39 Chain tattoos (and their meanings)

There are a large number of possible designs within the category of chain tattoos. Because these, although often associated with oppression, crime, slavery and even ghosts, have a completely opposite meaning when tattooed on the skin.

Their symbolic meaning, the place of the body on which these motifs will be made, and the additional drawings you might want to add to the composition make chain tattoos of the tattoos very used. They can symbolize many things including union, strength, love and even freedom.

What do they mean?

In general, the meaning of this type of tattoo depends on a crucial aspect: is the chain open or closed?

In the first case, the chain can be used to invoke a difficult moment in life, a time when a major effort was needed to get out of it. The open chain represents the release of the tension that has been felt but also the courage to face the difficulties.

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On the other hand, if the chain is closed, there are many possibilities, both in terms of design and meaning. If, for example, we add names or the initials of someone, this tattoo can symbolize the union that exists with them. It is also possible to add crosses, which will give a much more symbolic symbolic meaning to the drawing.

There are many variants available. For example, flower chains, ideal for symbolizing harmony and union with nature or, simply, femininity.

Practical and useful drawings

Chain tattoos create many different designs. Some choose to place padlocks at the ends and form a heart that, embellished with initials, names or dates, is an ideal way to show the love felt for someone.

Another variant is related to where they are placed. A chain tattoo can be very attractive on ankles or wrists, where it will have a bracelet function. Some even tattoo them around the neck, like a necklace, or around the fingers, like rings.

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The chains of molecules are unique drawings: it is enough to look for the particular composition that one wishes to represent and to ask the tattoo artist to decorate it by means of colors and effects of shadows.

One of the most sought after designs is related to the world of sports. Tattoos of bike or motorcycle chains are great tattoos for those who love two-wheeled machines. In addition, with these channels, it is possible to have some names tattooed or to create specific creations that will be unique.

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