The piercing market is experiencing a revolution with Piercing street

Apart from our clothes and classic fashion accessories, several other elements allow us to considerably modify its appearance. Thus, tattoos or piercings are excellent alternatives to bring real touches of your personality to the physique. Piercing street is notably a new service which considerably boosts the field of piercing in France.

Piercing street offers among others impressive piercings of various natures with great accessibility. Discover the services offered by piercing street as well as its many innovations.

Presentation of piercing street

Long criticized and decried, piercings are accessories that are today an integral part of the fashion. These accessories, which were often viewed with a negative eye, make a real sensation in fashion shows. Indeed, piercings are very useful fashion accessories which allow to bring a real touch of originality to his style. The piercing sector is particularly well developed in France with a real community of amateurs and enthusiasts. Piercing street brings real fluidity in this market with wide and efficient services. This service makes it very easy to buy an ear piercing.

This professional of the world of piercings provides an incredible panel of piercings which are suitable for specific uses. You find among the many proposals of the agency the right piercing and to your taste. In addition to offering simple and continuous access to quality piercings, Piercing Street goes further by offering a excellent customer service. You come into possession of your precious accessories in physical shops, on online sites or on its official page. Piercing street extends its services and assets to many other sectors. First, explore some of the company’s products.

Products offered by piercing street

Piercing categories

Piercing offers simple and effective access to a wide choice of piercings to put in various places on your body. You have the opportunity to have highly sought after flagship products as well as less known products, which nevertheless have a real charm. Access to these piercings is really easy, as they are available on the official website online. In addition, piercings are classified in several categories. They are sometimes listed according to where they are placed. You will find in particular: navel piercings, oral piercings, ear piercings, nose piercings or chin piercings.

In addition to these almost standard piercing families, Piercing street also offers totally original piercings or available to order. Likewise, piercings fall into specific categories such as playboy piercings, gold piercings, retractors, medical piercings, pregnancy piercings, tunnel piercings or tragus piercings.

The new and most requested piercings

These various categories of piercing include specific accessories very useful and of great interest to some users. Piercing enthusiasts in one or other of these categories can access many products, leaving you spoiled for choice. The latter are indeed faced with very beautiful models of piercings all original and attractive. Obviously, the possibility of combine multiple piercings is still there.

Moreover, piercing lovers do not hesitate to find harmonious or captivating mixtures between different piercing models. Faced with a really complicated choice to make, Piercing street offers, when possible, effective and aesthetic means of combining piercings in the same locations. On the piercing market in France, some products are new or very trend and others are in high demand.

The piercing company thus offers trendy piercings and the best-selling piercings. Access to this information on the street site is very useful when you want to have a new piercing. The most adored piercings These include swardovski, 14-carat gold piercings, industrial pendant piercing, golden navel piercings, pregnancy piercings, labret piercings, ring piercings, cartilage piercings or even arcade piercings with spikes.

Piercing street customer service

Piercing street brings real innovation in the French piercing industry with a wide choice of products, but also with high-quality and efficient customer service. Indeed, street piercing promotes contact with piercings of various natures. In addition to fixed points of sale, online sales services allow constant access to these products. Wherever you are, you can satisfy your piercing desires by accessing the large online catalog.

Similarly, piercing street offers an impressive delivery service to prevent customers from traveling. The street piercing agency has thus considerably impacted this service by offering numerous possibilities of obtaining suitable and quality piercings as soon as possible. Customer service is also attentive to customers to provide assistance in choosing.

In addition, proposed rates by piercing street are real bargains. The prices of piercings and delivery methods are indeed very competitive on the market. From 1 euro, piercing street offers the possibility of acquiring elegant models of piercings adapted to style and preferences. Models of high-end piercings are also available.

Street piercings adapted to the style

Piercings are very useful accessories for fashion and to give yourself style. Sometimes, the piercings just participate in the pleasure or the soothing of the pierced. Whatever the context in which you put your piercing, it must suit your style. Piercing street also offers its piercing models following very specific styles. Whether you are on one side or the other, you have a wide range of piercings to experiment with to match your style. Several styles of piercings are available and adulated in France.

Gothic or Steampunk look

At first, the Gothic and Steampunk styles are quite close. The Gothic style born around the 80s spread considerably, particularly among adolescents. The main feature of these styles is the color black. The piercings used for these styles are mainly black or with spikes. These piercings are generally located at the level of the mouth. Steampunk however has the particularity of bringing touches of wood or copper tones to bring out an industrial spirit.

Punk and rock style

In addition, the punk and rock styles date back to the 1970s and continue to have many fans. They spread according to the generations and adopt certain novelties. Piercings with tip tip or open septum rings are particularly characteristic of these styles.

Piercing street brings suitable and ideal piercings for each of these styles. It is indeed the happiness of all those people who were experiencing real difficulties in finding piercings adapted to their style.

Neo Hippie style

Finally, the Neo Hippie style is also in vogue among new generations. He is marked by long hair and a real mixture of colors. So, if you adopt this style instead, you are moving towards feather piercings or in bloom with many colors. They place themselves at any place : the nose, the arch or the ear.

Piercing styles are never really defined or fixed. The bottom line with your piercings is that you really like them and that you feel comfortable with. You can also choose piercings that blend with your outfits.

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