First Name Tattoos: 99 Popular Models

Name tattoos can be drawn using the letters alone or by combining them with pictures and decorations. The letters of the tattoos reflect the style, personality and attitude of the wearer. This type of body art also uses a myriad of styles and font families, which opens up many creative possibilities.

Nothing is as personal as a name tattoo, because it can have a great meaning for the one who wears it while it has none for the one who looks at it. The names of tattooed loved ones are often those of a spouse, a child, another family member or a very important friend. The problem that can be with these physical works of art is that it is always possible that the relationship will end. Whoever wears the tattoo is then confronted with a bitter and unpleasant reminder of the past. And, unless the name represents an eternal love, the only option he has left is to transform his tattoo or to erase it completely from a tattoo artist. The best option is to choose the name of a loved one who will always be part of your life, such as a family member. Boyfriends and lovers have a more dubious lifespan.

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Name tattoosses are becoming more popular these days, because people realize that nothing is more rewarding than honoring a person with a tattoo representing their name. Parents spend a lot of time and thinking about choosing their child’s name. People have become more open and aware of their own individuality and character. A name identifies a person, who proudly wears it.

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Types of Name Tattoos

Name tattoos that contain only text are based on the typographic style used to give meaning and character to the tattooed signs. The older the style of letters, the more mystical and fascinating the tattoo will be. Old English or Oriental typographies are often requested. Modern typographies are acceptable, especially if they represent the personality of the tattooed person. Elegant decorations can add some beauty or give character to letters. These added elements can be simple or very elaborate, depending on the personality of the tattooed person.

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In addition to these decorations, tattoo artists can also combine letters with objects that represent personalities. The most popular items are hearts, birds, butterflies, flowers, daggers, skulls and many more.

Writing trends can also increase the relevance of the tattooed name. A popular typeface will attract attention more easily, but be careful; if it is too particular, the fashion will pass quickly but the design will remain. Avoid using overly convoluted fonts and choose security by choosing a more classic font, if you don’t have a particular modern type in mind.

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1. Family tree tattoos with names

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Family tree tattoos are usually large and impressive, which is why the best place to place them is a spacious part of the body like the back. This will allow you to create an epic and honorable picture of the origins and history of your family.

The trees used in this type of drawing have many meanings in different cultures. For example:

– Trees symbolize life and death in the Egyptian culture. Egyptian mythology mentions acacias, sycamores and tamarisks as symbolic trees.

– For the Celts, the trees were a source of food, shade and warmth. The Celtic knot confirms this belief.

– The chinese mythology is about a tree of life where dragons and phoenixes reside. Dragons represent the soul while phoenixes symbolize rebirth.

Buddhists prefer Bodhi tree to represent their family tree. It is under this tree that Buddha attained enlightenment.

– A gigantic tree called Yggdrasil exists in the Nordic mythology. This tree has spiritual significance in Nordic culture.

– The Christians think that trees have symbolic connotations linked to life and humanity.

Charles Darwin drew a parallel between modern society and the symbol of the tree. His tree of evolutionary life shows the relationships between species and their origins.

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2. Name and feather tattoos

The letters that make up a name can fit elegantly into the design of the pen and lazily follow its curvature. The bearers of this tattoo wish to bring the person whose name is tattooed closer to the Creator. In many cultures, the “hollow rod” placed in the center of the feather serves as a receptacle for God. The blessing would spread over the person through this opening. The ubiquitous pen also represents new beginnings, rebirth, protection, love and truth. The rendering of the tattoo has a very different effectiveness depending on whether it is done in black ink or in color.

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3. Rosary tattoos and children’s names

Children have a more permanent relationship with the people who tattoo their names and are therefore an excellent choice of tattoo. Parents show their love for their children in a more demonstrative way, by having their names tattooed with a rosary. When a sacred symbol like this and the name of a person are placed together, they reflect the importance of the respect and consideration that the wearer of the tattoo feels for the person whose name is tattooed.

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4. Tattoos of birth dates and names

Names with birth dates are quite common. The carriers of this type of tattoos generally register the name of their spouse and their children in this list. Dates of birth are of personal importance to almost everyone. Remembering and attaching importance to this means that this person is important to you. It also has a practical side: you will never forget the birthday of a member of your family, who could be offended if you do not remember the date.

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5. Butterfly and name tattoos

Butterflies are traditionally associated with women, to whom we attribute the softness and delicacy of the wings of this insect. Combined with names, butterflies show the extreme admiration and respect that the tattooed person has for the person whose name is tattooed. The life cycle of the caterpillar, which turns into a beautiful, colorful butterfly, can be a symbolic representation of the transformation of a little girl into a woman. The colorful wings of the butterfly add to the aesthetics of the symbol, although butterflies tattooed in black ink also have a certain look.

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6. Name and dove tattoos

The people who matter to you, who love you, who take care of you, who calm you down in times of stress, who are always smiling and peaceful deserve to be called doves and to be the subject of one of these tattoos . Throughout history, the dove has always been a positive symbol. Immaculate white, this bird symbolizes purity and peace. The association between love, prosperity and the dove is evident in wedding ceremonies, which are never complete without the presence of these birds.

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7. Name and Rose Tattoos

Name tattoos with roses are an obvious and open declaration of love to the person whose name is tattooed. A single rose is very effective because it allows this statement to be very direct and concise. The addition of thorns has a deeper meaning: these recall the sacrifices made by those who love each other so that their love triumphs but they can also represent ugliness. Accepting a magnificent rose with its horrible thorns can represent the unconditional characteristics of true love.

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Sailors have an interesting interpretation of the tattoos of names and roses, even if it always revolves around the love aspect. The tattoos serve as emblems of love and femininity and can be dedicated to mothers, women, girls or girlfriends. Sailing is difficult and dangerous for these men and these tattooed designs of roses and names give them a feeling of security and hope, promising that they will soon be reunited with the people they love.

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Ideal placement of name tattoos

Names can be placed anywhere on the body. The tattoo can be oriented vertically or horizontally, to create a more versatile and creative effect. Large, elaborate designs work well on the back or chest. The shoulders, biceps or lateral sides of the thighs and legs are ideal for medium-sized works. The wrists, fingers and nape of the neck are great places for small designs.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

A tattoo session cannot be compared to an operation, but proper preparation can help you make sure everything is going well. So follow these simple tips:

– Eat a good meal before leaving the house and going to the studio.

– Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. Avoid those that could hinder your movements and hinder you during the procedure.

– If a long session is waiting for you, bring a book or gadgets to pass the time.

– Also bring care products such as gauze and ointments.

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Estimated production costs and standard prices for name tattoos

The tattooed names have the same prices as many other kinds of tattoos. The different factors that will determine the final cost of your tattoo are: the artist’s price, the size of the tattoo, the complexity of the design, the color (s) of the tattoo and the location of the studio.

A small, simple two-color tattoo will cost you around € 50. This price will go up quickly according to the complexity of the drawing and the addition of colors, because artists ask for supplements per hour of work when they execute large detailed pieces. City artists generally charge between € 200 and € 300 per hour of work, while tattooists in small towns have hourly rates closer to € 150.

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Name tattoo maintenance tips

Freshly tattooed skin is filled with small wounds caused by the needles of the gun used for tattooing. Tattooed areas are therefore more vulnerable to infection. Keeping your skin clean and avoiding any source of irritation is part of post-session care. Start by drinking lots of water right after the session. When you get home, clean the area at least twice a day and pat dry immediately with a soft, clean towel. Avoid touching the affected area and try to remove any possible friction from the clothes.

Continue to take care of your tattoo, even after the two-week healing period has passed. Tattoos need to be protected from direct sunlight: you should stay in the shade as much as possible. Use clothing that will protect the tattooed area. If exposure is unavoidable, use sunscreen with a very high protection index. Always take it with you, in case you need it.

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