90 Unique Arrows Tattoos (Types and Meaning)

Arrows have been of fundamental importance to almost all cultures in the world. They exist among many native peoples and have been used in battles, hunts, dreams, visions and many other areas. Arrows also exist in history, whether ancient, modern or even recent.

The ideas you can use for your arrow tattoo are limitless. You can create body designs with multiple historical and cultural meanings. You can also create or sketch your tattoo idea and wait for the right moment to print it on your skin. These tattoo ideas can be complemented by decorations that will allow the artist as well as the tattooed person to add his personal touch.

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People who want to find a design related to their life can choose an arrow tattoo, because these represent the fact of going through a lot of important things or of searching, then finally of finding the right life path. The tattoos of arrows also send to those who wear them the message that they must continue to move forward and welcome all that the future holds for them. The tattoos that represent an arrow removed from the bow may be suitable for those who desire to accomplish many things in life but who are unable to do it for several reasons. When the arrow is drawn by the bow, it represents moving forward and arriving at an exciting, positive and, above all, completely new stage of life.

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Arrows tattoos are often seen as a sign of masculinity. This is one of the reasons why the majority of those who get this tattoo are men and not women. But this does not necessarily mean that the arrow design is only for men – women can also wear this type of tattoo and some even incorporate sub-designs to adapt them to their preferences.

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Arrows tattoos are also connected to a zodiac sign, Sagittarius, which is usually represented by a bow and an arrow. Often arrows are used to represent love, power, strength and a good sense of direction. They mean that you are going forward, that you are going in the right direction or that you are not looking back, towards the past. Another meaning behind this symbol is that you are about to leave your old life, forget your grievances or mistakes, and seek a second chance in life. The arrow tattoo is connected to positive feelings; this is why, each time you look at your body art work, you will remember your strength and the fact that you can overcome any obstacle to reach your life goals.

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Types of arrows tattoos

1. Single arrow

It is one of the most common types of tattoo designs. When it comes to symbolism, a simple arrow can be pointed in a specific direction. In real life, arrows are used to protect against the negative. An arrow can change its meaning depending on the other symbols that accompany it. A simple arrow can represent peace and the end of a long conflict.

arrow tattoo 144

2. Two arrows

Two arrows placed in a cross can symbolize a strong friendship with someone or with a group of friends. You can use this type of tattoo for a double tattoo with a good friend. But two arrows looking in different directions represent the war, so be sure to be precise when you get this tattoo done.

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3. Several arrows

A tattoo that shows a group of arrows represents strength, preparation for war and unity. This type of tattoo has been around for a long time and is found in the cultures of Native American groups. At that time, tattoos representing several arrows were seen as a union between the different tribes in wartime or between several families hunting together for food. In Mongolia, the tattoos representing several arrows represented the teachings of Genghis Khan on the importance of the family and the unity of his children.

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4. Broken arrows

Another popular design in simple arrow tattoos is the broken arrow. Those with broken arrow designs are often heartbroken. Some might think that the concept of this type of tattoo is a bit dubious but they are mistaken – depending on the placement, broken arrow tattoos are always extraordinary, especially if you combine them with other spectacular symbols that will help convey the wanted message to those who watch them. In addition to a broken heart, this tattoo can symbolize peace and mean that conflict is never a valid response.

An arrow tattoo can be accompanied by diamonds, hearts, stars, quotes, feathers, flowers and dreamcatchers. The arrows have a very good rendering accompanied by a text, because the shape of the arrow allows you to place the text right in front and the result is a drawing of arrow tattoo with a pretty cool rendering. Other popular designs to combine with an arrow are also the compasses and the Nautical Star.

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Ideal placement of arrow tattoos

You can get a small arrow tattoo on your ankles, wrists, fingers or ears. Larger or medium sized tattoos can be placed on the legs, shoulders, chest, thighs, arms, ribs or back.

Tattooing an arrow design on your foot also represents moving forward to a new life. – This type of tattoo symbolizes going in a new direction, without remembering the past.

Some people prefer to place their body art on the spine, but this process is very painful. The spine is one of the last places people should place a tattoo, because the spine has 36 bones, 34 of which run from the bottom of the neck to the pelvis.

If you want to have a sexy tattoo, the best place to do it is the lower back, stomach, back, ribs and thighs.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

Before deciding to get a tattoo, you must tell the tattoo artist if you have allergies (metal, tincture of iodine or creams), skin problems, a disease such as hemophilia or diabetes, a tendency to bleeding, low or high blood pressure or if you are pregnant. If you decide to get a tattoo while you are pregnant, go see a doctor before going to the tattoo artist. In addition, no one should go to the tattoo artist if he is tired or hungry.

Before getting a tattoo, you should not put products on the area to be tattooed, nor use exfoliators or chemical ointments. Also, don’t go sunbathing and avoid cutting or scratching yourself, especially on the area that will need to be tattooed.

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An arrow tattoo on the foot can take a long time to heal, which is why you need to think carefully before embarking on the adventure. Do not wear shoes or socks that are too tight for the three days before the session – And if you want to have a tattoo on your foot during the winter, be prepared to stay at home for three weeks. Do not immerse your feet in water either, it could damage the pigmentation of the ink. Remember that new tattoos and water are not a good combination.

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Estimated production costs and standard prices for arrow tattoos

Dozens of people want to get an arrow tattoo as their first body drawing. The simplicity of the tattoo also means that it will be cheap and that you will not have to save too long before you can get it tattooed. Tattoo artists will not charge you dearly because the arrow designs are not complicated and it is not very difficult to engrave them on the skin. In summary, the arrow is really a perfect choice for a first tattoo.

The majority of tattoo studios set rates per hour of work. Many experienced tattoo artists ask for a maximum of € 250 per hour and a minimum of € 100. Even tattoos that have the simplest design and only require 30 minutes to tattoo will therefore cost a certain price.

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Arrow tattoo maintenance tips

Caring for a tattoo will always depend on the artist’s advice. Take certain precautions, especially when going to sleep. During the first night after the procedure, the area may produce a sort of clear plasma with a little mixed ink. Don’t worry – it’s only a reaction from your body to avoid certain types of infection. However, it could damage your sheets or clothes. So wear old clothes to go to sleep. If you don’t, you may wake up with stained sheets or sleepwear. Use clothing and sheets that are not rough and avoid touching your body art during the healing process.

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arrow tattoo 178

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