150 King and Queen tattoos for couples (and their meaning)

Many cultures associate before all the crown to royaltyand especially to those who wear it usually, that is to say, the king and the queen. The royal families of all nations wear crowns to legitimize and symbolize their power. This tradition is transmitted from generation to generation, the outgoing king handing the crown to the new king, during a lavish ceremony. The crown obviously represents power and supremacy, nobility and fortune. No wonder some people are fascinated by the royal traditions and seek to assert their own supremacy by printing on their skins tattoos of king and queen. This concerns both men and women, young and old.

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Meaning of tattoos of kings and queens

The introduction of crowns in the tattoos of kings and queens crucially determines the meaning of this one at the social or personal level, whether for the wearer or for the one who sees it. The king, the highest authority in the country, adorns his crown with metals and precious jewels, and these give supreme value and symbolism to the object. Each jewel and each stone has a unique character and meaning. A splendid crown not only represents a blessing but also a strong authority in the face of betrayal. Absolute power requires a strong sense of responsibility that only the wisest monarchs possess.

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In the Christian world, it is the crown of thorns crowning the head of Jesus during his crucifixion that reminds us. Early Christians regarded Jesus Christ as the true king. They were the first to consider the cross and the thorn crown as religious symbols that represented Christ. Today, tattoo artists continue the tradition and practice of this performance. People who are not religious see drawing as a symbol of struggle, hardship, suffering or even success.

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The sign of the sun Lion represents the importance of the crown, because the lion is the king of the jungle. Some tattooed people born under the sign of Leo jointly use these two elements: the crown and the lion. Others are simply drawn to drawings of lions and wreaths and use them as tattoos of kings and queens.

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Precious stones embellish the tattoos of queen and king but it is necessary to use only the most precious of them, like the diamond. However, there are other options to consider if you are looking for pure beauty: floral arrangements and graceful leaves. The Romans produced unique and astonishing crowns with clusters of grapes and intertwined vine leaves. For the more macabre tattoos of kings and queens, the artists suggest the inclusion of skulls. Anyway, associations of other drawings, whether their look is male or female, will never hide the first message of the tattoo: power.

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Types of King and Queen Tattoos

The crown is a picture-friend who is part of the tattoos of king and queen. This drawing gives the artist who makes the male or female crown tattoo the opportunity to explore creative ideas of arrangement and placement of the jewels that will enhance the work. While all the pieces stand out beautifully as elements of design, the meaning and tradition behind this design are as profound as the work itself.

Tattoos of crowns of queens and kings

Loving couples are big fans of this tattoo idea. Crowns are symbolic images of royalty and greatness, and for couples they represent the eternal and faithful nature of their love. To cement this unwritten contract with king and queen tattoos is both reassuring and motivating. Each member has a crown tattoo placed on a very visible place, such as the arm, as to announce to the world that both belong to each other – and to others.

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Tattoos of skulls of queens and kings

The tattoos of skulls of kings and queens can look scary but they are rather romantic drawings for couples. The skulls represent death and combine them with a crown of king and queen symbolizes the eternal commitment of two lovers beyond death.

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Making this drawing is a challenge for tattoo artists, given the many possibilities to decorate male and female skulls. The crown is an obvious identification and the addition of red lips for a female skull, the choice of appropriate hairstyles and the incorporation of the letters K and Q (initials of King and Queen, which respectively mean king and queen in English) are good ideas.

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Knowing how to preserve a romantic touch despite the macabre and dark side of the theme is a proof of the real talent of the artist who will place his masterpiece well beyond mediocrity.

Tattoos of chess pieces representing the queen and the king

Chess is a puzzle game that has been around for 1500 years, using a 162.5 cm square chessboard and coins of different values ​​- the king and queen being the most precious pieces. The game was generally played by the nobles of old. The objective of the chess is to put the opponent’s king in check to win the game. Ironically, in this game, the queen is the most active play. She defends her own king and attacks the opposing king.

As elements to tattoo, the two pieces of the chess game are attractive objects. They are identical at the level of the lower part of the room but very distinct at the level of the upper part. The king’s room is more majestic, with a very visible cross on the top. Talented tattoos can exploit the shadow and light plays of the pieces or use alternating black and white squares of the chessboard as drawing ideas.

The couples greatly admire the attractiveness and the significance of the two pieces of royal chess, which fascinate them. And their fascination increases when they know that in chess, the queen is the most active play but that the king remains the most important piece.

Tattoos of queens and kings on the fingers

This tattoo, the simplest of those of king and queen, says a lot about the relationship of couples who wear it. Lovers who have a limited budget can choose this finger tattoo that simply uses the letters K and Q decorated with a heart. Wearing this simple drawing to announce an official relationship is as meaningful as any complicated and expensive design.

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Ideal placement of tattoos of kings and queens

The size of the crown does not matter much in the tattoos of kings and queens. This is an advantage when it comes to choosing the location of the tattoo. The details will not be a problem with small crowns, because their shape is easily recognizable. The small tattoos of kings and queens are ideal for the wrists, the nape of the neck and the fingers. Large tattoos are suitable for the back and chest, while medium sized designs are usually on the arms, biceps, thighs, legs and even feet.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

The preparation tips for a session at a tattoo artist are simple:

– Avoid drinking alcohol the night before the appointment.

– Make sure you are healthy and have no colds or fever.

– Eat a good meal before the session.

– Bring extra snacks such as drinks and snacks.

– Take with you care products like ointments and gauze.

– Bring a book or gadgets to pass the time during the long session that awaits you.

Estimated realization costs and standard prices for kings and queens tattoos

Some factors may affect the price you will have to pay for a king and queen tattoo. You must inquire to know the price that will cost you your tattoo before you go to the session. For small tattoos showing a basic drawing only tattooed in black ink, the estimate is simple: this type of tattoo can cost around € 50 per piece. This is not the case for large, colorful and complicated designs, because their price is often calculated per hour of work. Tattoo artists in big cities charge between € 200 and € 300 per hour and those in small towns usually cost € 150.

We advise you to avoid choosing your tattoo artist based on the price – look rather at his old tattoos and learn about his reputation. Tattoo artists take the time to build a good reputation and set up honest rates that they do not put down for no reason. These artists justify their rates by constantly having excellent results. Tattoo artists without experience offer sacrificed prices to attract new customers, which they desperately need. In the end, you risk losing money instead of saving money.

Maintenance tips for kings and queens tattoos

Your drawing of king and queen must be considered as a part of your body; that’s why he asks for regular care and attention throughout your life. The so-called “maintenance care” is the care and precautions you must follow once your tattoo is healed, while the “immediate care” is the one you must provide during the healing period of your tattoo.

During the healing period, the wounds left by the tattoo session must always remain clean and protected from irritation and infection. Wash infected areas regularly. Use mild antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Dry the wound immediately after washing, using a clean towel but without rubbing. It is important that the scabs fall off by themselves once healing is well advanced.

Once your injuries are healed, which takes about two weeks, you must continue to take care of your tattoo. The first important precaution is to avoid exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to the sun will discolour the colors of the tattoo. Always try to stay in the shade and use sunscreen whenever necessary.

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