35 Boxing-Related Tattoos (And Their Meaning)

Considered one of the sports that require the most courage, discipline and effort, boxing is a great allegory for each person's individual struggles. Each battle is different and, ultimately, one of the best ways to represent them is to tattoo them on the skin.

The designs created for boxing tattoos often depict gloves or the figure of one or another old boxer with a mustache on guard. It can also be silhouettes of famous boxers like Mohamed Ali or Rocky himself. It will all depend on what we want to remember and what we want to convey.

Meaning and symbolism

As boxing is a risky and individual sport that requires personal effort, these tattoos are a wonderful way to remind us of a situation or a past moment that required courage. Normally, these tattoos are accompanied by a particular date or a sentence in memory.

Resistance in battle, the struggle against one's own fears, the efforts made and the discipline followed to achieve victory are only some of the existing meanings.

However, some opt for a boxing tattoo to commemorate a match that actually took place, which is directly related to the sport and which they want to remember forever. It is the symbol of overcoming and devotion linked to the sacrifices made in each round contested.

boxing tattoo 85

boxing tattoo 67

Most used drawings and ideal places

The most used designs for boxing tattoos are:

– Former boxer with mustaches: remember the mustaches in boxing. These are usually men with a mustache, in a guard position and who have a lot of tattoos on their bodies. Sometimes they are combined with kangaroos who use gloves.

– Boxing gloves : these are the most common designs. They can represent a single glove or a pair; be raised and full of sweat or simple; being strung on something or alone; and sometimes wear an inscription or a date.

– Face, silhouette or famous position of a boxer: these are very good patterns that give great drama to the tattoo. Many choose Ali, with one of his famous phrases. We can also see these boxers in guard position or ready to fight.

Finally, it is important to choose the place where you will place your body work. The most chosen places are usually the shoulders or the back, because they are more visible and allow the drawing to be larger. But there are also small tattoos to place on the wrists, the nape of the neck or the legs.

boxing tattoo 01

boxing tattoo 04

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boxing tattoo 10

boxing tattoo 100

boxing tattoo 103

boxing tattoo 106

boxing tattoo 109

boxing tattoo 112

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boxing tattoo 19

boxing tattoo 22

boxing tattoo 25

boxing tattoo 28

boxing tattoo 31

boxing tattoo 34

boxing tattoo 37

boxing tattoo 40

boxing tattoo 43

boxing tattoo 46

boxing tattoo 49

boxing tattoo 52

boxing tattoo 55

boxing tattoo 58

boxing tattoo 61

boxing tattoo 64

boxing tattoo 70

boxing tattoo 73

boxing tattoo 76

boxing tattoo 79

boxing tattoo 82

boxing tattoo 91

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