51 African Tattoos (And Their Meaning)

Africa is the start of everything. One of the theories concerning the origin of man indicates that our whole existence began on this continent which, obviously, did not bear this name at that time.

Those who do not know Africa so well think first of its wilder side. It is easy to imagine it as in the great films of our childhood, as in The Lion King or in the documentaries which appear on television.

However, Africa is much more than what the movies show us.

african tattoo 51

africa tattoo 63

For many people, it represents their roots and their origin: for them, it is a legitimate tattoo motif.

The silhouette of the continent

A large part of the tattoos which are inspired by the African continent represent its silhouette. It is quite common to see different variations of this type of tattoo, some more complex than others.

african tattoo 55

Some tattoos are minimalist and placed in fairly small and relatively discreet places, such as the wrists. Others are more detailed: they are generally placed on the back or in another fairly large area of ​​the body. In both cases, the tattooed silhouette represents the connection between the person who wears it and this continent, with which it is deeply identified.

African landscape

Another theme often depicted in tattoos is an African landscape containing these unique elements: large trees and huge expanses, with a hot sun on the horizon.

africa tattoo 69

We have represented Africa with this image for generations and it is often recognized in seconds.

Landscape is part of the way of being Africans. It is therefore another very important symbol for all those who feel a spiritual connection with this continent.

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African wildlife

Another subject which undoubtedly makes one think of Africa is its imposing fauna. As we have already pointed out, it is difficult not to think of the Lion King.

The fauna of the African continent reminds us of its ferocity but also the tenacity with which the first inhabitants faced a hostile environment. It reminds us of both their strength and their temperance.

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Africa is an impressive continent but that many do not really know, even if they think they have an idea of ​​how people live there. Through tattoos, it is possible to express a feeling of belonging that reminds us that sometimes it is necessary to broaden our point of view.

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