55 Seahorse tattoos (and their meaning): The sea horse

Word hippocampus comes from a genius called "Hippocampus", A word that can be translated as" monster-horse of the seas. "In some circles, the association of the hippocampus with creativity must be attributed to its name.

The region of hippocampus of the human brain is related to long-term memory and takes its name from the fact that it looks like a hippocampus. These adorable creatures are usually found in temperate tropical waters. The Water element is considered as the element of the spirit: many spiritual gurus and yogis practice meditation exercises with a running water source nearby. This close relationship with the subconscious explains why seahorses are totems of creativity and meditation.

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seahorse tattoo 233

Due to their fragile structure, seahorses are more likely to be prey than predators in the untamed vast world of the Earth's oceans. That's why they are masters of camouflage. They change color quickly and easily to stay alive, which is why many people consider them survivalists. They never move in the sea in a visible way; their movements resemble those of a coral carried away by the marine currents. For some, this represents the attitude of this creature in relation to life: "to be carried away by the current".

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A lot of cultures have attributed different spiritual symbols to these little totems. If you take a closer look at Disney's classic movie, The little Mermaidyou will notice that the servants and messengers of the King Triton are seahorses. It is not a coincidence; the animators of the film have chosen to respect the role that seahorses have in the mythological Greek and Roman: servants of Poseidon / Neptune. Seahorses are believed to be the bearers of lost souls and spiritual guides of those who die in the dark depths of the seas. In many places in Asia, seahorses are seen as a sign of luck and they are often used in local medicines.

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Meanings of seahorse tattoos

The hippocampus represents a set of human traits, whose:

  • Patience and tranquility
  • Protection
  • Friendship and cooperation
  • Persistence
  • Creativity and meditation
  • Fatherhood

Variations of seahorse tattoos

Tribal tattoos of seahorses

Tribal tattoos of seahorses are perfect for showing the world that you identify with the native culture of a region and that, just like the hippocampus, you can float in the harsh currents of life and protect those close to you, to become something beautiful.

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Tattoos of cartoons of seahorses

Seahorse cartoon tattoos reveal your jovial spirit and your fun and loving side; they show the world that you are doing the principles of mutual respect, friendship and cooperation. Many people get a hippocampus cartoon tattoo in honor of a child.

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