73 Chucky tattoos (and their meanings)

If you do a Google search, believe it or not, you can find hundreds of Chucky tattoo designs. Because indeed, many people have the audacity to represent on one part or the other of their body this character of horror films.

Those who decide to get a tattoo of the terrible Chucky probably do not do it because they admire what the character represents in itself, but as a ritual that usually realize the fanatics of the so-called "cult movies".

These terrifying stories, which became famous in the '80s and' 90s, have become a saga of 7 films, from the 1988 release of Children's Games to that of Cult of Chucky, the latest film, in 2017 And this without telling the series, which began in 2018.

Some details about Chucky

Talking about Chucky's attributes seems a bit complicated, because it's an evil doll that represents evil. But referring to its characteristics and some curiosities about it can be worth it.

You may not know that the evil doll really existed. According to the stories, in 1896, a child named Robert Eugène Otto was allegedly given a hand-made toy by the employees of the family home.

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The problem was not the doll itself, which was actually quite simple, stuffed with straw and dressed in a sailor suit, but the fact that it seems affected by a voodoo curse that will eventually cause havoc.

Another detail worth telling is that the famous film is part of a sub-category of horror films: the slasher films of terror having, in general, as a central character, a homicidal maniac using knives for violently murdering his victims.

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Symbolic significance of Chucky tattoos

Although many believe that no one would want to have a malignant presence in his life, Chucky's tattoos are quite popular and do not usually scare anyone who decides to make one.

Dark characters like the evil doll Chucky represent, for those who are attracted by them, the search for new and interesting sensations. Another reason why the darkest darkness seems attractive to some people is because it represents a way of understanding evil.

But a simpler explanation to understand the motivations of those who are tattooed the character of Chucky is simply that it pleases them, without other major reasons or occult reasons.

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