150 Drawings and Meanings of Spider and Spider Web Tattoos

Tattoos of spiders and cobwebs are "old school" and quite popular with men and some women. Since spider tattoos can be of different sizes, they can be placed almost anywhere on the body.

As with all animal tattoos, spider tattoos represent all the positive and negative aspects that society attributes to the animal.

We will take a look at the different drawings and analyze their many meanings. We hope you find ideas in this article and that it will be a source of inspiration for your next tattoo.

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Meanings of tattoos of spiders and cobwebs

Although spiders have many negative meanings, they also have positive ones. Given this wide variety of possible meanings, only the person who wears the drawing will be able to tell you what it represents for him – but the people who look at it could give him either meaning. Here is a list of some of these possible meanings:

  • Fear
  • death
  • Danger
  • Balance, Harmony
  • Creativity, Art
  • Wisdom
  • Hatred
  • Perseverance
  • Handicrafts, Intelligence
  • Destiny
  • Luck
  • Trap
  • Difficulties of life
  • Fertility
  • Life
  • Incarceration
  • Despair
  • Female Power
  • Mystery of Love

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Spiders in myths, legends and culture

Tattoos of spiders and cobwebs exist in a large number of colors, styles and designs, associated with different elements and decorations. Spiders can be seen on tribal tattoos around the world. Countless myths and legends about spiders exist in all cultures. In a probably more general way, this tattoo refers to our struggles on the web of life. Any insect caught by a spider web will struggle to get out if it can. We struggle against life's hardships, just as spider prey struggles to get out of the web. Some people choose this tattoo to represent their past struggles and how they have outgrown them.

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The spider is associated with native peoples of North America and dream catchers. The Anishinaabe believed that the "spider woman" was visiting all the newborn children of the tribe to weave a magical web that protected them from harm. As the tribe grew larger, the spider woman was no longer able to weave this web for all newborns, so women began to weave their own dream catcher, placing them on the cradles of their babies. infants. Today, dream catchers are used to hold back bad dreams, favoring happy dreams. That's why a spider web tattoo can, just like a dream catcher, symbolize protection.

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In West Africa, the Anansi spider is the subject of traditional stories and legends. These stories spread to the Caribbean and South America. In these stories, Anansi is an intelligent and subversive god, able to defeat much larger creatures, because he observes these-which allows him to deduce exactly what their reactions will be.

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In many legends, spiders show men how to weave. In Greek mythology, a woman named Arachne was renowned for her weaving skills. The goddess Athens was very jealous, to the point of converting the life of Arachne into a hell. At his death, remorse assailed the goddess who changed the weaver into a spider, so that she can continue to weave.

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In Europe, spiders have many negative connotations. Many are poisonous and, if you enter their hidden territory, they bite you without hesitation. Spiders look strange and the bigger they are, the more weird they are. Their paws, their eyes, their hairs and the speed with which they move are repulsive and make them monsters of choice for sci-fi movies. They were also blamed for the Black Death.

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Spider web tattoos are generally worn by prisoners in prison institutions. For some, the spider web represents the bars of the prison. Other prisoners are tattooed on their elbows to represent the time spent in prison: the larger the canvas, the greater the sentence of the prisoner is important. Spiders and their canvases are also considered a symbol of white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

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The most popular spider species for tattoo designs is the black widow, a shiny black spider with a red hourglass-shaped stain on the back. Of course, the black widow is renowned for her tendency to devour her partner after mating. This is why the black widow represents the power of the woman, but also the mysterious and frightening aspects of love.

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Spiders and their canvases, in addition to all the negative connotations attributed to them, also have many positive meanings. Spider tattoos can represent wisdom, fertility, harmony and balance. In nature, spiders create a wide variety of unique and beautiful canvases to catch their food. They are rarely aggressive towards humans. They eat a large number of different insects, which prevents the proliferation of these species and maintain the natural balance. Spiders are also very fertile: females give birth to thousands of small spiders each during their lifetime.

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