150 Friendship Tattoos for Best Friends with Meaning

Best friends tattoos are a very popular and fun way to show the world your relationship with your close friends. There are dozens of ways to symbolize friendship, but nothing beats matching tattoos between friends, which show everyone that your friendship is made to last forever.

If you and your friend live almost together, you have probably already thought about getting a tattoo together. Maybe you both already have something special in mind, but you might need a little inspiration before you get started. Some of the friendship tattoos are matched while others are made in contrast or represent two parts of a whole. All emphasize that the owners of tattoos are as inseparable as Montaigne and La Boétie.

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Meaning of best friends tattoos

Many friends are looking for ways to show the friendship they share with other people. One of the best ways to do this is to use a type of tattoo that will be seen by everyone. Having a joint tattoo is a good way to permanently seal your friendship. Even if many people want to get matching tattoos with their spouse, there are many more good reasons to get a tattoo with a friend.

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Many best friend tattoos only work when you are in the same room, next to each other. As a best friend tattoo is not complete without the other half, it allows even a stranger to realize your friendship when you are together.

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Types of tattoos

1. Heart tattoos

Hearts are very popular images for tattoos of best friends. Some friends make matching hearts that sometimes include quotes full of friendship. A heart imprinted on the ankles or wrists is a good option for these tattoos.

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2. Quote tattoos

You can place an additional motif on the quote of your choice, such as hearts, puzzle pieces or even small figures representing the quote. You can also decide to place half of the quote on one person and the rest on the other. By bringing these two halves together, you build a complete work that will signal to the rest of the world that you are the best friends in the world.

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3. Best Friends Tattoos

If you don’t really want to focus on words and prefer pictures, there are a lot of symbols to choose from. You can also accompany them with a small knot to make them more feminine. Hearts, crosses, cherries, childish figures, feathers, birds, butterfly wings, owls, flowers and anything aesthetically pleasing can easily be transformed into a girl tattoo.

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4. Celtic knot tattoos

The Celtic knot symbolizes eternity, infinite loyalty, love and friendship. This symbol has existed since around 450 AD. It is also known as the mystical knot or the infinite knot. If you take a look at these beautiful knots, you won’t be able to see where they start and where they end, which is a reminder of the eternal nature of our mind.

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5. Cocoa butter and jam tattoos

Directly from the USA, where cocoa butter sandwiches are not possible without jam, this tattoo symbolizes the complementarity of those who wear it. It’s a pretty fun way to show how close you are.

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Ideal placement of best friends tattoos

There are many places on your body where you can place your best friend tattoos. These tattoos will be engraved on the wrists of each person, on the back of their hands, their chest, their ankles, their fingers, their shoulders, their back, along their column, on their feet or on the neck. Make sure your best friend will place their tattoo in the same place as yours, so the essence of your friendship will be complete.

Arms and wrists are the most popular places to place a tattoo of best friends, since they are easy to see and will constantly remind you of your friend (s). The possibilities are endless: someone’s favorite image, a meaningful sentence, a monogram, etc. The concept of separating the tattoo into two parts is quite great because when you join your two hands, it will be complete.

The chest is the place closest to your heart. And since you love your best friend very much, it will be one of the best places to place your tattoo. Your best friend tattoo will look great on your chest.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

Today, it looks like everyone has something tattooed on their body. Some of these tattoos are small but others cover an entire limb or even the entire body. But before you embark on the adventure of common tattooing together, there are many things you should know. To be able to understand what you are going to do, here are some tips that you may find useful:

Look for a good tattoo artist who is part of a recognized organization, so you will be sure to be well informed on the best way to acquire a tattoo. Visit a studio where someone you know has been tattooed, so you can be 100% sure they are trustworthy. Also make sure the artist uses disinfected needles to do the tattoo. If he uses dirty or non-disinfected needles, you risk getting infection or disease. Once you’ve found the right studio, meet with the tattoo artist to discuss the tattoo you want.

Go with your best friend, so you can share the experience and his presence will help you calm down. Sometimes it’s better to go get a tattoo with someone who’s been there before, because they can guide you through the process.

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You should both go to the tattoo artist before the session to talk about the drawing. Bring it with you or have it printed. If it is a clean creation, make a sketch of it. Do not choose a design that you may later regret. Choose something that has personal meaning for each of you or something that sounds great to you.

Wear suitable clothing. If you are wearing a dress for your date and want to get a tattoo on your lower back, you will need to remove it before the job can be done. You must wear something that allows easy access to the part of the body that you want to tattoo. Always put on loose clothing or old clothes after getting a tattoo and do not wear closed socks or shoes if you have just had your foot tattooed, this may irritate the area. A freshly printed tattoo needs to be in the open air to heal properly and to have a good rendering.

You have to find the right place to place your tattoo. Also think of the suffering you will have to endure depending on where you will be tattooed. Here’s a great way to make sure you’ve chosen the right place for your tattoo: draw or glue a fake tattoo bought at a toy store to the desired area. If you plan to put your tattoo in a visible place, leave the fake tattoo in place for several days to see if it is a place that suits you.

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Estimated production costs and standard prices

The choice of a tattoo between best friends does not only depend on the deep meaning of the design: the cost price of these tattoos is also an important factor to take into account. If you want to have a tattoo, you have to ask yourself what is the lambda price of the process. The two methods of calculating an artist’s price are: either the time required to print the tattoo (price per hour of work), or the complexity of your drawing (price set according to each drawing). If the drawing is large, it will take longer to complete it than if it is smaller.

The prices of permanent tattoos are quite high, unlike those of temporary tattoos. If you want a large drawing, prepare well because some are worth more than a thousand euros. A simple pattern costs at least € 50- € 100 per hour of work.

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Best Friends Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Once you have chosen your tattoo design and it will be printed on you, know that aftercare is the most important aspect of the entire process. The post-session period should not be taken lightly. You need to know how to take care of your tattoo optimally. Here are some post-tattoo care tips:

  1. Never, for any reason, remove a scab (or dead skin) that forms on a tattoo when it is healing.
  2. Leave your bandage in place for less than an hour after the session but no more than four or five hours.
  3. After getting a tattoo, never go swimming in a lake, swimming pool, pond, river, sea, public baths or thermal baths for at least three weeks.

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