46 Valknut tattoos or death knot (and their meaning)

This motif is also called "Odin's Knot", after the name of the god of death. Valknut tattoos or death knots are usually chosen by those who love legends and mythology.

This particular icon represents three intertwined triangles and belongs to the group of symbols of the Vikings; the majority of them being destined or having been used as protection by them.

Meaning of the death knot

Due to its age, the actual original name of this symbol is not known. This denomination comes from "Valr", which means "Soldier fallen on the battlefield" and "Knut", the knot.

Valknut is directly associated with death because each time this symbol was carved or represented, it was in a place linked to death or a battle. That's why we do not think it's a purely decorative symbol.

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Moreover, it is thought that those who wore this symbol on the skin or on the clothes were ready to die in the name of Odin.

The knot of death is also associated with the giant Hrungnir of Norse mythology, a mythical figure murdered by Thor (son of Odin) with his hammer called Mjolnir.

Its meaning is neither very clear nor very concrete. Some investigations consider that, in Nordic cosmogony, the Valknut are three triangles which, in turn, form nine and are linked to the nine worlds that start from Yggdrasil (the tree of life).

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Valknut tattoos options

The tattoos of Valknut or the death knot can represent the search, discovery or expansion of new worlds and new horizons.

This symbol has become very popular in recent years, because everything related to ancient and unknown cultures such as Viking causes a renewed curiosity and has become a very good topic of conversation.

In addition, there are many possibilities of drawings that manage to retain its geometric essence.

You can also add colors to the drawing without any symbolic obligation, only for aesthetics. You can decorate it as if it were carved in stone or make it smooth, with clear lines.

It is also possible to vary the size of the lines and the filling, or to accompany other symbols associated with the culture that it represents, such as Thor's hammer, for example.

It is a very versatile tattoo that can be worn on any part of the body without restrictions. It is usually seen on the neck, wrists or hands, on the chest or on the ribs, on the ankles or on the calves. You can place it where you want because it will have a good rendering on all parts of the body.

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