45 hamburger tattoos (and their meanings)

Burgers are the favorite dish of many people and the icon of US gastronomy. But this succulent dish has also been adopted by people all over the world and true lovers of hamburgers are not limited to eating: they also wear them tattooed on the skin.

It is not unusual for someone to enter a tattoo parlor to ask for a hamburger design. Some are in the form of caricatures but there are also drawings as real as possible, in color, in black and white, big and small. Some people accompany them, of course, the inevitable french fries and their favorite drink.

And that's pretty normal because, in the US alone, at least 13 trillion hamburgers are consumed a year: an average of three a week … So this is a more than popular meal option, that the we could even call it an obsession.

An interesting fact about this delicious dish is that it takes its name from the city of Hamburg, Germany, from which comes a cut of beef called filet of Hamburg. It developed and eventually became what we know today as the hamburger.

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Some details about hamburgers

Although burgers are the main menu item of most fast food establishments, eating a hamburger once in a while can be part of a reasonable, nutritious diet.

Some have made healthier versions and, in fact, there are many ways to prepare them and recipes for all tastes and nutritional needs, we can actually say that burgers are quite beneficial, besides being delicious.

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Symbolic significance of hamburger tattoos

Believe it or not, but hamburgers too can have a symbolic meaning and this may not be so obvious.

A hamburger tattoo can mean that you are happy with your life because you have everything you could ask for and everything you need. As hamburgers are a comfort food, their image can be a sign of satisfaction and indicate that you simply feel good.

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For example, on the dream level, if someone dreams that he is eating an incomplete burger, he may feel that something is missing in his life, be it emotionally, physically or intellectual.

There may be many other interpretations but the simplest is that if you want to get a hamburger tattoo, it's because you want to pay tribute to your favorite dish.


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