35 Weight Tattoos (And Their Meaning)

Weight tattoos represent love of effort and bodily well-being. Weights have been part of the great tradition of Greek games and sports. They were present during the first edition of the Olympic games.

Weights are also used to supplement or compose certain counterbalanced pulley systems that allow heavy objects to be raised or lowered.

Weight tattoos representing dumbbells or Russian weights (kettbell) are very common among bodybuilders, trainers, gymnasts, athletes and those who go to gyms.

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However, wearing a dumbbell tattoo without being a bodybuilding lover is not all that strange as you can combine it with words or designs important to you, which will represent motivation and encouragement.

Weight Tattoo Ideas

Drawing your own tattoos or explaining your ideas to a designer or tattoo artist is always a good idea. Especially with this type of tattoos so flexible and easy to adapt creatively.

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It is quite common to see dumbbells with the weights at the end but whose central metal tube is used to write (or replace with) words like strong, warrior or light. These tattoos can also represent hearts, pulsation graphics, a hand lifting a weight or any drawing symbolizing what you are.

In addition, this type of metal can bend or stretch to form part of the construction line of any figure, shape or object in the tattoo design.

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If you want to free yourself from the cliché of using the metal tube as a creative point of the drawing, placing words or names instead of weight to represent the dumbbells is a good idea. It can also represent the strength and motivation that inspires you to write on your skin.

But dumbbells are not the only types of weights. Small Russian tattoos (or Kettbell), with very fine lines, look good on any part of the body.

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Most popular investments

Weight tattoos are naturally linked to physical exertion, exercise and taking care of your body. It is quite common to see weights (alone or accompanied by any additional element) tattooed on the arms (biceps or triceps), calves or chest. But they are also seen a lot on the ribs, neck and wrists.

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