39 Tattoos for minors (and their meaning)

When one makes the decision to get a tattoo, whether one is a man or a woman, in general, the idea is born of a lived experience. The primary intention is to have something on one part of the body that comforts us or pushes us to move forward.

Tattoos have a long history and can be real acts of maturity (when they are done for good reason) or simply a whim, a brand supplemented with immaturity. They exist in many forms and designs representing all kinds of themes and figures, all of which have their own meaning.

Some themes are not very common, simply because they do not concern everyone or because what is symbolized by drawing concerns only a defined group of connoisseurs. In this article, we will talk about miners tattoos.

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Mine tattoos for men and women

We know that it is not usual to see tattoos of minors but some objects representing them are more usual. A pick, a gemstone or a mine, among others.

Hardness, strength, sacrifice and coolness, that's what a miner's tattoo represents for men. It brings out their most masculine side in terms of power. But on the women's side, miners tattoos can be reduced to a diamond stone or a gold nugget.

In mines around the world, there is a reality that can be summed up in three words: destruction, death and poverty. Every person wanting to be tattooed decides to show, by means of his drawing, what she really feels and wants to convey.

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Own or other experience

Characteristics, shapes and colors vary depending on the experience. Miners tattoos are generally thought to be people who are strongly linked to the world of mining, but if you think so too, you are mistaken.

All the strength, power, and sacrifice we see in miners' drawings is not just about the most remote places in the world. Our mind must be more open. All the situations we want to represent can be symbolized by one of these tattoos.

This type of tattoos shows how powerful you have been and can continue to be. It is also a way of protesting the sacrifices made and the price miners pay. Whatever your situation, you can choose this theme.

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What a tattoo represents is clearly indicated by those who wear it. The miners are living proof of this: they sacrificed a lot of things by working in a mine but came out victorious and want to remember that part of their lives.

This is also the case of those who remained locked up on earth and were rescued. They make the decision to be tattooed to remember that they have a second chance in their life on earth.

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