75 of the most adorable cat tattoo designs

If you love cats as much as we do, take a look at these drawings and you will probably find your next tattoo. Cats have always been a popular drawing choice when it comes to tattoos. They have been regularly used as symbols throughout history, from the time of Cleopatra. At that time, cats were revered and considered a sign of luck. That's why there are so many statues that represent them near the pyramids. In ancient Egypt, cats were known as "mau"and were linked to the goddesses Baath and Isis, who were important figures, and the Egyptians considered them to be very important symbols, often represented in works of art and mummified with their owners." They were literally buried During the Greek era, cats were associated with deviance, lust, cleanliness and cunning.

Today, cats are considered independent animals, although they are pets. They are often seen as a symbol of rebellion, because of their personality.

In South Korea, tattoos are forbidden unless they are performed by a medical professional. Most South Koreans do not agree with this principle and cat tattoos have become an enthusiastic act of rebellion against these rules.

1. A cat sleeping

This adorable tattoo is clearly wrapped around the ankle, as if the cat was sleeping there.

cat tattoo tattoo 1

2. A pastel cat

Here is a unique drawing made in pastel colors that combine to create a beautiful cat tattoo.

tattoo tattoo cat 1.png

3. The Egyptian

This tattoo represents a traditional cat statue, as they were created in ancient times.

tattoo cat tattoo 2

4. Silhouette

This small cat silhouette located behind the ear features an adorable little red bow.

cat tattoo tattoo 3

5. Spindle drawing

Here is a tattoo drawing that has the shape of a brooch with a cat as centerpiece.

tattoo cat tattoo 4

6. Little kitten

This little cat is simple but really adorable, wisely sitting on his arm.

cat tattoo tattoo 5

7. Realistic cat

This black cat is one of the most realistic tattoos I've seen, and this one might be someone's real cat.

cat tattoo tattoo 6

8. Small cat drawing

This little cat is very cute, inside the arm.

tattoo cat tattoo 7

9. A portrait

A portrait of the owner of the cat and this tattoo is drawn in such a detailed way; that's wonderful.

tattoo cat tattoo 8

10. Cats kissing each other

A small tattoo that shows two little cats kissing each other. A tattoo small enough to be placed anywhere but has a great rendering on the shoulder.

tattoo cat tattoo 9

11. The black cat

Another example of a simple drawing of black cat.

tattoo cat tattoo 10

12. Black and white

These tattoos are simple and lack design.

tattoo tattoo cat 11

13. The monocle

A suit, a hat and an eyeglass. This cat is really stylish.

tattoo tattoo cat 12

14. Without outlines

This cat is made of shapes but has no real contours. The colors are sensational.

tattoo cat tattoo 13

15. Cat in the middle of butterflies

A really unique design with a cat's head appearing in the middle of butterflies, it's beautiful.

tattoo cat tattoo 14

16. Space chat

This amusing drawing represents a cat in a spacesuit, floating between the planets.

cat tattoo tattoo 15

17. The wildcat lurking

This sexy tattoo shows a wild cat a train prowling on his back.

cat tattoo tattoo 16

18. Geometric shapes

A geometric tattoo that has a cat as a central work. If you want a tattoo different from others, this one is for you.

cat tattoo tattoo 17

19. The wine drinker

This cat is sitting, enjoying a glass of wine. It's an adorable and fun drawing.

cat tattoo tattoo 18

20. The monocle strikes again

A new example of the monocle cat, but this tattoo is more detailed than the previous version.

cat tattoo tattoo 19

21. Adorable cat

Forget the piercings: why do not you make a little cat tattoo on the ear just like that?

tattoo cat tattoo 20

22. Cat outline

This sleeping figure is a charming cat tattoo, perfect for those looking for something small.

cat tattoo tattoo 21

23. A cat under the moon

A simple drawing that can easily be curled behind the ear.

cat tattoo tattoo 22

24. A simple drawing

Here's another example of a black silhouette for those looking for a simple drawing.

cat tattoo tattoo 23

25. Footprints

A cat silhouette leaving and leaving behind small footprints.

cat tattoo tattoo 24

26. A floral design

This beautiful drawing shows a silhouette covered with flowers

cat tattoo tattoo 25

27. Cat on the moon

A wonderful drawing showing a cat on the moon: a splendid tattoo.

tattoo cat tattoo 26

28. Geometric cat

A new example of a geometric tattoo created inside the cat's head. An amazing design ideal for those who want an amazing tattoo.

tattoo cat tattoo 27

29. For the sake of your life

This drawing is made to represent the cat of its owner and the tattoo looks exactly like it.

cat tattoo tattoo 29

30. A mesmerizing form

This cat silhouette is different and it's a beautiful design.

cat tattoo tattoo 30

31. A planet inside

This cat tattoo has planets inside: you can see the moon and the starry sky against the cat.

tattoo cat tattoo 31

32. Small drawing

Curved tail makes this figure adorable. Add a heart and it's perfect!

tattoo cat tattoo 32

33. The heart

A geometric design whose heart of the cat is the central piece to which everything is connected.

cat tattoo tattoo 33

34. The perfect outline

Just the outline of a cat with a curved tail, but it's a great design for those who want a simple tattoo.

tattoo cat tattoo 34

35. Chat-circle

A subtle cat tattoo made of a circle. This is a pretty tattoo that fits perfectly for the finger.

cat tattoo tattoo 35

36. The panther

A large drawing of a panther climbing on a back.

cat tattoo tattoo 37

37. Little kitten

A small cat that is perfect for the wrist.

tattoo cat tattoo 38

38. Playing with his cock

A cute little cat playing with the tip of his tail is an adorable drawing.

cat tattoo tattoo 39

39. Cat Stretch

A lazy stretch of cat and its tail form the word: enjoy!

cat tattoo tattoo 40

40. Ninja cat

This ninja cat seems ready for battle, what an adorable drawing.

tattoo cat tattoo 41

41. Colorful cats

A beautiful drawing with one side in mauve and blue tones and the other in red and orange tones.

tattoo cat tattoo 42

42. The galaxy

This beautiful drawing shows the galaxy in a cat shape. I love these bright colors.

cat tattoo tattoo 43

43. The cunning cat

This cat definitely looks ready for the worst. The colors are even more pleasant.

tattoo cat tattoo 45

44. The Cheshire Cat

This amazing drawing represents the Cheshire cat disappearing from our sight with his big smile.

tattoo cat tattoo 46

45. Yin and Yang

A large drawing of Yin and Yang made of two cats. A unique design.

tattoo cat tattoo 47

46. ​​These green eyes

A beautiful new example of a Cheshire cat. This one has a drawing turning on the back.

cat tattoo tattoo 48

47. Amazing colors

An admirable design with incredible colors.

tattoo cat tattoo 49

48. The cat jumping

This circular drawing shows a cat jumping over the flowers.

tattoo cat tattoo 50

49. The Astronaut

I love this drawing because it is really different and very detailed. The splashes of color make this tattoo totally pop.

tattoo cat tattoo 51

50. The Sphinx

A new great example of Egyptian cat straight from ancient times.

cat tattoo tattoo 53

51. These clear eyes

An adorable cat drawing with big eyes

tattoo cat 54 tattoo

52. This adorable head

Again a cat portrait with an adorable head.

tattoo cat tattoo 55

53. Tigray

A small tattoo on the leg is not a big change.

cat tattoo tattoo 56

54. Silky

A silky representation of cat in shades of red and black.

cat tattoo tattoo 57

55. Cat between dog and wolf

A beautiful cat design with some white and gray elements. These are beautiful colors for a tattoo.

tattoo tattoo cat 59

56. A perfect image

A black and white image of a beautiful Siamese cat.

tattoo cat 60 tattoo

57. Feline lines

Just a few lines that form a cat. A simple tattoo.

tattoo cat tattoo 61

58. Sugar cat skull

A beautiful tattoo with drawings of skeletons inside. It's a sugar skull (like those of Mexican Day of the Dead), a very popular motif these days.

tattoo cat tattoo 62

59. Panther stretching

A beautiful cat drawing that shows a panther stretching out. A simple silhouette but the drawing is powerful.

tattoo cat tattoo 63

60. Persian drawings

Small Persian cats that form simple drawings.

tattoo cat tattoo 64

61. A sensational black

A beautiful cat design with a part of the head of a jet black, which makes it even more sensational.

tattoo cat tattoo 65

62. Cat seen from behind

This cat back shows us a different angle of cat drawing.

tattoo cat tattoo 66

63. Cat kisses

Again kittens kissing but, in this drawing, there is a black and a white.

cat tattoo tattoo 67

64. The majesty

A simple drawing made of contours, another example of an Egyptian tattoo.

tattoo cat tattoo 68

65. Adorable tattoo

An adorable tattoo with simple drawing. This is not a large tattoo, so the decision is not so difficult to make.

cat tattoo tattoo 69

66. Beautiful moon

A nice tattoo of a cat sitting on the moon with stars in the sky

tattoo cat tattoo 70

67. Cat musical note

This beautiful cat silhouette has the shape of a musical note. It's a hallucinating design.

cat tattoo tattoo 71

68. Alice in Wonderland

The proverbial Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. If you are a fan of this movie or character, try this drawing.

tattoo cat tattoo 72

69. Mysterious cat

A black cat with a funny look, spying around

cat tattoo tattoo 73

70. Mother and baby

This simple drawing shows a mother and her baby together again.

cat tattoo tattoo 74

71. Smiling cat tattoo

A new reference to the movie with just the smiling head of the Cheshire cat, the rest of the body is gone.

cat tattoo tattoo 75

72. An orange tabby

This adorable cat is perfect in orange tattoo. An original drawing that will please.

tattoo cat tattoo 76

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