46 Police Tattoos (And Their Meaning)

Do you think a police officer should wear tattoos?

It is a question that has different answers. Each culture in the world has its own idea on the subject. In some European countries, for example, tattoos are often seen as an act of rebellion, while in England the police can easily get a tattoo. And in the USA, it's generally prohibited. As you can see, everything is variable …

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If you want to be part of the police, you will have to pass several interviews where you will be asked questions. You will be asked among other things if you wear tattoos – but as long as they are discreet, not very offensive and do not oppose constitutional values, you should not worry too much. Obviously, the standards differ depending on the security organizations. Some of them prohibit tattoos from the outset and you will therefore have no choice.

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It is important that you are prepared to respond to the requests that will be made to you during the interview. We suggest that you learn about the symbolism of the tattoos you wear; this will help you to offer a more justified, more realistic and of course more satisfactory answer to the person who will question you. If your answers are intelligent and justified, you will be able to enter and be able to be part of the police forces of a nation if that is what you wish.

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Some countries have established standards for police tattoos, but wearing one is not grounds for expulsion for a police officer who is already on the job. The size and location of the tattoo can however be a problem, as can tattoos in opposition to the constitutional values ​​- which may prevent you from continuing – but if your body art is discreet and hidden by the uniform , you shouldn't have any problems.

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You must of course consider this problem if you wish to wear a tattoo but that should not prevent you from getting a tattoo. Evaluate what we just told you before deciding whether or not a police officer should get a tattoo.

The drawings? What designs can we suggest to the police, what themes are most appropriate? In reality, there is no specific and particular design to use if you are a police officer: you must choose the one that best suits your personality and your tastes. For example, on the arms of the police, one can find drawings representing a police officer, but also floral drawings or girls wearing stilettos. The number of existing drawings is very high and there are no limits…

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