150 tattoos on the ribs for men and women

A large number of fashion-conscious people view the designs on the ribs as stunning – and terribly fashionable – ornaments for the body. Tattoos on the ribs are also called lateral tattoos because the ribs are on the left and right sides of the human body. The main reason why many people choose these tattoos is that they will turn on them a lot of people. It is impossible for others not to notice your tattoos if you wear an outfit that allows you to see them.

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Advantages and disadvantages

It is possible that these tattoos already seem incredible, but do you really know their advantages and disadvantages? We propose here to discover some of the prodigious advantages of these bodily compositions:

  • A beautiful appearance – Here, some things can not be explained. This is the case of people who suddenly become beautiful and radiant because they are tattooed on the coast.
  • Exciting sex appeal – You may have already noticed that people with tattoos on the body exude sex appeal. They become terribly attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Strengthening self-confidence – When you get tattooed, your confidence in you is enhanced. Maybe it's because you feel different from others and have had the courage to get tattooed?
  • Larger surface to tattoo – As the ribs are wider than many other parts of the body, you can choose the pattern of your choice without worrying about its size.

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But here are some of the disadvantages of these tattoos:

  • More painful than others – As the skin of the ribs is usually thinner, you should expect the tattooing process to be more painful. However, this pain will not matter when you have your beautiful tattoo.
  • Less visible – The ribs are undoubtedly hidden by the clothes you wear on a daily basis. The circumstances under which you can show your tattoos to others are therefore quite rare.

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Celebrities wearing these tattoos

Celebrities are undoubtedly great promoters of the tattoos. They play an important role in the promotion of body art, which they make every day more and more popular. Here are some names of stars of the international showbiz industry who proudly display their tattoos:

  • Ellie Goulding – This gorgeous 29-year-old British singer and songwriter is proud to say that she has a tattoo on her ribs – a lotus flower on her right side.
  • Miley Cyrus – This famous North American singer and actress wears a very unique design. A dog tattoo on the ribs, accompanied by a phrase, "With A Little Help From My Fwends". "With a little help from my friends" (written fwends instead of friends).
  • Rihanna – This singer from Barbados is very sexy with her tattoo on the right flank, just under the bust.
  • Lea Michele – This famous Glee star wears a very small inscription on the left flank. This tattoo makes her even more sexy and beautiful in the eyes of many fans.

tattoo side 273

tattoo side 345

Are they really painful?

Not so much, if you have a high tolerance for pain. But, if you know a little about the usual tattooing process, know that this is probably one of the most painful areas that exist. We advise you to browse the blogs and forums existing on this subject.

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105 side tattoo

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tattoo rating 1069

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Tattoo rating 1085

tattoo 1093

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tattoo side 1109

tattoo side 1125

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tattoo side 1141

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tattoo side 1177

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Tattoo rating 1225

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tattoo side 1365

tattoo side 1369

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tattoo cote 141

tattoo 149

153 yard tattoo

tattoo rating 157

tattoo rated 161

tattoo side 165

Tattoo rating 169

tattoo rating 177

Tattoo rating 181

185 yard tattoo

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Tattoo rating 205

Tattoo rating 209

tattoo side 217

Tattoo rating 225

tattoo cote 233

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tattoo side 249

tattoo side 257

Tattoo rating 265

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Tattoo rating 301

Tattoo rating 305

tattoo side 313

tattoo rating 321

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tattoo side 353

tattoo side 361

tattoo cote 365

tattoo cote 373

tattoo cote 381

tattoo cote 389

tattoo side 397

tattoo side 405

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tattoo cote 421

tattoo cote 429

tattoo side 437

tattoo cote 449

tattoo cote 457

tattoo cote 461

tattoo cote 469

tattoo cote 477

tattoo side 485

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tattoo rated 517

tattoo rating 525

tattoo rating 529

tattoo rating 53

tattoo side 545

tattoo rating 553

tattoo cote 561

tattoo cote 569

tattoo cote 581

tattoo side 617

Tattoo rating 625

Tattoo rating 629

Tattoo rating 637

Tattoo rating 645

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tattoo side 677

Tattoo rating 685

tattoo side 69

tattoo side 693

701 tattoo

705 tattoo

tattoo rating 713

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Tattoo rating 725

tattoo rating 73

tattoo side 733

tattoo side 741

tattoo side 749

tattoo side 77

tattoo side 789

tattoo 793

tattoo side 805

Tattoo rating 81

tattoo side 813

tattoo side 845

tattoo side 861

tattoo rating 877

tattoo side 881

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tattoo 89

93 yard tattoo

tattoo 933

tattoo side 949

tattoo rating 957

tattoo rating 965

tattoo rating 969

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Tattoo rating 1005

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