50 Insect tattoos (and their meanings)

They are magnificent creatures that deserve our appreciation, given the important role they play in our ecosystem. Insects are of paramount importance for maintaining the ecological balance of the land. They help the formation of the upper layers of the earth, the distribution of pollen flowers and serve as controllers of plant invasions. They are also a crucial link in the food chain, as they are food for reptiles, birds and many other animals. Today, we will show respect to them.

Ladybug tattoo 01

Different tattoos of insects

In the art of tattooing, insects turn into artistic illustrations. If you are an insect lover, the drawings you will see will surely impress you. We have selected a variety of attractive tattoo designs to show you how beautiful insects can be.

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We will start with detailed works done in black ink, then we will go to neo-traditional pieces very colorful and soft pointillist drawings. Let's explore some of the trends in insect tattoos …

1. Tattoos of moths or moths

Moths are inspirational for people who are looking for positive interpretations and believe in their abilities. They are associated with faith and intuition because of their constant search for light. In the tattoos of insects, one can often see the sphinxes with skulls, a species whose chest looks like a skull. The Sphinx Sphinx is one of the largest insects that exist. It produces a kind of loud squeak when disturbed. This is probably the reason why people associate it with the diabolical and supernatural powers.

2. Grasshopper tattoos

Grasshopper tattoos have a most positive symbolism. They represent intuition and great sensitivity. They also symbolize luck in the home. A body art composition including a grasshopper can be a wonderful reminder that keeps you focused and creative.

3. Tattoos of beetles

The image of the beetle has for centuries a deep symbolism. The beetle was a sacred insect and an important amulet in the Egyptian religion. He was also considered a generator of positive energy and a symbol of life and rebirth. The scarab is an artistic motif used in Egyptian art and jewelry.

scarab tattoo 114

4. Tattoos of dragonflies

Dragonfly drawings are one of women's favorite motifs. These creatures always look sweet and fragile, even when they are tattooed. They are both insects of water and air, breathing peace and harmony. At the symbolic level, dragonflies are our connection with a higher degree of consciousness.

tattoo Dragonfly 131

5. Tattoos of spiders

Spiders are controversial creatures with opposite characteristics. For some, they symbolize death and danger, while for others they may be a sign of protection, wisdom and ingenuity. The image of the spider is widely present in body art and can have hundreds of meanings. Whether it represents luck or patience, or whether it is a craftsman of faith for you, the spider is a great insect tattoo idea.

spider tattoo 883

tattoo Dragonfly 133

tattoo Dragonfly 222

spider tattoo 272

tattoo spider 350

ladybug tattoo 19

scarab tattoo 150

bee tattoo 415

tattoo ants 192

tattoo ants 196

scarab tattoo 172

ladybug tattoo 04

ladybug tattoo 07

ladybug tattoo 10

ladybug tattoo 13

ladybug tattoo 16

butterfly tattoo 1182

bee tattoo 441

tattoo Dragonfly 228

spider tattoo 545

tattoo ants 198

tattoo ants 62

butterfly tattoo 324

spider tattoo 675

bee tattoo 467

tattoo beetle 192

tattoo Libellule 220

spider tattoo 753

bee tattoo 493

butterfly tattoo 909

scarab tattoo 240

tattoo ants 66

butterfly tattoo 701

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