88 Best tattoos of this type (and their meanings)

Tattoos of tigers are more and more popular, for both men and women. These tattoos are not just fashionable motifs. Some people use them to convey a message, beyond words and actions. These tattoos are usually more than a pretty drawing.

The tattoos of tigers are one of the designs most taken into account by those who wish to make a tattoo, because they can have many different meanings for each tattooed person. In addition, the tiger is an animal that scares people and gives you a sense of authority and power when you wear it tattooed. And although tigers are not considered the "kings of the jungle", many other species of animals surrender to them.

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Meaning of Tigers tattoos

The tattoos of tigers may seem all the same but this is not the case. For each tattooed person, they can mean different things. Tattoos are more of a personal statement than a generic proclamation. Every tattoo you see, no matter how similar it is to other Tattoos, may have a different meaning depending on the person being tattooed. For example, a Chinese and a European who would both wear the same tiger tattoo: at first glance, you will probably think that the meaning is the same for both people, but this is not always the case. For the Chinese, the tiger can represent the ultimate power while the European will see his tiger as a symbol of hidden beauty.

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The tattoos of tigers also represent the authority. Although the tiger is not the most powerful predator, it has many attributes that make it fear weaker animals. As tigers are faster and more agile than other jungle animals, they can easily catch their prey. For this reason, you will never see weaker animals approaching the tiger. If you do this tattoo, many people might think that you are someone who has authority. It can also reflect your ferocious and fearless attitude in life.

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Types of tattoos tattoos

Tiger tattoo designs can be very different. There are several types of tiger designs that work best for men or women, or both. It is important to choose a design that really represents your personality. This is the best way to effectively convey your message to others.

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One of the most popular designs of tattoos of tigers is the tribal tiger. Many cultures have created animal gods in the past and the tiger is one of the most common. The different ethnic groups and tribes had their own beliefs, which explains the existence of various tribal tribal designs. Whatever the design, all have a similar characteristic: the tiger is drawn in black ink. Tribal tattoo artists use the same thick black lines to form the tiger's silhouette as to draw the other tribal tattoos. However, you must carefully choose your drawing because each ethnic group may have given special meaning to the tiger design it has created. You should do some research before copying a drawing that already exists.

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The tattoos of tiger babies are also booming. They are more common in women than in men. Tiger babies have a certain innocence and charm that would make you think they are helpless. But they perfectly illustrate the fact that innocence can turn into ferocity. It is a great symbol that represents the change that generally occurs in women. When they are young, women are very innocent, but when they grow up and become members of society, they have the capacity to transform themselves into the exact opposite. This type of tattoo also shows that there are many things behind a beautiful exterior appearance.

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The tattoos of tiger eyes are also very popular with both sexes. This tattoo drawing is a direct representation of the characteristics of the tiger. As we always say, "the eyes are the mirror of the soul". The eyes of the tiger are filled with different emotions and characteristics. And although they are ferocious, tigers also have a soft side when it comes to their family: it can be noticed if one observes how they take care of their little ones. When wearing this type of tattoo design, you probably want to tell the world to look at your soul without worrying about your rigid appearance. It's as if you're suggesting that there's so much more to you than what people can see from outside.

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The tattoos of tigers in 3D are one of the most popular designs currently. This is a new type of tattoo that has a realistic rendering, even close up. In fact, 3-dimensional tattoos are just simple flat tattoos, but they create the impression of being above or even under the skin. The tattoos in 3D are really cool. They usually have multiple colors, which gives them a more realistic look. If you want to focus on the meaning of your tattoos, getting yourself a tattoo in three dimensions is one of the many ways to get there.

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Ideal placement of tigers tattoos

Men and women have different ideas regarding the placement of tattoos. Usually, men can expose more parts of the body than women. That's why they have more tattoo placement options than these. Usually, male representatives place their tiger tattoos on their arms or on their backs. The back tattoos are usually large, making the drawing more visible, even from a distance.

For women, the usual locations for tigers tattoos are thighs and backs. Thigh tattoos are not always exposed, but they give your tattoos a sexier touch. People who will see your tattoo on the thighs will automatically consider it "hot".

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

There are many factors to consider when thinking about getting a tiger tattoo. Besides the fact that the tattooing procedure is quite painful, you must have a sufficient budget to complete your drawing. These two factors will probably help you decide which type of design you want to get tattooed on.

When you get a tattoo, you have to prepare yourself mentally. Tattooing can be quite stressful, especially for people who are afraid of needles or for those who are not very resistant to pain. Sometimes the pain tends to get worse because of psychological factors. If you think the procedure is going to be painful, you will feel the pain harder. However, if you condition your mind and convince it to think that the suffering is tolerable, your body will not take it seriously.

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In addition to this mental preparation, you also need to prepare yourself physically. Make sure you eat well before you go to the tattoo studio and get enough hydration. You must also make sure your environment is clean to avoid infections.

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Estimation of realization costs and standard prices of tattoos

Tiger tattoos are usually large. Usually, a tiger tattoo in black ink costs around € 100 – € 150 per tattoo. However, colored tattoos and 3D tattoos are more expensive. They can cost between € 250 and € 500 per design. If you go to a fashionable tattooist, the prices will probably be higher.

You must think about the best way to optimize your budget: do not pay too much but never compromise the quality of your tattoo. Usually, local artists charge less than popular artists. If your budget is tight, choose a smaller drawing, because they are usually cheaper than the big ones.

Some tattoo artists ask for a price per hour for their work. If you think that your tattoo design is quite simple, you could pay less if you talk to an artist whose rates are calculated on this basis. If the drawing takes only 30 minutes to finish, your tattoo will only cost you € 100.

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Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Getting tattooed can be quite expensive and quite painful. This is why you must devote all your efforts to keeping it in the best condition possible. If you do not do it, all the suffering and the money that you have spent there will have been useless. The first thing you need to do after tattooing is to listen to the tattoo artist. He knows better than anyone how to take care of a tattoo, because he has a lot of experience in this area. Take note of all the advice he will give you. If your tattoo artist does not give you any instructions, you have the right to ask him the question directly.

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If this is your first tattoo, it is normal that you are very enthusiastic and eager to see the result, but you will not have to remove the bandage for at least 2-3 hours. Tattoo artists usually apply antibacterial cream on the tattoo to prevent infections. If you plan to clean your tattoo, do it gently, with water and unscented soap. You should absolutely avoid rubbing and removing crusts from your tattoo as this could have a disastrous effect on the result. The worst case would be that you remove ink from your tattoo. Finally, be very careful when you move because you must at all costs prevent your tattoo from beginning to bleed.

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tattoo 139

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tattoo tiger 243

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tattoo tiger 265

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tattoo tiger 258

tattoo tiger 262

tattoo 196

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tattoo tiger 217

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tattoo tiger 191

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