50 Guillotine tattoos (and their meaning)

These drawings may seem a bit strange but they are not, in fact, not so much. In the world of tattoos, some people think that guillotines are interesting and worthy of attention – but, to be honest, they are not so common and rather rather rather specific drawings.

Some historians speak of the guillotine as a symbol of the French Revolution that was first used in 1792 and would have been used to execute aristocrats and foreigners, revolutionaries, counterrevolutionaries, bourgeois and peasants. . The opinions, as far as this apparatus is concerned, remain divided: instrument of democratic justice or weapon of tyrannical terror?

Guillotine designs are usually not accompanied by other elements: they simply show the complete apparatus, sometimes stained with blood, sometimes not. Their size is often medium or large and they are almost always placed in fairly large areas of the body such as arms, legs and back.

Guillotine tattoo 55

Some details about guillotines

The guillotine is defined as an instrument used to execute people who have been sentenced to death. This is a device consisting of two vertical bars joined by a transverse joist and grooved, in order to guide a blade obliquely lower edge sharply sharpened that will forcefully cut the neck of the victim.

This may seem ironic, but originally, the guillotine was developed as a more humane and less painful means of execution. The reign of the guillotine as a deadly machine officially ended in September 1981, after 180 years of use, when France abolished the death penalty.

Guillotine tattoo 35

Another somewhat disturbing and disturbing fact: during the 1790s, France's most popular toys were miniature replicas of this instrument. They were used by toddlers to decapitate their dolls or even small rodents. Violence was present from childhood in society …

Symbolic tattoos of guillotines

Although talking about guillotines may seem a little disturbing to you, the fact that its symbolic meaning is not necessarily associated with negative things might surprise you. Because the guillotine can represent something that you must violently cut in order to move forward in life.

guillotine tattoo 49

It can also symbolize the renunciation of vices or unhealthy habits that prevent you from being happy. The guillotine does not always have to be a symbol of death and destruction, it can also be a sign that you desperately need a radical and positive change in your life.

After all, guillotine tattoos, as you'll see in the following pictures, are not such a bad idea – as long as an expert and tasteful tattooist takes care of them.

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Guillotine tattoo 67

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