Meanings of lions tattoos: 100 Drawings

The designs of lion tattoos can vary a lot. These are tattoos mainly worn by men although occasionally, women choose them too. Like all animal tattoos, they represent the attributes and traits of the animal in question. This is why tattoos of lions often symbolize the following qualities:

  • strength
  • courage
  • love
  • balanced
  • family
  • transformation
  • protection
  • wisdom
  • hope
  • power
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Symbolism of the lion through history

As is the case in the animal kingdom, lion tattoos are at the head of animal tattoos. And, as you will read in this article, this has been the case for centuries. The lion is considered the “king of the jungle” and the “king of the animal kingdom”. To see a lion in its natural habitat allows us to discover the strength of what characterizes it and to know its symbolic meanings. The lion is very powerful and some can weigh more than 180 kilos. It is a very intelligent animal and endowed with many very important talents within the animal kingdom. These valuable attributes make him one of the greatest predators in the world.

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Ancient civilizations

The lion has been present since ancient times in different ancient cultures, but also in legends, mythology, astrology, literature and many other fields. Today, they also have an important place in the film industry. In some ancient civilizations, the king and royalty possessed their own lion. He represented for the people, a personification of the power and strength of the king. Interesting contrast: in Roman mythology, the lion was associated with love.

The lion was also a symbolic animal for the Egyptians, who often represented two lions back to back. These statues symbolized the balance, very important for the Egyptians. These usually placed these statues outside the sacred structures. The Egyptians attached great importance to the balance between things (like sunrise and sunset, east and west …) and their lion statues represented this quality so important to them.

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The lion is also a symbol of Christianity. Some Christians use tattoos of lions to symbolize Christian beliefs. The lion is also a symbolic figure for Islam, in which the lion and the sword represent power. But the lion is also a solar animal. This means that it has solar qualities and characteristics. In many beliefs and cultures, the lion is associated with the sun. It is said that the lion’s mane resembles the rays of the sun – a feature that many tattoos often highlight. In other ancient myths, the lion represents the transformation and passage between childhood and adulthood.

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The lion is also very important in Chinese culture, where he is a symbol of luck, protection and power. The Chinese also think that the lion represents the earth and the sun. Many people know that Leo is one of the signs of the zodiac – the fifth, more precisely. People born between July 23 and August 22 are a sign of Leo. They are generally very energetic and have a good heart. The lion is sometimes shy and likes to control things but he is also very generous. It also represents balance.

As you know, lions have always been present in the history of man and have been symbolic figures for a very long time. The lion is one of the most symbolic animal tattoos that exist. Because of all the meanings it houses, it is often considered as a tattoo motif. There are many varieties of different designs and styles for this tattoo: tribal designs, Celtic designs and many more … Before choosing the final design of your crop, make sure you have seen all the styles and existing drawings. Make sure to choose a drawing that will satisfy you.

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Drawings and meanings of lion tattoos

There are many meanings and beliefs associated with lions tattoos and so many factors to consider when choosing your tattoo. Two of the most common meanings that exist are power and authority. The lion is seen as a powerful animal and is considered the king of the animal world. It can also represent strength and leadership. Many different people choose a lion tattoo for these reasons. It can represent being fearless, since lions are animals that are not afraid. This tattoo is perfect for people who are not afraid of anything – or who would like to be without fear.

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The lion can also represent healing and hope. This meaning comes from the connection between the lion and Christendom. Buddhism also regards the lion as a symbol of wisdom. For example, some people may decide to get a lion tattoo because they are in a difficult situation. For these people, the lion will represent hope and faith; it will serve to remind them of these two things when they look at their tattoo. An older, mature lion can be chosen as a tattoo subject to represent wisdom and knowledge.

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It can also represent courage. It is often thought that this meaning comes from the “Wizard of Oz”. This movie classic shows a cowardly lion character wanting to become brave. As a tattoo, the lion can be a sign of courage for the wearer. He can remind him to be brave in life and to face any future adversity.

Even today, the lion remains a very symbolic drawing that has many different meanings. He has always been well represented in the world of tattoos and in many different cultures. It can also represent protection, bravery, security and nobility. One can decide to have a lion tattooed to represent an act of bravery committed or hoped to commit. For example, a firefighter who puts his life at risk every time he answers a call has probably already saved lives or hopes to save lives. In both cases, a lion tattoo is appropriate. It will represent bravery and courage. Anyone with a dangerous profession can choose this tattoo to represent the fact that she is committed to being brave.

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You have probably noticed that some tattoos, in this article, represent a male accompanied by his family. Although this may represent many things, the main meaning is the protection of the family. A father may consider being tattooed to show his protective role vis-à-vis his family. But he could also choose this drawing to represent his love and loyalty to her. As the lion is also associated with royalty, you will see drawings where the animal bears a royal seal. You have probably also noticed some tattoos where he wears a crown. These often represent Christian beliefs or refer to the fact that the lion is considered the king – or the king of the animal kingdom.

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tattoo lion 193 tattoo lion 206 tattoo lion 219 tattoo lion 232 tattoo lion 24 tattoo lion 258 tattoo lion 271 tattoo lion 297 tattoo lion 336 tattoo lion 349 tattoo lion 362 tattoo lion 37 tattoo lion 375 tattoo lion 388 lion tattoo 414 tattoo lion 427 tattoo lion 453 tattoo lion 466 tattoo lion 492 tattoo lion 50 tattoo lion 505 tattoo lion 518 tattoo lion 544 tattoo lion 557 tattoo lion 570 tattoo lion 583 tattoo lion 596 tattoo lion 609 tattoo lion 622 tattoo lion 63 tattoo lion 635 tattoo lion 648 tattoo lion 661 tattoo lion 687 tattoo lion 700 tattoo lion 713 tattoo lion 726 tattoo lion 739 tattoo lion 752 tattoo lion 76 tattoo lion 765 tattoo lion 791 tattoo lion 830 tattoo lion 856 tattoo lion 869 tattoo lion 882 tattoo lion 89 tattoo lion 895 tattoo lion 908 tattoo lion 921 tattoo lion 934 tattoo lion 947 tattoo lion 960 tattoo lion 973 tattoo lion 986 tattoo lion 999

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