200 fingerprint tattoos (babies, dogs and more) with meaning

Having a footprint tattoo is a good way to show where you've been, pay tribute to one of your children (or another family voting member) or capture your favorite pet. . The possibilities are almost endless, as are the ways in which you can customize these drawings to make sure they convey exactly the message you want to convey.

One of the most popular footprint tattoos is that of children's or babies' footprints. It's a great way to celebrate the birth of your baby or to honor a dead child. Parents always think that their children are growing up too fast, so this tattoo can create a permanent memory of when they were very young or the moment you first hugged them. These tattoos are perfect for moms, dads and even grandparents!

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Doing a tattoo of the footprints of your dog or cat is also a very good alternative to tattooing. Animals are as much a part of the family as children; why not immortalize them in the same way? If you have (or have had) several four-legged companions, you can even create a drawing that represents all their footprints, such as a circle of footprints around your ankle or a series of footprints walking on your ribcage (or on any other part of your body).

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Another tattoo of footprints to consider is that of the legs of wolves. Many people feel connected to this majestic and powerful animal because of its strength, beauty and ability to live both as a pack and as a "lone wolf". Doing a series of footprints can represent the path you took in life and the fact that you consider the wisdom and ferocity of the wolf as a reflection of your own personality.

If you practice Buddhism or have just a high opinion of the teachings of this philosophy, make yourself a Buddha's imprint tattoo is also a wonderful option. This tattoo represents the presence of the Buddha in his teachings and reminds you that he too walked on this earth.

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Another good easy-to-adapt fingerprint tattoo is a set ofFootprints in the sand. These imprints can have a Christian connotation, in reference to a poem mentioning the footprints of God and man in the sand, proof that God is always walking with his faithful. Tattooing a set of footprints can also represent your journey through life or symbolize the fact that you are going through a difficult time or situation.

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Significance of fingerprint tattoos

Here are some of the most common meanings of fingerprint tattoos but you can also create your own personal meaning by working on your drawing with your tattoo artist.

  • Tribute to a pet
  • Celebrating your child
  • Representation of your spiritual animal or animal-guide
  • Strength and purpose
  • Trip
  • Go forward
  • Representation of Buddha's teachings
  • Christian faith

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Variations of impression tattoos

Tattoos drawings of babies' footprints

Getting a baby's tattoo is a good way to celebrate the birth of your child. Many private hospitals make a footprint of the newborn and using it as a tattoo template is a great way to personalize your tattoo. If you have multiple children, try to group all their footprints, perhaps on your back or around the bones of your pelvis, to show their relationship to each other. You can also indicate your baby's name and date of birth around the tattoo to personalize it a bit more. Another good idea of ​​baby footprint drawing is to use it to form a new image. For example, using the right and left footprints to form butterfly wings. Creating a butterfly design will allow you to add funky spots of color to your fingerprints, which can reflect your child's personality. If you have lost a baby, you can use the same technique to create a drawing of angel wings. Footprints / angel wings may be colored in white or gold and a halo or halo may be added above the drawing; adding your child's name and date of birth are also good personal touches. This tattoo is an incredibly moving tribute to your child, who will always be with you thanks to this image.

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Tattoo drawings of dog prints

There are several different ways to make your dog prints tattoo unique. One of the easiest ways to do this is to mark your dog's name and / or birthday around the imprint and a particular message like "forever in our hearts" can personalize the imprint of a beloved companion who has given up the ghost. Another good idea is to tattoo the image of your animal in the imprint itself but make sure that the tattoo artist you are speaking to excels in portraits if you want to get the most accurate image possible your animal.

tattoo imprint 792

tattoo imprint 794

Tattoo drawings of cat prints

Tattooing a cat print is a great way to pay tribute to your favorite dead dog, or just to show the love you feel for your hairy friend alive! You can customize your cat's footprints by taking them yourself and then using them as a basis for drawing your tattoo. Better yet, take the fingerprints on all fours and create a series of footprints on your body, for example in a circle around your ankle or forming a pattern behind your ear.

Tattoos drawings of wolf prints

A wolf paw print tattoo will show your spiritual connection with this intelligent hunter. There are many ways to personalize this image to reflect the meaning that is most important to you. For example, if you consider yourself a "lone wolf", you may want to consider tattooing only one footprint. Another way to personalize a wolf print is to place an image of that animal inside its print. In this way, everyone will recognize to which animal belongs the tattooed imprint.

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Buddha Footprint Tattoo Designs

To have a Buddha footprint tattooed on your body is a fantastic way to keep your spiritual leader's teachings in your mind permanently and remind you to always follow in his footsteps. This tattoo represents the presence of the Buddha on earth when he was alive, and adding some of his teachings to your tattoo can help personalize the meaning. For example, introducing the Dharma wheel (representative of perfection, conscience and moral discipline) on the imprint will help you to focus on the practice of these central precepts of Buddhism in your daily life.

Tattoo drawings of footprints in the sand

The tattoo of "footprints in the sand" is popular among Christians. The two pairs of footprints placed side by side show that God is always walking by our side and a single footprint represents the most difficult moments of our life, when God is carrying us to help us overcome obstacles. Using an excerpt from the poem "Footprints in the sand" can help you customize your tattoo: the phrase you choose will reflect the message of the poem that you think is most important. For example, the phrase, "That's when I carried you," represents the way God bears his in times of trouble, and this other, "You were with me all the way," shows that God accompany each person at every step of the way of life.

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tattoo impression 280

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290 footprint tattoo

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tattoo impression 316

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320 footprint tattoo

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390 footprint tattoo

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tattoo imprint 412

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420 footprint tattoo

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tattoo imprint 424

tattoo imprint 428

tattoo imprint 434

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480 footprint tattoo

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548 impression tattoo

550 footprint tattoo

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