30 Basketball tattoos (and their meanings)

Anything that has its own fans has its own tattoos. And basketball, a sport enjoyed by a lot of people, is no exception, as many fans love to play basketball tattoos on their skin.

Conventional or more complex and original designs compete on the skin of the assiduous basket, who paint the style of the stars of the NBA (National Basketball Association) in ink on their skin.

A James Lebron accompanied by drawings honoring your children, the triumph of the great player or just your favorite movie, will inspire those who want to immortalize this great champion on their skin – or other stars like Stephen Curry, the legend Michael Jordan, Chris Andersen, Dennis Rodman and many more.

Symbolism of basketball tattoos

The fact that the origin of most of the great figures of basketball is linked to the street influences the tattoos that represent them.

tattoo basket 91

For more than 50% of players "decorate" their bodies and their fans follow in their footsteps, to symbolize – in addition to sports enthusiasm – some of the values ​​that characterize a team:

  • Personal sacrifice.
  • Effort.
  • Simplicity.
  • Overflow.
  • Loyalty.
  • Commitment.
  • Cooperation.
  • Healthy competitiveness.
  • Life in common.
  • Constancy.
  • Friendship.
  • Family.
  • Respect

tattoo basket 49

Some popular drawings

Among the infinite number of tattoos that exist, the union with artistic, historical, contemporary and natural elements predominates. Here are the most popular options:

– Atlas carrying a balloon – and not the world – on his shoulders. It is a reference to the strength and power of every man wearing this brilliant discipline, basketball.

– Crowned sphere. More than a balloon with a crown, this design means that basketball is the king of sports.

– Your favorite player. This is an image, made to perfection, of the player you admire the most.

– A human heart with lines that resemble those of a basketball. This drawing means that basketball is a sport that is worn in the heart.

– Five-pointed stars near a balloon. This drawing represents the number of players that make up a team.

At the level of the parts of the body chosen to print compositions on the skin, those which are most visible generally have the rating: shoulders, arms, neck, hands, calves. But that does not mean that the other places are not valid.

The number and variety of existing drawings are very extensive, not to mention the creativity of those who choose them. If you look around, you will certainly spot a tattooed basketball fan.

tattoo basket 01

tattoo basket 04

tattoo basket 07

tattoo basket 10

tattoo basket 13

basketball tattoo 16

tattoo basket 19

tattoo basket 22

tattoo basket 25

tattoo basket 28

tattoo basket 31

tattoo basket 34

tattoo basket 37

tattoo basket 40

tattoo basket 43

tattoo basket 46

basketball tattoo 52

basketball tattoo 55

basketball tattoo 58

basketball tattoo 61

basketball tattoo 64

tattoo basket 67

basketball tattoo 70

basketball tattoo 73

basketball tattoo 76

tattoo basket 79

basketball tattoo 82

tattoo basket 85

basketball tattoo 88

tattoo basket 94

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