48 Kite Tattoos (And Their Meaning)

Kite tattoos are usually very small and very delicate, but you can also find different sizes. They can have various meanings such as freedom, friendship, or refer to a very special memory from your childhood. Flying kites is also a very fun activity that you have certainly already done with your parents or children.

A little history…

Man has always dreamed of knowing and feeling what it is to fly in the air, like birds, and to feel the air in the atmosphere aerodynamically.

The kites date from around 1200 A-C and come from China. Their use was not particularly intended for pleasure but they served as a military signaling device.

kite tattoo 89

At that time, they were used to send messages to different detachments. But this instrument especially awakened the ideas of important visionaries: in 1752, Benjamin Franklin, by flying a kite with metal rods and a key on the tail in the middle of a storm, demonstrated that the electric rays were attracted towards the metal of it and that's where the lightning rod comes from.

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Thanks to the evolution of kites, their functioning inspired the invention of parachutes, paragliders and gliders. And the use of kites in Australia at the end of the 19th century even inspired the design of a set of elements that led to the invention of the first plane.

In 1960, a Chilean called Guillermo Prado invented "el carrete" which makes it possible to maneuver the wires of the kite and this is how it became accessible to children.

kite tattoo 61

They are currently seen as a sport or as an element of entertainment.

Symbolic of kite tattoos

Kites certainly remind you of your childhood or the children around you. This is the main meaning given to kite tattoos and is the reason why tattoos of children's names or pictures are often decorated with kites. But these tattoos can also represent freedom and success, as an instrument capable of reaching to the heavens, although they are still anchored to the earth.

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kite tattoo 23

Kites are a symbol of creativity, friendship, sharing and love.

These tattoos are often colored, often like a watercolor. More recently, kites whose tail is made up of encouraging words, with fine lines and handwritten words, have become very trendy. They have a very attractive rendering.

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