170 Foot tattoos (types and problems)

For some, tattoos on the feet represent one of the best ways to express themselves, while for others, they are only pain and misery. Why these differences of opinion? Before you get your feet tattooed, find out which designs are best for that area and what issues you should consider.

Common drawings

The feet tattoos can be as different as the people who wear them and are simply beautiful. The most popular options are flowers, garlands and tribal designs. The tattoos of feet that start on the side or the bottom of the foot and continue on the top are quite usual.

foot tattoo 74

Some types of drawings work particularly well for the foot.

– Flower drawings

When located on the foot, flower designs can be a symbol of Buddhist faith or a simple way to place a beautiful decoration on what some consider to be the least desirable part of the body. The flowers have the advantage of being very adaptable, whatever the chosen part of the body. If you do not particularly like your feet, you can improve them with a beautiful flower tattoo.

foot tattoo 42

The significance of flower tattoos can be very diverse and varied, depending on the species you are tattooing. But all have something in common: their beauty.

– Animal drawings

Small animals make cute tattoos no matter where they are placed, but they are even nicer when perched on one foot. Think of pictures of frogs, lizards or other animals on your feet as if they had just stopped for a while.

foot tattoo 518

Tigers are very popular tattoo subjects because of their beauty and strength. They are often associated with power, ferocity, passion and sensuality; but also to beauty, speed, cruelty and anger. The appearance of a tiger in a dream is often considered as the inner awakening of a new power or a new passion.

foot tattoo 92

– Star drawings

The stars are ideal tattoos for the feet. They can be small and do not require much detail: they work perfectly on the thin skin of the feet. You can place a single star or you want it or try a set of shooting stars from the ankle to the toes.

– Butterfly drawings

Butterflies also form delicate little tattoos that are perfect for the foot. The inner motifs of the butterfly wings glide easily over the tendons of the top of the foot and can even help hide some imperfections if the foot moved too much when tattooing.

– Heart drawings

Hearts are also simple tattoos that work very well on the foot. You can draw only the outline or color them, or even accompany them with other patterns, such as wings or ribbons. They are usually placed on the top of the foot, the tip turned to the toes.

– Letters and words

The foot is a long, fairly flat area that can easily accommodate inscriptions. A word tattoo may extend from the toes to the ankles, with or without a drawing to accompany it. Remember to adjust the position of the word or letters to the foot (left or right) and side of the foot (inside or outside) that you are going to tattoo. For example, a tattoo on the inside of the right foot will have to go from the toes to the ankle, while on the outside of the right foot it will have to go in the other direction, that is to say from the ankle to the toes of feet.

tattoo foot 202

– Assorted tattoos

You have two feet, why not make two tattoos? You can place one across both feet, separating it into two sections that will complement each other when you join both feet or simply choose two small matching tattoos. It may be words, symbols, or images that work well together, like two flowers or two zodiac signs.

tattoo foot 490

Problems with tattoos on the feet

Choosing your drawing is only the first step of the tattoo. The foot has general lines that differ from those of other parts of the body: make sure your drawing follows them well before you get a tattoo.

– Healing time

Depending on the size and location of the tattoo, healing can take up to two to five days. Some tattoo artists recommend not wearing shoes or socks during the days following the session, while others do not mind. In any case, your foot will be painful and uncomfortable during healing. If you can not afford to rest your feet for a few days, this may not be a good option for you.

– Find an artist

Some artists refuse to tattoo their feet. This is due to the problems related to these tattoos but also to the fact that artists do not want to risk doing bad work. Many tattoo artists ask for a supplement to work on the feet and do not guarantee the result or offer free alterations.

Visit several studios that you like and learn about their foot tattoos. Each studio will have its own rules at this level and you will be able to choose the ones that suit you best.

– Loss of color and diffusion / extension of lines

Tattoos on the feet tend to spread more than others. This means that these designs tend to lose their sharpness and fade faster than in other places. Show the artist your idea of ​​drawing and ask him his opinion. He or she may have ideas for changes to slow down these processes.

– Pain

The only thing that both tattoo artists and tattooed people agree on is that the pain is stronger here. Nobody knows for sure whether this is due to the number of nerve endings or the lack of muscle between the skin and the bone. Tattoos in this area also tend to bleed more easily than other areas of the body.

foot tattoo 102

foot tattoo 106

In Hinduism, the lotus flower represents spiritual perfection.

tattoo foot 110

In the world of tattoos, stars can represent many things. They may be mere decoration but may also symbolize the astral connection

tattoo foot 114

foot tattoo 120

tattoo foot 122

The wings represent peace; love; the link between the earth and the sky, and between what is human and divine. A wing is a symbol of transcendence and liberation. At the chemical and magical level, the wings are symbols of transformation that allow a given individual to access a new state that was not accessible to him before.

tattoo foot 126

tattoo foot 130

The seafarers were tattooed swallows as charms, in order to be able to return home safely after long crossings.

tattoo foot 134

tattoo foot 138

foot tattoo 14

Usually, these tattoos represent beauty, metamorphosis and freedom; but also that which is ephemeral, joy and fragility. Butterflies are also associated with the soul and are considered a link with our interior.

foot 144 tattoo

foot tattoo 146

Roses are certainly the most popular flowers. Their symbolism is very extensive but they are mainly associated with love, passion, beauty and blood.

tattoo foot 150

154 foot tattoo

tattoo foot 156

Anchors represent safety, hope and salvation. They represent superior beings detached from the material world. Anchors are guardians, intermediaries and guides between the earthly and heavenly world.

foot tattoo 16

Owls are considered hypnotic and very wise birds that hunt during the night. They are obscure and alert, making them perfect tattooing topics for nervous people.

foot tattoo 162

tattoo foot 166

tattoo foot 170

tattoo foot 174

foot tattoo 180

foot 182 tattoo

tattoo foot 186

foot tattoo 190

tattoo foot 194

tattoo foot 198

tattoo foot 210

tattoo foot 214

tattoo foot 218

tattoo foot 222

tattoo foot 226

tattoo foot 230

foot tattoo 236

tattoo foot 240

foot tattoo 248

foot tattoo 252

foot 256 tattoo

foot tattoo 26

tattoo foot 260

tattoo foot 264

foot tattoo 268

foot tattoo 272

foot tattoo 276

tattoo foot 28

tattoo foot 280

foot tattoo 288

tattoo foot 292

tattoo foot 296

tattoo foot 300

tattoo foot 304

tattoo foot 312

foot tattoo 316

tattoo foot 320

foot tattoo 324

foot tattoo 328

foot tattoo 332

tattoo foot 336

foot tattoo 34

tattoo foot 340

foot tattoo 344

tattoo foot 352

foot tattoo 36

360 foot tattoo

foot tattoo 364

foot tattoo 368

foot tattoo 372

tattoo foot 376

tattoo foot 380

tattoo foot 388

tattoo foot 392

tattoo foot 400

tattoo foot 406

tattoo foot 410

foot tattoo 412

tattoo foot 414

tattoo foot 416

tattoo foot 420

tattoo foot 422

tattoo foot 424

tattoo foot 426

tattoo foot 428

foot 430 tattoo

tattoo foot 432

tattoo foot 436

tattoo foot 438

foot tattoo 44

440 foot tattoo

foot tattoo 442

tattoo foot 444

tattoo foot 446

450 foot tattoo

foot tattoo 454

foot tattoo 456

foot tattoo 458

foot tattoo 46

foot tattoo 460

tattoo foot 462

foot tattoo 464

tattoo foot 466

tattoo foot 468

tattoo foot 470

tattoo foot 472

tattoo foot 474

tattoo foot 476

tattoo foot 478

480 foot tattoo

tattoo foot 482

foot tattoo 484

tattoo foot 486

tattoo foot 488

tattoo foot 494

tattoo foot 496

tattoo foot 498

foot tattoo 50

foot tattoo 500

foot tattoo 502

tattoo foot 504

foot tattoo 506

foot tattoo 508

tattoo foot 510

tattoo foot 512

foot tattoo 514

foot tattoo 516

tattoo foot 52

520 foot tattoo

tattoo foot 524

tattoo foot 526

tattoo foot 528

foot tattoo 530

tattoo foot 532

tattoo foot 534

tattoo foot 536

tattoo foot 538

foot 54 tattoo

foot tattoo 540

tattoo foot 542

544 foot tattoo

tattoo foot 546

tattoo foot 548

550 foot tattoo

foot tattoo 552

foot tattoo 554

tattoo foot 556

foot tattoo 558

foot tattoo 560

foot tattoo 562

foot tattoo 566

foot tattoo 568

foot tattoo 570

foot tattoo 572

foot tattoo 574

foot tattoo 576

foot tattoo 58

foot tattoo 580

tattoo foot 592

tattoo foot 596

tattoo foot 598

foot tattoo 60

600 foot tattoo

foot tattoo 604

tattoo foot 606

foot tattoo 610

foot tattoo 612

tattoo foot 66

foot tattoo 70

foot tattoo 78

foot tattoo 82

foot tattoo 86

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