45 Aircraft tattoos (and their meanings)

May love fly on your skins with these awesome designs

Airplane tattoos allow travel and air lovers to wear their love of adventure printed on the skin. The designs range from small paper planes at the base of the wrist to large appliances covering one leg or the entire chest. There are endless options available to decorate your body.

Read on if you want to know the meaning of airplane tattoos and the different tattoo options available to you …

What do these drawings mean?

A little more than a century ago, a plane was plying the sky, but nowadays it is calculated that there are more than 200,000 flights every day in the world.

Airplanes are the universal symbol of travel and they regularly provoke a feeling of nostalgia and envy among those who see the smallest sign of airplane tattoos. Aviation is more than a career or hobby for many people: it has become a lifestyle.

airplane tattoo 45

In general, it can be said that airplane tattoos symbolize the fanatical love of pilots and passengers for traveling. The meaning of this tattoo will depend on the pattern that will fit your personality.

Women, for example, tend to be tattooed with a paper airplane, which represents the innocent games of childhood or subtlety, while men may prefer a war plane, which represents their roughness and their temperament in the face of life. .

A large number of possible options

The world of aircraft has developed a complex engineering, so you can, for example, choose a classic model, such as the first airplane brothers Wright, a model of commercial aircraft or a powerful military aircraft, among other many drawings.

tattoo plane 161

Ink lovers will be able to tell a story through their tattoos. There are quite epic examples of planes of all types on any part of the body, because they are very versatile models that adapt to every corner of human anatomy.

Those who prefer simplicity are tattooed in white and black, while those who wish to pay homage to the sky add other elements to their design, like clouds and lots of color.

Whatever design you choose, airplane tattoos are a natural inspiration for enthusiasts. They can choose to place them on the arms, shoulders, legs, chest, back … any place will be a very good choice.

airplane tattoo 01

airplane tattoo 05

airplane tattoo 09

airplane tattoo 101

tattoo plane 105

tattoo plane 109

tattoo plane 113

tattoo plane 117

tattoo plane 121

tattoo plane 125

tattoo plane 129

tattoo plane 13

tattoo plane 133

tattoo plane 137

tattoo plane 141

tattoo plane 145

airplane tattoo 149

tattoo plane 153

tattoo plane 157

tattoo plane 165

tattoo plane 169

airplane tattoo 17

airplane tattoo 21

airplane tattoo 25

airplane tattoo 29

airplane tattoo 33

airplane tattoo 37

airplane tattoo 41

airplane tattoo 49

airplane tattoo 53

airplane tattoo 57

airplane tattoo 61

tattoo plane 65

airplane tattoo 69

airplane tattoo 73

airplane tattoo 77

airplane tattoo 81

airplane tattoo 89

airplane tattoo 93

airplane tattoo 97

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