Wolf tattoos, 130 best ideas (and their meaning)

Tattoos are a body art to show part of your personality to the rest of the world. However, your tattoos do not define who you really are. In today’s world, full of criticism and judgment, people who wear tattoos are often considered delinquents, rebels, bizarre creatures or worshipers.

It is unfair that tattooed people should suffer this discrimination, because tattoos go beyond what our eyes see. They carry messages hidden behind these symbols and forms that seem to have no meaning. Each tattoo has a personal meaning for the wearer. There is a story behind each tattoo – a story that may be too personal to share with words.

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People should try to understand the meaning behind the tattoos so that they can appreciate them. It is such a mess to wear artistic body tattoos if no one understands the message you are trying to convey! For example, a wolf tattoo has deep meanings and is not limited to the impression of a pretty animal image. This tattoo represents the features of the person who wears it. You should therefore not judge this person immediately.

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Meaning of wolf tattoos

A wolf tattoo can have different meanings depending on who wears it. The meaning of wolf tattoos highlights the characteristics of this animal. Many people are afraid of wolves. This could be due to the fact that, in movies, these animals are generally bad. They represent the antagonist’s alter-ego: this is the reason why many people find wolves frightening. These magnificent animals also often have physical expressions poorly understood by people. Wolves’ eyes are fierce: they are proof of their evil nature. But it’s not always the case. There are calm and well-intentioned wolves.

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One of the most common interpretations of the wolf tattoo is that it symbolizes strength and power. Wolves have a special skill: they are able to survive in the worst conditions. The characteristics of the wolf are the reason why it is considered a powerful creature.

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A wolf tattoo can also represent the family. Myths and legends tell that wolves have a family and that the bond between each member is exceptional. Wolves are naturally loyal to their families. This is the reason why many people get this type of tattoo: to express their love for their family.

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Types of wolf tattoos

Wolf tattoos are among the most popular tattoos for men and women. They have deep meaning for each tattooed person. It is also one of the only animal tattoos that has deep connections with humans. This is one of the many reasons why people get wolf tattoos these days.

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A wolf tattoo can come in any form. It can be a tribal tattoo, a realistic or traditional drawing and even a cartoon character. It doesn’t matter what type of tattoo you get engraved on your skin. What matters is the design of the tattoo and the meaning it will have for you. In addition, the drawings of wolves combined with other symbols make them even more meaningful and more picturesque.

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Here are some of the most notable wolf tattoo designs. You will probably love them:

  1. Moon and wolf tattoo

This drawing is a combination between moon and wolf. It is one of the most popular types of wolf tattoos for men and women. In this drawing, you can see a wolf howling at the moon. Many films and illustrations have used this scene to represent the desire of a character to express his deep self. In tattoos, this design is used to represent a deep feeling that the wearer feels – and their desire to make it known to the whole world. This tattoo also represents the desire for total transformation of a person.

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  1. Heart and wolf tattoo

Here is another popular wolf tattoo design – perfect for women. This tattoo design has a feminine touch probably due to the addition of hearts to the design. Here, the drawing shows two wolves placed close to each other and looking at each other. If you look at the general picture, you will notice that the silhouette of the two wolves forms a heart. This type of tattoo usually represents family and love. It shows the bond which unites the members of a family. The wolves, in this drawing, were not depicted with a fierce expression. Their expression is, on the contrary, calm and kind and expresses the way in which family members see each other, although they show their strong personality to people who do not belong to the family.

  1. Wolf tribal tattoo

Here is one of the most complicated tattoo designs ever seen. Drawing a tribal wolf tattoo requires precision and the greatest possible concentration. Usually this tattoo combines a large number of curves and lines. The artist trains the wolf’s head and neck using only these curves and tribal lines. Drawing the exterior of this tattoo is already a difficult thing in itself, but creating the shadows is yet another. Tribal wolf tattoos are quirky and detailed. This tattoo symbolizes the strength of the connection between a person and his culture, his ethnicity.

  1. Wolf footprint tattoo

Instead of simply showing the wolf’s head, this tattoo also includes his footprints in the drawing. In fact, this representation is quite complex. It testifies to the experience of the tattoo artist who does the work. The design of this tattoo is done in such a way that you will only see the wolf’s imprint if you look at it a little further. If you look closely, you will see that in fact, the wolf footprint contains its head. It is a true masterpiece, classic and ageless. This tattoo design symbolizes progress. Anyone with this type of tattoo is a visionary who always goes forward.

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Ideal placement of wolf tattoos

A wolf tattoo is a remarkable drawing to show. You should choose a place where it will be easily noticed by those around you. For larger wolf tattoos, you can choose the back, which is the most spacious part of the human body. You can decide to completely cover your back with the tattoo design or place a minimalist design on one of the sides, just a little below the shoulders.

Legs and thighs are also popular places for wolf tattoos. Placing your tattoo on these body parts will give you a sexier and hotter touch. These two places are perfect for people who want to be able to show or hide their tattoos as they please.

Placing a smaller wolf design on your neck can also make a fantastic impression. This tattoo will look super cool when you tie your hair (for women) or when you wear a sleeveless top (for men).

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, you will probably feel a little nervous and have a lot of questions to ask. Does it hurt? How long will the procedure take? How much will my tattoo cost me? What should I prepare for the session? These are just a few of the questions that will naturally come to mind if you are considering getting a tattoo. Don’t worry, they are completely normal.

Beginners must absolutely have had a good night’s sleep before going to the appointment set by the tattoo artist. Some people can’t stand the sound of tattoo guns, so having a relaxed mind before you start the session can help a lot.

You should also eat well and drink plenty of fluids before going to the tattoo studio. This will help you support the entire procedure. Because, while it is true that having a tattoo is painful, the pain is not exactly intolerable. Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance, so don’t be afraid if your friends tell you that the procedure was difficult for them. Who knows? You may even laugh because you don’t find the tattoo painful at all.

If you are nervous because you are going to have your first tattoo, you can go to the session with a friend so that he can make you the conversation during the procedure. This will help you forget about the physical discomfort caused by the tattoo.

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Estimated production costs and standard prices for wolf tattoos

Wolf tattoos can have very different sizes and designs. These two factors directly affect the price of the service. If your wolf design is very large, you will probably spend between € 250 and € 500. This price range corresponds to the prices charged by popular tattoo studios. If you want to get a cheaper tattoo, you can go to a local tattoo studio, which will likely charge you half the price of trendy studios.

For smaller tattoos, you will probably spend between € 50 and € 100. Just be sure to bring your drawing with you, or the tattoo artist may charge you extra for creating the drawing. The more complicated your design, the more expensive your tattoo will be. So make sure your drawing matches the budget you have.

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Wolf tattoo maintenance tips

Once your wolf tattoo engraved on your skin, it is normal that you get excited. But you should not forget to listen to the list of post-session treatments – which the tattoo artist will mention to you. Follow these tips carefully if you want to get the best possible results once the tattoo healing process is complete.

One of the advice generally given by tattoo artists is not to wear tight clothing until the skin is healed. As the tattoo procedure hurts the skin, wearing sticky clothes could be extremely painful. The area where your tattoo is located is covered with semi-liquid substances produced by the wound and your clothing could adhere to the wound – which could then cause skin infections. It could also get ink out of the tattoo and discolor it.

If you want to prevent your tattoo from fading quickly, remember to coat it with sunscreen every time you go out. Even so, you should avoid staying too long in the sun.

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wolf tattoo 140

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wolf tattoo 201

wolf tattoo 124

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wolf tattoo 194

wolf tattoo 137

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wolf tattoo 178

wolf tattoo 217

wolf tattoo 214

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wolf tattoo 142

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wolf tattoo 212

wolf tattoo 208

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wolf tattoo 181

wolf tattoo 182

wolf tattoo 183

wolf tattoo 196

wolf tattoo 170

wolf tattoo 133

wolf tattoo 186

wolf tattoo 218

wolf tattoo 179

wolf tattoo 148

wolf tattoo 167

wolf tattoo 204

wolf tattoo 221

wolf tattoo 144

wolf tattoo 163

wolf tattoo 188

wolf tattoo 216

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wolf tattoo 211

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