88 Drawings and meaning of leopard tattoos

This is perhaps the smallest of the big cats but, in terms of adaptation, intelligence and brute force, there is nothing small in leopards. Closely related to tigers, lions, jaguars and cheetahs, leopards currently occupy parts of sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Siberia.

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Leopards are mainly nocturnal animals that prefer to remain invisible. These are opportunistic hunters, which means they hunt for prey crossing their path, including occasional casual humans. There are several cases of deadly attacks in India, the most famous of which are Rudrapravag's Leopard and Leopard Panar. But do not worry too much because these animals do not appreciate more than that human flesh: if they have the choice between you and a plump antelope, they will certainly choose the latter.

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These animals are also incredibly strong and are the only felines known to be able to tow dead prey to the top of a tree: a task that requires great climber's gifts and impressive brute force.

Contrary to what you might have heard, leopard spots can change. As is the case for jaguars, the color of leopard dress is due to the expression of a dominant gene: but that does not mean that there are no other possible pigments. Leopards that do not have this gene tend to be black and are known as black Panther but there are cases of dress strawberry color and albino leopards.

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For thousands of years, humanity has had an unshakable fascination for these big cats. In African culture, they are not only seen as ferocious warriors and hunters, but also as sneaky and disappointing animals. It is said that it is impossible to know what a leopard is until it is too late and that this animal uses a lot of tactics to give its prey a false sense of security. That's why it's said that leopard spots can not change. In these cultures, leopard spots represent the ability to hide what one is, in order to gain a tactical advantage in all circumstances. This characteristic did not go unnoticed by the Italian poet Dante when he wrote The divine comedy. In the book of theHell, Dante uses the leopard to represent disappointment, fraud and bad actions. Christians also have a similar opinion about this animal. This is a very different point of view from that of many traditional African cultures, who view the leopard as a very clever animal at the mental level.

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In England and many parts of Western Europe, leopards are present on many coats of old noble families. In these drawings, their image is so stylized that it is often confused with that of the lion. In heraldry, leopards often appear in groups of three and are used to represent the sense of honor and nobility. Many see the leopard as a brave warrior who never leaves a battle.

These beautiful animals are also strongly connected to the spiritual side. Shamans and spiritual leaders often wear leopard skins because they think that will protect evil spirits. The ancient Egyptian priests still wore leopard skins to protect themselves from the god of darkness and chaos, Sethand to symbolize their triumph over his evil behavior. For many spiritual leaders of indigenous tribes, these totem animals are often seen as guides to the spiritual world, because of their ability to adapt and survive in visibly very different environments. A leopard is as comfortable on land as at the top of trees and can live both in the humid heat of the jungle and in the plains of the African savannah.

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Even though the myths and beliefs surrounding the mysterious leopard are as numerous and varied as the cultures to which they belong, all have this in common: none deny that the leopard is an exquisite and beautiful animal.

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Meanings of tattoos of Leopards

Leopards embody a plethora of seemingly contradictory features that combine to form the mysterious aura of the animal:

  • Intelligence and trick
  • Deception and manipulation
  • Nobility and Royalty
  • Protection and Role of Guardian
  • Solitude
  • Reserved power
  • Brute force
  • Opportunism

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Variations of leopard tattoos

Tattoos of leopards, there are all sizes but the colors of this drawing are usually standard. These tattoos are generally designed to resemble the true leopard mottled dress, unless they show a tribal representation of the animal. Of course, the most popular representation is the Leopard Print, which can be worn by men as well as women. The tattoos of leopards are often adopted by people who appreciate solitary life. They love their inner peace and the tranquility they are assured of staying out of the grueling daily routine. They hate being surrounded by hordes of hurried humans. People who wear tattoos of leopards identify with the quiet and peaceful life of leopards. As with many unique designs like leopard spots, it's always important to think about where the tattoo is on your body. Placing your leopard tattoo on a place with muscles will add a new dimension to your drawing by giving this body art work an illusion of movement.

1. Tribal tattoos of leopards

The tattoos of leopards can also be drawn as tribal patterns. As the tribal designs of each region of the globe have unique characteristics pertaining only to that particular region or group of people, a tribal leopard tattoo will identify you as a person intimately related to the indigenous culture of that particular region. These drawings have special spiritual meanings that allow the bearer to acquire certain traits of his animal totem.

2. Tattoos of black leopards (panthers)

How can such an elusive animal become even more mysterious? With a black dress. Black leopards are actually black panthers but this distinction has been forgotten by the general population. A black leopard tattoo emphasizes your need to remain unknown and as popular as a legend never heard. You like to have your privacy and tranquility and do not feel really good when you have the opportunity to roam freely.

3. Tattoos of leopard prints

Would you cover 99.2% of your body with leopard spots? Tom Leppard has done and now, this Scottish lion heart has the honorable distinction of appearing in the Guinness Book of Records as the most tattooed man in the world. But the tattoos of leopard prints can also come in a variety of forms: leopard hearts exist, leopard stars and leopard butterflies, to name a few. The leopard prints are changeable and can be incorporated in any drawing, to give the general work a particular look and meaning. Leopard prints represent your strong connection to the solitary life of the animal. In essence, your tasks help you to hide your true intentions and to wait for the best opportunity to act when the time comes. A leopard print tattoo represents your killer hunting instincts, your adaptability and your ability to return any situation to your advantage. These drawings also symbolize your connection with the nobility and the divine.

The best way to communicate your spiritual message to the world is through your body art works. Drawings like leopard tattoos represent many mythical aspects of these majestic creatures. No matter what variation you choose, it's important to incorporate elements that speak to your personality and flatter your skin and body type. When it comes to creating a great design, the only limit to your dreams is imagination, so do not be afraid to "see big". If you need some help designing and dreaming your next work, check out our tattoo design galleries and speak to a recognized expert in the world of body art to create a truly unique work that will suit you. Perfectly.

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