119 Tree tattoos on the back and wrist (and their meaning)

Trees have always been an important part of nature. Without them, nature would not work as well. Over time, trees have helped humans in many different ways. They give us the oxygen we need, pump water from the ground to avoid flooding, provide shade when the sun is too strong … and many other things. Since the beginning of time, trees have always maintained the balance of the ecosystem. No one can criticize environmental advocates for their disproportionate love of plants and trees.

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Many people support environmentalists in their cause because there are currently less and less trees in the forests because of industrialization. Forests are gradually divided into lots and in commercial zones. It is sad to see how some people are destroying these so beneficial trees. You can defend the environment and create global awareness by tattooing a tree. It’s one of the easiest ways to save the trees that stay in the forests. Tree tattoos, however, are also suitable for those who are not particularly fanatics of environmentalists. Many men and women get tattooed for a variety of reasons. For environmentalists, a tree tattoo represents their cause. For artists, this type of tattoo is a work of art. For other people, it’s just a way of following fashion. No matter why you get a tree tattoo, this one will always have almost similar meanings.

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Meaning of tree tattoos

The meaning of tree tattoos depends on two factors. The first is the type of tree used for drawing and the second is the person wearing the tattoo. As there are countless tree species around the world, tree tattoos can have different meanings. In the same way, as the tattoos are very personal and constitute a true form of self-expression, those who wear them are the only ones to really know their meaning. However, there is something in common with all the trees in the world: they usually represent life and protection.

The palm tree is one of the most popular tree types as a tattoo drawing. Palm trees are mainly associated with beach life, summer and relaxation. If you wear this type of tattoo, people consider you to be an adventurer. For those who are watching your palm tattoo, you are a sociable person who is looking for the joys of life by spending time near the beach.

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If you use ash as a tattoo pattern, it usually symbolizes protection and strength. The ash trees are very tall. They can be up to 200 meters tall and their trunks are incredibly thick. In the shade of this tree, one feels wrapped by its omnipresent leaves and branches. The tree seems to cut you off from all the unpleasant things in the world. Wearing this type of tattoo can remind you of someone you want to protect.

The meaning of tree tattoos also depends on the tree parts in the drawing. When only the roots are included in the drawing, the tattoo represents growth and development. Roots represent the starting point of all things and life. They are also a bridge between your past and your present. This type of tattoo is a constant reminder, so you never forget where you came from or what you had to go through.

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If the drawing of the tattoo represents only the leaves of a certain tree, it can also have different meanings. Generally, the leaves of the tree symbolize rebirth and regeneration, because trees make new leaves each year. It is also a reminder that there are new opportunities for you in the future and that you should never lose hope.

Types of tree tattoos

There are many types of trees around the world and each of them has its own history. Tree tattoos are perfect for those who want to wear classic and ageless tattoos designs that will never go out of style. Having a tree as a tattoo motif is a very good election because it will stay in fashion after 10 or 20 years. Just be sure to choose a type of tree that you can relate to your life.

Here are some of the most popular tree tattoos that might interest you:

Tattoo of the tree of life

In tree tattoos, the tree of life is by far the most used design by men and women. Although there is no specific tree type for this particular design, all tattoos have undeniable similarities, when they are not identical. The tree of life has many meanings. In general, it indicates that the tree is comparable to human life. Currently, the tree of life is a metaphor used to describe the relationships between man, nature and every creature living in the universe. This tattoo usually represents the whole tree, from roots to trunk, with all its leaves. Sometimes bird silhouettes added to the drawing create a better narrative line and help the tattoo send a clearer message.

Cypress tattoo

In this drawing, a specific type of tree was used, the Mediterranean cypress. It is a tree commonly planted in cemeteries. Previously, and probably until today, the cypress was used as a symbol of sorrow and mourning, which explains its presence in many cemeteries. Cypress trees can be very tall but do not have a very thick trunk, unlike other trees. They also represent the death of trees because they are unable to regenerate if cut too short. However, these trees are not always associated with negative events. In fact, they are also a symbol of longevity, because they can live up to a thousand years.

Birch tattoo

Birches are also popular tattoo designs. Many cultures appreciate them. Generally, they represent renewal, new beginnings, rejuvenation and recommencement. This is due to the tree’s ability to locate in areas that are devoid of vegetation or have suffered the worst natural disasters. The birch grows rapidly and fills the landscape with new, healthy trees that will become a new refuge for animals. They can grow in almost all types of land, if not in all. Because of this, they can survive where no other tree can do it. That’s why we can compare them to the lives of human beings. Birch encourages people to go to places where no one would go or follow paths that no one else would follow. In summary, birch reminds us to be different and take the less traveled routes.

Ideal place for tree tattoos

Where to place your tattoo plays an important role in actually supporting its meaning. In men and women, the favorite place for placing tattoos is the arms or shoulders. These two places are ideal for people who want their tattoos to have a clear and vibrant rendering. In addition, this location of tattoos allows you to show them without having to reveal too much skin.

For men and some women who are not too conservative, one side of the chest can be the perfect place for a tree tattoo. This choice will make you more sexy and glamorous. And since your tattoo will be located near your heart, it can also remind you how much you like what it represents.

Preparation tips before the tattoo session

There is not a lot of things to do before tattooing a tree, except for the usual basics. The first thing to do is to prepare the drawing you want to tattoo. Once done, ask yourself if you will need additional options or not. You must carefully choose your drawing to continue to appreciate it over the years. As much as possible, choose a classic design that will not go out of fashion, even after 20 years.

Estimated realization costs and standard prices for tree tattoos

The price of tree tattoos can range from € 50 to € 350. The cost of the service will depend on many factors. The first of these is the size of the drawing. If you only want a small tattoo, you will probably only spend the minimum amount announced. If you want a larger and more detailed tattoo, the artist can ask you up to € 350 per drawing. There are also artists who charge extra per hour of work, so the price of the service will depend on the number of hours required to complete the tattoo. The more details you have on your tattoo, the more expensive it will be.

Maintenance Tips for Tree Tattoos

If you think that the tattoo procedure ends when the tattoo artist completes the copy of the drawing on your skin, you are mistaken. You will need to apply the necessary care after the realization of the tattoo before you can consider it as a successful procedure. And since you will not stay in the company of your tattoo artist for the weeks following the tattoo, you need to know some basic rules about how to take care of your new tree tattoo.

The first thing to know is that you will have to wash your tattoo a few hours after the tattoo session. Do it gently not to irritate your skin and delay the healing of your tattoo. You will also need to apply an antibacterial cream to speed up the healing process.

You should also avoid exposing your tattoo too much to heat and sunlight, so as not to discolor it. In addition, if your tattoo is not cured yet, it may turn into a horrible scar.

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