60 Bison tattoos (and their meanings)

This gigantic creature, which can weigh more than a ton, is one of the most titanic mammals that exist. Getting a tattoo of the figure of this animal is a sign of abundance, power, strength, resistance and shows that you have recourse at your disposal.

Do you imagine the fear that the Indo-American tribes and the first settlers felt when they saw for the first time these huge animals wandering in the plains of North America? Although buffaloes are gigantic and may seem scary, they have become the symbol par excellence of freedom.

The buffalo is an animal revered by natives of North America and this vision has spread throughout the West. This majestic animal is extremely rare in nature and seeing it is a sign of luck and prosperity in native traditions – the Sacred Woman (a central figure in the spirituality of the Lakota people) would have taught the tribe the pearls of wisdom and wisdom. knowledge about the Universe and agriculture.

A tattoo of buffalo has, meanwhile, a connotation of resistance and survival. That's why a lot of people decide to draw one of these bestial beings on the skin after having achieved an important feat. These colossal creatures can commemorate the accomplishment of a transcendent personal or professional project.

Finally, these impressive mammals also symbolize long journeys and free will.

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Types and variations of bison tattoos

Countless elements can be introduced into these tattoo designs. Each of them will give character and brilliance to your artwork.

1. White bisons or in light tones

White bison tattoos symbolize deep spirituality, wisdom, harmony, and strong connection to the culture and nature of the native peoples of North America.

2. Tattoo ideas of black bison

If you want a neutral tattoo, you can choose a small black bison tattoo and place it on your legs, wrists, forearms or shoulders. Of course, you can customize it by adding words, names or phrases that are important to you.

3. Bisons and nature

If you want to show your connection with nature (or elements of where you were born), you can ask your tattoo artist to make you a tattoo of buffalo with trees or even a forest. Remember to add other key elements of nature such as water, sky or sun.

4. Bisons in color

If you use multiple colors, you can beautify your tattoo and make it more conspicuous. If you like fun tattoos, you can opt for a cartoon bison and place it on your arm or shoulder.

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Some people prefer aggressive or edgy bison pictures, so you can choose to portray the powerful breath of the animal or show it charging.

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