120 Skull & Skull Tattoos (Men and Women)

You will probably be surprised by the meanings that can hide under the tattoos of skulls. Many people think at first sight that this scary symbol has only one purpose: death. But skulls can mean a wide range of things, from the celebration of life to the removal of evil spirits.

The ancient Celts, for example, believed that skulls were the receptacle of the soul and also served as motivation for the spirit – creating and continually recycling the power of life.

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The Renaissance regarded skulls as a tribute to the delicate nature of the Earth. Everyone dies because the very nature of life is temporary. It is a permanent reminder that everything has an end.

On the alchemical level, skulls represent a higher degree of intelligence, awareness, foresight and insight. It is usually these characteristics that determine the boundary between wisdom and bestiality.

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Skulls are also a usual nautical pattern, mostly for hackers – usually, any self-respecting pirate movie uses this pattern. Pirates view skulls as symbols of power, strength, protection, but also rebellion and triumph. Some even collect them to send the message "do not even try to rub yourself with us".

The tattoos of the sugar skulls of the Day of the Dead in Mexico (Día de los Muertos) are also an energetic symbol of celebration of the lives of deceased loved ones.

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Meaning of tattoos of skulls

Skull tattoos have many meanings, all of which depend on how the skull is represented. For example, many people associate the human skull with death but this drawing can, in fact, give a stunning tattoo. Some people who have chosen these tattoos will continue to do so to show that they do not absolutely fear death. A skull tattoo drawing can also mean that the wearer has accepted his or her own mortality. Another meaning of this tattoo is to constantly remind us that everyone must leave one day or another, and that we must live every day as if it were the last.

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Types of skull tattoos

1. Tattoos of sugar skulls

They are also known as tattoos of Mexican skulls or tattoos of skulls in candy. As we pointed out earlier, the Day of the Dead is a celebration that exists in some Spanish-speaking countries and especially in Mexico. Skulls are a central part of this holiday. Families go to the cemetery to commemorate the departure of their loved ones. The festival has many other traditions such as artisan skulls made of sugar and intended to be eaten by participants, mainly children. In honor of this day, many women choose to have tattoos painted with sugar skulls, which can be embellished with beautiful, colorful details that give them a unique touch.

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2. Tattoos of skulls for women and men

Skull drawings are an excellent option for those who wish to show that they do not fear death or that they accept with gratitude the end of their stay on earth. And tattoos of skulls are not reserved for men – girls also tattoo this drawing on their bodies for the same reasons. In fact, some girls give their skull tattoos a feminine touch by drawing heart-shaped orbits or making them up.

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3. Tattoos of sleeve with skulls

Tattoos of skulls can easily be incorporated into the design of your sleeve tattoo. The most talented artists can create beautiful drawings that completely cover an arm or a leg. A sleeve tattoo design with a skull theme, that covers an entire arm or that its lines escape on the chest or other parts of the body, will be unique in all aspects. For example, a devilish-looking skull may contain an eyeball in its left orbit. But can also add other elements in your sleeve tattoo, to create an epic theme. A sleeve tattoo can take a very long time to complete. This will be a permanent change in your appearance that can only be removed surgically or by laser treatment.

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4. Tattoos of skulls with cross bones

Do you imagine yourself as a pirate or do you want to let your inner pirate out freely? A skull-and-cross tattoo might seem a bit grim at first glance, but at the same time it looks pretty cool. What the tattoos of skulls have good is that they appeal to your creativity when it comes to accompany them with symbols, abstract drawings or put them in color to give them a personal touch. Your tattoos define your personality, which is why their design and location depend only on you and define who you are.

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Ideal placement of skull tattoos

When choosing a tattoo spot, you need to consider other factors than the type of tattoo you want to do. For example, think of places in your body where you can place them without compromising your career and the physical features you can show off with it.

A skull tattoo can be placed on different parts of the human body. Men generally prefer the upper arm but there are many other possible places, such as thighs, back and chest. Some people place their skull tattoos at the nape of their necks.

Because of the nature of this particular design, you can place it on any part of your body, without losing its incredible rendering. You can, for example, choose to put it between your two shoulder blades, across the width of your back or in the middle of it.

Tattoos on the shoulders go well to everyone, so why not put your skull tattoo? The good thing about the shoulders is that you can control what you show them.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

The tattoo is a painful process, there is no doubt to have. And even if you desire it with all your strength, it is not easy to pass over this sensation. Many people think that pain is really an important part of tattooing, but getting it to control can make the experience more positive and get rid of the fear of suffering. Here are some tips for removing the sore side of your skull tattoo.

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While drinking alcohol or taking certain medications (or drugs) may seem like a good way to reduce suffering, it's the exact opposite. Because alcohol liquefies the blood, which means you could bleed profusely during the tattoo session and prevent the ink from getting under the skin. This bleeding and the condition usually associated with a person who has been drinking are factors that will lengthen the duration of the tattooing process. They could also stress the skin and spoil the tattoo's final result, preventing it from being as neat and shiny as if it had been done under normal conditions. Forget about over-the-counter medications and coffee, which can also liquefy blood: Avoid aspirin, energy drinks, tea and coffee the days before the appointment.

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A good way to control tattoo pain is to not get tattooed in a place where the skin is more sensitive. Most fanatics of tattoos and tattooists agree that the most painful places are those where there is no fat or muscle between the skin and the bone, such as hands, feet, feet ankles, ribs, sternum, lower back, spine and lower abdomen.

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Estimation of realization costs and standard prices of skull tattoos

It's really hard to answer the questions about tattoo prices. Even when tattoo artists know exactly what you want as a tattoo, it may be impossible for them to set a specific price before the tattoo is completely finished.

One of the most important factors in determining the price of your next tattoo is the talent of the tattoo artist. If you enter a good tattoo studio and ask a professional artist what its prices are, do not be surprised if it tells you a rate of € 150 per hour.

Many tattoo artists prefer to calculate the final price of the work based on the number of hours needed to complete the tattoo. Generally, the minimum price corresponds to one hour of work. So, if you enter a tattoo studio thinking that your tattoo will only take ten minutes, expect to pay a standard price for one hour of work.

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Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Long-term care is just as important as immediate care. The more you take care of your tattoo, the longer it stays clean and bright. Here are some tips to keep your tattoo as beautiful as when it was printed:

* Pay attention to what your tattoo artist will tell you and follow his instructions to the letter. If he is a professional who has a lot of experience, he will certainly know which product and which technique of care is suitable for his creations – even for his customers. Taking care of your tattoo once you leave the studio is your responsibility.

* Your tattoos will be more beautiful once the skin healed. This is normal, because the layers of skin must reform around the ink and it must be accepted by the skin. To keep the colors of your tattoo, do not hesitate to apply a lot of sunscreen when you go out, especially in summer.

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