50 Ruby Rose tattoos with meaning

Previously, the tattoos were more common on men than on women. They have long been a symbol of masculinity. However, when the first feminist demands began, some women started doing things that only men could do before – and tattoos are part of it.

Ruby Rose is one of the many women who have decided to tattoo to show the world that women can also wear tattoos. She is a multi-talented individual who is becoming more and more famous over the years. Ruby Rose is a model, a DJ, an actress and also a former MTV VJ. When people hear about her, the signature “Ruby Rose Tattoos” often comes to mind. She is one of the women who really think that tattoos are a form of body art.

Today, Ruby Rose is around 60 years old. It is difficult to count the exact number of tattoos because each symbol coincides with other symbols to form a single large tattoo. Each of these tattoos has a good rendering on the part of the body where he is tattooed. Ruby Rose seems to think that her whole body is a beautiful backdrop ready to welcome every artistic expression that comes to mind. But it is true that its tattoos are beautiful and they make it shine in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Types of Ruby Rose tattoos

In addition to being a model and a famous DJ, Ruby Rose is known for her beautiful tattoos. They have become an integral part of his style and millions of people around the world admire them. Many men and women consider this charming woman for her daring. For this reason, many female representatives want to be made the same tattoos as Ruby Rose.

Here are some of the most intriguing and lovable Ruby Rose tattoos that you can imagine:

  1. Ruby tattoo

This is one of Ruby Rose’s tattoos that does not require explanation. The star has chosen a ruby ​​as a tattoo, in honor of his name. The characteristics of this stone depict Ruby Rose as a person. Ruby is hard and rare. Like the gemstone, Ruby Rose stands out from the common women, because she is not afraid to show the world that she is different.

  1. Tattoo boxing gloves

Although Ruby Rose is not a boxer herself, she has boxing gloves tattooed on her shoulder blades. This tattoo was made in tribute to his godfather, Lionel Rose. Lionel was a boxer and Ruby Rose is not afraid to show the world that she supports her career. Lionel is probably already dead but, for Ruby Rose, his godfather is still with her, thanks to a pair of tattooed boxing gloves on his back.

  1. Ace of hearts Tattoo

Ruby Rose is not a player. Instead of being seen from this angle, the heart a tattoo she wears on the chest should be seen as a tattoo of love. Although it does not jump directly to the eyes, Ruby Rose has a tender heart. This tattoo is the direct revelation of her intention to love and the fact that she is ready to do it.

  1. Tattoo Just Love

Here is another tattoo that shows the romantic side of Ruby Rose. The tattoo is made up of words that say “Just love”; you do not need to be an expert to understand its meaning. Ruby Rose wants the world to be only love and peace. This is probably a message she tries to convey to the world or a reminder for herself not to forget to love.

  1. Danke Schön

It’s a German word meaning Thank you. Although Ruby Rose did not explain herself about it, it seems that this tattoo is the message she sends to everyone who helped her get to where she is today. Many celebrities thank their fans, their family, their loved ones and everyone who helped them by saying it loud and clear. Ruby Rose wanted to do it with a tattoo. This allows her to show her fans that she will never forget to thank them for all the help and support they have given her and that she will be forever grateful to them.

Meaning of Ruby Rose tattoos

The tattoos of Ruby Rose are full of meaning. Although there are some more difficult signs to interpret included in his collection, the other tattoos have varied meanings. We can see the depth of Ruby Rose when we discover the meaning of his tattoos. Once you know her tattoos, you will never see her the same again.

From the outside, Ruby Rose may seem like a rebellious woman with a strong personality. This is not the case, however. In fact, inside, Ruby Rose is a sweet and kind person – as evidenced by her portrait of Jean-Michel. This one was a tattoo artist from the USA who had a deep relationship with Ruby Rose. Both had built a friendship much stronger than the usual artist-client relationship. To show him how much she liked him, Ruby Rose tattooed his portrait on his shoulders. It is now a reminder of the beautiful friendship that existed between them before Jean-Michel dies.

Another example of this woman’s sweetness is her crown tattoo. This is another tribute to his friend and tattoo artist Jean-Michel. She placed her tattoo in the center of her chest, a little below the breasts. There is no better way to express your love to a person than by placing your tribute literally on your chest.

Ideal placement of Ruby Rose tattoos

Using the tattoos of Ruby Rose as inspiration and copying some drawings for yourself is a good idea. But it would be nice if you knew where to put these tattoos and you do not just copy where Ruby Rose got them tattooed. Even if your tattoos drawings are inspired by Ruby Rose’s, that does not mean you can not place them freely.

His tattoo “Just Love” would be perfect on the wrists. If you do not want to tattoo the knuckles of your fingers, this tattoo will be beautiful on your wrist. This is one of the most exposed parts of the body and you will have no problem to wear your own tattoo “Just Love”. You can also choose to print it in your language, because French has an elegant and glamorous touch always appreciated.

You can also have a portrait tattoo done, but that does not mean you have to copy Jean-Michel’s one. You must think of someone you want to pay tribute to – someone who has influenced your life one way or another. If you are an incurable fanatic of Ruby Rose, why not use his portrait for your drawing? This tattoo will go very well on the shoulders or the legs.

Preparation tips before the tattoo session

Some tattoos of Ruby Rose are complex, others simple. Before you choose a drawing, you must find the meaning it has for you. It would be good to choose designs that also represent you as a person. Only choose patterns that are meaningful to you.

When planning to get tattooed, you must be physically and mentally relaxed before the session. You must have had a good night’s sleep beforehand. You will need strength, because the tattooing process can be a bit painful. Coming with a friend who will support you and encourage you is also a good idea. Talking with this friend will not let you think about the pain of the tattoo. In fact, although tattoo sessions can be painful, it is definitely bearable suffering.

Estimation of realization costs and standard prices of tattoos

The tattoos of Ruby Rose are not expensive if you consider them individually. His tattoos are often composed of small symbols and drawings that form a larger image. Normally, his little tattoos in black ink should cost you between € 50 and € 100. If you want a multicolored tattoo, you will probably have to spend a little more. Prices for small colored tattoos are around € 100- € 200.

Some tattoo artists ask for an hourly rate rather than determining a price per tattoo design. Usually, this rate per hour is between € 150 and € 250. So, the more complicated your tattoo design is, the more expensive it will be.

Tattoo Maintenance Tips

The tattoos are beautiful when their colors are still bright or shiny (for tattoos in black ink). However, they lose their color with the passage of time and you can do nothing to prevent it. However, there are ways to delay the discoloration process. You must respect the recommended care so that your tattoo retains its shine of the first times.

The first thing you should always keep in mind is to never expose your tattoo to the sun’s rays. This can damage your skin – and therefore your tattoo. The color of the drawing will last longer if you do not expose it to the sun.

Another point to consider is to always moisturize your tattoo. You can ask the tattoo artist to tell you which products to use. Be sure to apply only a little moisturizer as it is not advisable to spread your cream tattoo: this will delay the healing process.

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