove: Peace, love, kindness

– Pheasant: Prosperity, wealth, success

– Turkey: Abundance, fertility

– Peacock: Beauty, pride, omnipotence

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Feather Symbolism in Christian, Celtic and Egyptian Religions and Other Beliefs and Cultures

The pen was also a symbolic object in ancient Christendom. It was considered a symbol of virtue and is often mentioned in the Bible. Verse 4 of Psalm 91, for example: "He will cover you with his feathers, and you will find refuge under his wings, his faithfulness is a shield and a breastplate." We sometimes see three of them bent into a single seal ring – one represents hope, another faith and the latter charity.

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The feathers were also symbolic for the Celts, whose druids wore feathered robes during the ceremonies. The Egyptians thought they were related to the god of heaven. Many other cultures and religions have given them special spiritual or symbolic meaning.

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Birds of the same plumage fly together

The pen as a spiritual connection with death

Feathers can also be associated with those who have died. Some cultures think that if one of them falls on your path, it is a sign that someone you know has just died or someone who has died is trying to communicate with you.

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Other interpretations

– Dreams: Did you know that feathers are also symbolic in dreams? Which is logical, given that they are placed on dream catchers. Some people think that white feathers represent a new spiritual beginning. The type of pen that one dreams for is important for interpretation, but in general, these represent a thought, a goal or an ideal.

– Color: A white feather can also represent innocence, while red feathers represent passion and love, and yellows and oranges usually symbolize intelligence.

– Number: One of the most common feather designs is that of a single feather, but some drawings use several of them and others represent an entire wing. The meaning of the number of feathers represented is that which the wearer wishes to give them.

– Type: The most common types of feathers used in tattoos are the feathers of eagles, peacocks, herons, ostriches, swallows and turkeys. The table above will give you an idea of ​​the most common feathers of some species, but the meaning of the tattoo will always depend on who wears it. Some people choose angel wings. This tattoo can represent the protection of a higher power.

– Beauty: Some people may choose a tattoo because of its beauty, not because of a particular symbolism.

There are many different styles, designs, and meanings for feather tattoos, so you'll have plenty of choices and options to consider.

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What a feather tattoo can represent

As you have already read, the pen is a very symbolic element of many cultures and civilizations and, in each context, its meaning is slightly different. You will find below a partial list containing some ideas of what they can represent:

  • Truth
  • Speed
  • Lightness
  • Flight
  • ascent
  • dreams
  • Higher spirit
  • Purity
  • Courage
  • Bravery
  • Hope
  • Promise
  • Journey of the soul
  • Trip
  • Magic
  • Levitation
  • Absence of weight
  • Communication with the other side
  • Freedom

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