80 Bat tattoos (and their meanings)

The fear we may feel for these often misunderstood creatures probably arises from obscure caves all over the world. For the first men, these massive caves were passages leading to the underworld, corridors leading to the realm of demons or other supernatural creatures sent by the gods to punish and torture sinners. This is why the creatures that reside in these black holes were seen as extensions of this diabolical underworld. They were feared and respected in order to avoid any misfortune. The bat started to symbolize disease, destruction and decay.

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In the culture Oxatanthe bats were demons filled with rage and jealousy; they were sour because they did not have the beautiful feathers of the birds. Some accounts of Nigerian and Mesoamerican culture show the tendency of bats to cling to darkness. In these stories, bats always commit acts that do great harm to other animals. Through shame and guilt, these winged creatures hide themselves, remaining out of reach of the inquisitive eyes of light and truth. These stories nourished our Western conception of bats and brought about their association with the demon, vampires and all that wanders through the night.

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In some schools of thought, bats are said to be the reason why women wear hats to attend mass. An old folk legend speaks of the tendency for this animal to rise from the heights to attack people's heads. And while poor creatures are actually chasing mosquitoes and other insects that buzz around our heads, many people (even today) think that an uncovered head attracts the devil and his demons – since bats are intrinsically associated with the underworld and the malignant. For this reason, many Christian traditions say that women must cover their hairespecially in places of prayer, to prevent demons from attacking their heads.

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But not all cultures see these creatures as evil emblems. In China, these are good auguries, symbols of happiness, longevity and prosperity. In some parts of southern Europe, bats are part of the coat of arms and their image is proudly printed on the coat of arms of some families and the royal flags. This could explain why Marvel, the comic creator, gave birth to the legendary Batman character. These very social creatures live in large groups and are known for their gifts of communication. Every night, they emerge from the realm of darkness and death, having resurrected and been renewed by Mother Nature in the depths of uterine-like caves.

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Meaning of bat tattoos

These are:

  • The illusion
  • The darkness and the evil
  • intuition
  • The Renaissance
  • Communication
  • The trip
  • Prosperity
  • Happiness

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Variations of bat tattoos

Most bat images tend to have Gothic themes in their design. This is mainly due to their mysterious reputation, dark, scary and generally negative.

1. Tattoos of Bats and Deaths

Like twin souls crossing life together, bats and death go hand in hand. The tattoos of bats and death are not necessarily Gothic or dark: they already offer in themselves a darker look on life. Bats have a dual image, both of the omen of death and of being rebirth and renewal. The tattoos of bats and death represent the cycle of life: the ebb and flow of birth and death, and the profound meaning of man's existence.

2. Bats of bats

The wings are instruments of flight, a representation of free spirits and uninhibited mentalities. A batwing tattoo is, in essence, a way to communicate your desire to be free and uninhibited. You identify with the dark spirit of the bat and are not stuck in a pink view of the world around you. Although you are vulnerable, you are able to rise from the depths and rise in the heavens.

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