Symbolism of dragonflies tattoos: Drawings

The dragonflies belong to the family of Odonatajust like the ladies. Legend has it that they are descendants of dragons, so their English name (dragonfly) would be a tribute to their mythical ancestors. Dragonflies have an important place in many Asian cultures. The beautiful islands of Japan were originally known asAkitsushima or the islands of the dragonfly, in honor of this noble insect that would have helped the mythical founder of Japan, theEmperor Jinmu. Since then, dragonflies have gained a special place in Japanese culture. They are the main character in many works of art and literature, and are seen as symbols of courage, strength, prosperity and happiness.

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In some parts of China, dragons are emblems of purity, harmony and the subconscious. As water creatures, dragonflies are emblems of emotions and their presence represents purity or our deepest thoughts and dreams.

Dragonflies have also inspired many works of art. Native tribes of North America such as zuni where the navajo saw dragonflies as symbols of speed and agility and often portrayed their image on tribal pottery, stone reliefs and necklaces. During the Art Nouveau revolutionAt the beginning of the 20th century, dragonflies and beetles were the main reasons for haute-couture accessories.

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However, dragonflies have not always had such a positive reputation. In parts of Europe, they were seen as devil's advocates sent to create chaos. In Portugal, they were considered "eye-catcheries" and in Sweden they were considered to be buzzing around humans and judging the worth of the souls of wicked children and evil adults. The dragonfly then stitched their mouths, ears, and eyes to keep them from hurting others.

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Symbolism of the dragonflies

Prosperity, luck, strength, peace, harmony, purity

The dragonfly is a winged creature that represents change. Its iridescent wings are terribly sensitive to the slightest breeze, which reminds us to remain attentive to the direction of the wind and thus, to avoid rushing our heads first in a storm.

Dragonflies are also creatures of water: beings living in or around water represent the subconscious or dreams of the soul and thoughts. Water is also the symbol of the subconscious at the level of the thoughts that are born in us when we are in a meditative state or subconscious sleep.

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The symbolic meanings of dragonflies are mainly associated with Asian or Japanese circles, but also with those of native peoples of North America.

The dragonfly has a short life and she knows that she has to live as much as she can. This is a great lesson for all of us.

The dragonfly knows that it stands on the vast, deep watery depths of thoughts of unparalleled depth, potentially altering life: the meandering mass of thought that represents our primordial deity, a virtual storehouse of expansive expression.

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The dragonfly is the pivot between the earthly world and the spiritual world. It maintains the balance between the primary being and the highest self.

Dragonflies carry the messages of our deepest thoughts – they ask us to pay attention to our deepest thoughts and desires.

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If we look at how the dragonfly moves, how it slides on the surface of the water, it encourages us to look at each of our deeper thoughts and to be aware of what we are hoping for. as consequences. It is a reminder that when our deepest thoughts come up, we must be careful because there is a lesson to be learned. We must also be aware that what we are thinking is a direct relocation of what we see on the surface … Our thoughts, and even the thoughts of the subconscious that we may not be as aware as our waking thoughts, are responsible for what we see in our lives and our physical environment.

It is said that if a dragonfly lands on you, it is a deceased loved one who comes to visit you.

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Meanings of dragonfly tattoo designs

Dragonflies have a mystical air and a charm that is hard to ignore. These small creatures full of spirit and vitality have ended up representing, over time, elements like:

  • Meditation and the subconscious
  • Freedom and frivolity
  • Elegance and grace
  • harmony
  • The purity
  • Prosperity and abundance
  • Luck

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Variations of dragonfly tattoo designs

Fairies dragonflies

The dragonflies live near bodies of water, an element associated with the subconscious and human emotions. They represent prosperity and luck. The tattoos of fairy dragonflies represent your connection with nature and innocence; they show your fun side and are especially popular with women.

Dragonflies and flowers

Flowers are the natural symbols of femininity, youth and beauty, while dragonflies are emblems of freedom, frivolity and the subconscious. The type of flower used to carry out the body work is of great importance and totally changes the general meaning of the drawing. The tattoos of dragonflies and flowers represent feminine beauty and freedom.

Dragonflies and butterflies

Dragonflies and butterflies are creatures of transformation. Both live a period of metamorphosis, passing from the state of little raging chrysalis to that of being of all beauty. Both spend their time flying in the heavens and are a sign of freedom and frivolity. On the other hand, dragonfly is also an element of water and that's why this insect represents our emotions hidden under the surface.

Tribal dragonflies

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The beautiful black lines of a tribal tattoo have cultural and spiritual meanings for the indigenous peoples who live in the region from which these motifs originated. The exact meaning of each tribal motif is a secret jealously guarded by the elders of these tribes but, in general, tribal patterns help identify your mental and spiritual connection to a particular culture. Drawing a dragonfly using tribal images is also a way of relating the unique spiritual meanings of this small insect to the cultural identity of this region. The tribal tattoos of dragonflies represent the stronger mental and emotional connection possible with a culture and its inhabitants, as well as your own and quiet inner personal power.

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