Eye tattoos: 125 very realistic models

Long before eye tattoos became a popular and meaningful symbol, they were used by different tribes for various purposes. This is probably the reason why, until today, many people feel attracted by this tattoo design. People want to have an eye tattoo for different reasons. Besides being mystical, this symbol is probably one of the few tattoos capable of transmitting strong and powerful emotions, which allows many people to connect to it easily. Currently, you can find countless designs and eye concepts to use for your tattoo.

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To give you an idea, here are some of the most remarkable eye tattoos that you can use as inspiration:

Types of eye tattoos

1. Realistic eye tattoo

Eye tattoos are quite mesmerizing. They present a combination of different colors, depths, shadows and lines to which only one talented tattoo artist can do justice. This tattoo is often associated with the way those who wear it see the world. A realistic tattoo design is ideal for people who are looking for a symbolic representation of their philosophy and values.

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2. Eye of Horus tattoo

The Eye of Horus is also popularly known as of Ra and is an important part of the rich culture of ancient Egypt. This symbol is made of black lines and inks combined to create a realistic eye silhouette. If you are looking for an eye design that reflects the power of the ancient God and has the ability to bring you the protection and healing power of the deity, this tattoo should totally suit you.

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3. Third Eye Tattoo

The third eye represents the ability to see behind things. This drawing is often associated with oriental disciplines and religious practices such as Buddhism and Hinduism. It symbolizes wisdom, inner peace and clairvoyance, which can be found through the enlightenment to which the teachings and practice of these religious beliefs can lead. This eye tattoo is an ideal design for those who practice these disciplines or who are looking for a symbol that can help them attract the energies leading to internal peace.

4. Devil’s Eye talisman tattoo

The Devil’s Eye talisman has been used in countless religions such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity. However, despite what many think, this symbol is not at all religious. It is just often used by certain religious groups for different reasons. The devil’s eye talisman tattoo is represented by an eye symbol on the palm and is often used to symbolize perseverance, security, faith and loyalty. It is also known to repel negative energies and ensure the protection of the wearer. If mysticism interests you and you are fascinated by the symbolic representations drawn from this interesting motif, this drawing is an interesting option for you.

5. Eye of Providence Tattoo (Dollar Eye)

The eye of providence, often called the eye of God, is a popular symbol among Christians. This symbol is represented by a floating eye in a triangle. There are a large number of theories and conspiracies surrounding this symbol but the most popular representation associated with it is the guidance of the Almighty. If you are looking for a tattoo that represents the deference you have for a God who is the source of all knowledge, this symbol may definitely suit you.

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Ideal placement of eye tattoos

The ideal place to place an eye tattoo can be determined by the size, purpose and complexity of the design you want to use.

– Small eye tattoos that require only a few lines can be placed on the bottom or on the top of your neck, just under the ear, for example. As eye tattoos are supposed to provide you with an additional field of vision, it makes sense to place this type of tattoo on a “blind spot” of your body.

– Large eye designs can be placed on the arms or legs. These places are ideal for tattoos carrying protective energies because they can help you to protect your way in the event of travel or to divert from you the approaching danger. The legs and arms also provide the tattoo artist with enough space to make large drawings without compromising the quality of the patterns and details that are included in the drawing.

– In addition to these different ideal placements for eye tattoos, you must consider your resistance to pain. Certain areas of the body are more sensitive than others; therefore, if you do not have a great resistance to pain, you should determine the ideal place where to place your tattoo by consulting your tattoo artist. This can give you useful suggestions for less painful investments.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

As with any other body art work, you need to prepare before acquiring an eye tattoo, to ensure that everything will go well during the session. And, even if the result of your tattoo will mainly depend on the skill of the tattoo artist, this does not mean that you will have no impact on the final result. If you prepare well, you can help significantly increase your chances of having a pleasant session.

– Prepare your skin a few weeks before your tattoo session. Take vitamins, drink lots of water, get enough sleep and put on moisturizer. These are some of the ways you have to prepare your skin before the date of the session.

– Avoid using exfoliating or self-tanning products. Your skin should be fresh and natural when you visit the artist.

– Before your appointment, do not forget to indicate to the artist the possible medical contraindications which could affect the procedure.

– Be well rested and eat properly before the appointment. The larger and more complicated your design, the more time your tattoo will take, which is why you must come well prepared. You probably don’t want to pass out or starve during the procedure.

– Prepare your budget. Make sure you have enough money for your eye drawing. Optionally prepare an additional sum for the tip and for possible supplements to be included during the session.

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Estimated production costs and standard prices for eye tattoos

The cost of your tattoo can be calculated differently by the tattoo studios. Each of these calculation methods can be influenced by different factors such as size, complexity, where the eye design you have chosen will be tattooed and the color of the eye design.

– The first calculation method depends on the cm of tattooed skin. For an area of ​​around 2.5 cm, a popular tattoo studio will ask for a base price of € 60 and around € 20 extra for each identical area added. If you are thinking of having a large eye tattooed, this calculation method may be more expensive.

– The following method determines the price of a tattoo based on working time. The hourly rate of a tattoo artist can range from € 75 to € 150 an hour. This pricing method may be right for you if you plan on having a quick eye drawing. An expert tattoo artist can print a little complex eye drawing like the Eye of Horus in less than an hour, which means that this type of tattoo will cost you maximum € 150.

– If you are lucky, you will find a studio that will offer you incredible promotions. This type of promotion will allow you to have large pieces tattooed at a sacrificial price. The only condition that may exist is that these reductions are only valid from a minimum number of session hours. A large eye piece, usually requiring 6 hours of work, can be offered to you at a fixed rate of € 550.

– In addition to these direct costs, you should also consider some additional costs such as tip or special service. A special service is a supplement requested from people who wish to place their work on a part of the body that is difficult to tattoo. These supplements generally represent 10 to 25% of the artist’s basic rate.

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Eye tattoo maintenance tips

Keeping your eye tattoo in the best possible conditions will depend on your ability to preserve the lively and intense side of the shadows and colors of the design. Over time, your tattoo will lose its colors and details, but the challenge is to delay this process as much as possible. To give you an idea, here are some tips for maintaining an eye tattoo:

– Directly after the session, be sure to take note of all the care instructions given to you by your tattoo artist. The healing process of your tattoo will require significant care. If you do not follow the artist’s instructions, you can irreversibly damage your tattoo.

– Avoid exposing your eye tattoo to fumes or direct contact with substances or materials dangerous to the skin. Products that can cause burns or sharp or heavy objects that can cut, scratch or tear your tattoo are among the factors most often overlooked by people wearing a new piece of body art.

– Hydrate your skin regularly and protect it from the dangerous climatic conditions of the different seasons. Direct sunlight and cold can dry or destroy your skin more quickly, which will speed up the discoloration process of your tattoo.

– Be careful what you eat. You must consume enough nutrients to keep your skin healthy, but also be careful not to eat foods that can cause allergies. An allergic reaction may require you to apply certain harmful creams for your eye tattoo. The only way to reduce this risk is to carefully avoid problem foods.

All of the information in this article can help answer the most common questions about a first eye tattoo.

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