85 Tattoo Fingers: Types, Meanings and Tips

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A finger tattoo is adorable and sexy, not to mention that it is a good way of personal expression. However, this type of tattoo can create some problems to the wearer. From the outside, the finger tattoos are a tiny, very versatile work of art -You can place them on the top of your finger or hide them between two fingers, to give a little strangeness to your personality. However, if you do some small research, you will find that this type of tattoo fades quickly and has some other negative sides. And while many popular celebrities have made finger tattoos a current trend, there are plenty of points you should consider when planning to get a tattoo of a finger tattoo or a complete set of tattoos on the hand.

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Types of finger tattoos

Maybe have you thought about getting yourself a pair of finger tattoos to showcase your sense of style? Or do you prefer to have matching tattoos with close friends to represent your friendship? Unless you're about to get your first tattoo done and do not want to start with something small? It is also possible that this new tattoo serves to mark a personal stage of life, such as a wedding or the birth of a child. If you are interested in finger tattoos, here are some drawings that might interest you:

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1. Alliance tattoos on the finger

If you are looking for a unique and interesting wedding tradition, look no further than this: make a record of your honeymoon, put on your wedding dress as you will hear and make yourself a wedding tattoo. Since many young people want to do something very different from what their parents did for their wedding, these permanent ink drawings are a wonderful alternative to wedding rings. Men spend on average at least € 5,000 for an alliance (and it's not even about the tip of the Iceberg). Many couples spend about € 30,000 on their wedding day. The large expense of alliances means that more and more couples are no longer following traditions and have their fingers printed instead of buying the rings, devoting the money to other aspects of their marriage.

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2. Tattoos of feathers on the finger

Feather tattoos are one of the most popular finger tattoo designs currently, because of the cultural heritage of this motif and its deep symbolism. The feather tattoo exists in many styles and under multiple appearances and is home to very rich meanings. It usually depicts the character of the bird that carried the feather. These tattoos also represent a unique form of tattoo element that usually includes a symbolic meaning: the ability to fly, both creatively or spiritually as well as emotionally. Many feather designs are very elegant and different, and they actually reflect the characteristics of the different bird species from which the feather comes. Tattooing the feather of a specific bird will allow you to identify yourself with the bird's personality.

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3. Tattoos of zodiac signs on the finger

The tattoos of zodiac signs, also known as astrological tattoos or horoscopes, are a perfect choice for finger tattoo drawing for you, especially if you have a special personal relationship with your zodiac sign or you are simply interested in the question. You can use your zodiac sign as the basis of your finger tattoo drawing. They may seem simple but they are filled with symbolism. You can also get a tattoo of an animal or flower design associated with your constellation. And to add to the symbolism, you can place this drawing on a part of the body connected to your constellation.

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4. Tattoos of diamonds on the finger

Diamond tattoos are very popular and are one of the main currents of body art drawings – which men and women often wear on their fingers. There are diamond tattoos alone or combined with other tattoos symbols. Diamond tattoos are probably one of the designs most considered by those who wish to be tattooed around the world. The diamond is very good tattooed alone but may be accompanied by many symbols and different elements. Its shape is perfect for small tattoos and big ones.

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5. Tattoos of a word on the fingers

The tattoos of a word are probably the best kind of tattoo you can get. They tend to capture the essence of the heart and soul in one word. These tattoos are often simple and elegant. They also give their owners the opportunity to convey a particular message to the world. There are many thoughts that go into the tattoo of a single word. He talks about what you are connected to or who has a great importance in your life without being too boring. Having the courage to permanently print a single word on your body for the rest of your life requires some audacity.

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Meaning of finger tattoos

When it comes to tattooing your body, finger tattoos are part of current trends and it's not hard to understand why. Everything is better on the finger, whether it's adorable drawings, avant-garde images or important messages.

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Ideal placement of finger tattoos

The tattoos on the fingers always hurt. This is because your fingers are full of nerves and in addition, the skin is placed directly above the bone and the joint. So there is no fat, or even a single muscle that could soften the feeling of the needle entering the finger. In fact, the tattoos of the fingers are probably worse than many other places. If you want to have a less painful tattoo, you should look for another place. But one of the coolest things about finger tattoos is that people generally see them as a sign of commitment or love that can even send an important message to the world around us. To prepare yourself for the pain of finger tattoos, tell yourself that this is a symbolic moment and that this sorrow is, in fact, part of the experience.

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The skin of each person's finger responds differently to the ink of the tattoo, compared to other areas of the body. This is because hands are the most active parts of a person's body. How often do we not use them to touch, wash, or experience the sensation of the skin? The skin of our hands is thick but has no fat and is always moving, which is why the tattoos of fingers are discolored quickly.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

Since many popular celebrities and other icons of pop culture promote tattoos on their fingers, they also enjoy great popularity in the general population. Small tattoos on the side of the finger or near the joint are particularly trendy lately. Many people wear pictures they find on Pinterest or want to copy the tattoos of their favorite celebrities. Although the finger tattoos have a beautiful rendering, they do not stay that long, especially after a few years. If you're lucky, your tattoo will hold up pretty well. But sometimes they start to fade and blur, because of the nature of the ink under the skin.

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Always keep your hands clean and dry if you have a finger tattoo. If you exfoliate them too often, the ink will eventually leave the area, leaving you with a fuzzy and faded design. You also can not hide the tattoos you have on your hands, which could prevent you from getting certain jobs. A tattoo on the hand, and especially on the fingers, will do you a lot worse than a drawing placed in many other places. Excessive hydration can also push the ink out of the skin during the healing process.

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Estimation of realization costs and standard prices of finger tattoos

One of the most common questions about tattoos is the price. Most studios set a minimum starting price for their clients. It does not matter if this little flower is placed on your finger or on your back, it will cost the same thing. This minimum varies depending on where you are. In Marseille, a quality tattoo will cost you less than € 60 but the majority of French cities are more expensive and Paris prices vary greatly depending on the popularity of tattoos studios that you will find.

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When it comes to price, it all depends on the artist you want to hire to make your drawing. It could cost you more – or less. It is also possible that the artist asks you for a price per hour or determines an individual price for each crop that he produces. When it comes to money, you must always remember that you get what you pay for. A good tattoo is not cheap and a cheap tattoo is not good. Be completely sure of the design you are going to get. If this is your first tattoo, you may prefer to see it printed somewhere where you will see it constantly for a couple of months.

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Tattoos maintenance tips

Finger tattoos require more maintenance than usual tattoos and you may need to touch them much more often than your other drawings – maybe even more than once a year. This is especially true for tattoos on the sides of the fingers or just on the bottom of the fingers near the joint. Make sure to see a very experienced artist at the finger tattoos. The skin on your hands, feet and face is so fine that it takes a lot of experience and skill to place the pigment exactly in the skin layer.

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