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Tattoos have existed since the dawn of time. Your ancestors were already using tattoos to represent their culture, their group and their beliefs. Tattoos are also intimately related to sailors and the military. Groups and official organizations generally use logos and symbols of recognition. They usually create emblems that are worn by their members wherever they go. In addition to these emblems, tattoos are also a popular way to identify yourself as a member of a particular group.

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For example, sailors often wear tattoos of anchors or compasses. These two objects are very important in their work, which is why they have become the symbols of sailors. And although sailors and travelers often wear tattooed anchors or compasses on their bodies, there is no law saying that they should have the exclusivity of these tattoos. No need to sail if you want a tattoo of this type. Everyone has the right to wear this tattoo design if he wishes. In fact, tattoos with compass drawings are among the hottest tattoos currently for the younger generation. This is a trend that is appreciated by millions of people. And there is no sign that this trend is likely to end in the near future.

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Meaning of compass tattoos

A compass is a magnetic tool that shows you the right direction. It is used by sailors, navigators, explorers and travelers to guide them. The role she plays in each trip is very important. Without them, travelers would not be able to reach their final destination. This tool is really useful, not only for the survival of travelers but also in everyday life. You can show how much you appreciate the existence of this tool by having you tattoo a compass today.

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Wearing a tattooed compass on the body can mean different things to different people. The tattoos are quite personal. The meaning of a certain pattern will depend on how the wearer sees it. In addition, the meaning of the tattoo will depend on the overall design of the tattoo -if any changes have been made to give the drawing a new meaning. For example, a multicolored compass and a wind roses tattoo that looks exactly like the ones you can see on the maps could mean that the wearer has traveled to different parts of the world.

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If you wear a compass tattoo, people will naturally think that you are an adventurous and sociable person. As compasses guide travelers and explorers, people will automatically see you as one of them. Wearing this type of tattoo does not necessarily mean that you have to become a real traveler. Acquiring this kind of tattooed design simply means that you like the life of the trip or that you like to explore certain places, even if you have never been out of your city.

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Wearing a compass tattoo means you want to visit new places and experience new adventures. It’s always exciting to get out of your comfort zone and try to explore the real world. If you explore other places, you will meet new people and discover new cultures. This will help you grow and develop in a more efficient way.

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Some people get a compass tattoo in honor of a member of the family who is in the navy. It can also be a way to commemorate the death of a loved one who died in the service of the navy or aviation. Some people are also tattooed for this reason to guide them when making important life decisions. This type of drawing is also very suitable for people who like to ask questions and are spontaneous.

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Types of Compass Tattoos

There are several possible variations of compass drawings. Each tattoo differs in appearance but the meaning of all these body art works is almost the same. You can choose a simple compass drawing or a more elaborate composition. You can also elect a tattoo with multiple colors, in white ink or simply in black ink. The only thing that matters is that the design you choose will please you.

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Here are some of the most popular and sensational compass tattoos:

1. Simple compass tattoo

This type of tattoo is perfect for people who do not want many details or frills on their tattoos. This tattoo drawing has only two lines (or sometimes double-headed arrows) forming a cross. Above each arrowhead, we find the initials N, S, E, O, which designate the directions: North, South, East and West. The initials of the English words (North, South, East & West) are sometimes used. These directions will guide you wherever you go.

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2. Gyrocompass tattoo

A gyrocompass is a particular type of compass, mainly used to guide ships and planes. This type of compass is different from those usually seen in schools or on maps. It is a circular tool that shows the direction of the north. It is not magnetic and relies mainly on a gyroscope constantly rotating. This gyroscope has an axis parallel to that of the Earth, which allows it to find the nearest and most accurate directions. The gyrocompass can also be a beautiful tattoo drawing because it includes few complicated details.

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3. Wind rose tattoo

This type of compass, also known to millions of people around the world, is also very popular. The compass rose is the most commonly used representation in books or maps. This drawing is quite similar to the first type of compass that we mentioned but has some differences. Instead of showing complete arrows, this drawing shows 4 to 32 points (each point resembling the branch of a star). It’s called wind rose (or compass rose) because this type of compass looks like the petals of a rose when you look at it from a distance.

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Ideal placement of compass tattoos

Compass drawings are suitable for almost any part of the body. However, be sure to place the correct type of compass on the right part of the body, to put your tattoo in value. Tattoos are like quotes, you have to make them yours. You can also place it wherever you feel best, regardless of how others might see it. Would not it be a waste to acquire a beautiful tattoo that you can not comfortably wear or possess?

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Small nautical patterns can be placed on the wrists. These are one of the most exposed parts of the body, so with a simple movement you can easily mount your tattoo. It’s also pretty sexy for women to place the tattoos there, especially if their wrists are delicate. Another place that a tattoo will give a sexy touch is the bottom of your neck.

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For tattoos of medium-sized compasses, shoulders and legs are perfect. Since these are larger tattoo designs, you will need more space. Your tattoos will also be very visible on these places, especially if you like to wear shorts and sleeveless tops.

The big tattoos will have a fabulous rendering on your chest or your back. You can choose to use your entire back or use only a portion of it for your body art work. Placing it on one side, at the top of the back is a perfect choice for the younger ones.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

It is true that you can simply acquire a tattoo that you like, without it having any special meaning for you. However, this could be a little superficial and you could run the risk of not liking this drawing very long. It is important that you choose a tattoo that represents you and that corresponds to your culture and your beliefs.

If you get a compass tattoo, you will need to be mentally and physically prepared. Tattooing procedures can be a little painful for beginners. However, once you get used to the needles, it is possible that you really like the feeling. Make sure you are able to support the entire session, because once you have started, you can not go back. Remember that tattoos are permanent marks on your body.

Before you go to the tattooist, make sure you have eaten well because the session could last for hours, depending on the complexity of your drawing. And the pain is more bearable with a full stomach than with an empty stomach.

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Estimation of implementation costs and standard prices of compass tattoos

Compass tattooing procedures are not difficult to perform. Usually, they do not exceed three hours. But everything obviously depends on the design you have chosen. If it is overly complicated, expect to have at least five hours. And remember, the more complex your tattoo is, the higher the price will be.

A normal sized compass design will cost you between € 50 and € 100. Many good local artists can make this pattern, so you do not need to hire the services of a trendy tattoo artist.

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Maintenance Tips for Compass Tattoos

At the level of immediate care to give tattooed drawing, what you need to make sure is that your compass tattoo stays clean. You can do this by removing the bandage 3-4 hours after the procedure. You will need to run lukewarm water on your tattoo. This will soften the skin and decrease the suppuration. Be sure to use an antibacterial soap to wash the tattoo and never rub your skin too hard.

In terms of long-term care, you need to be very careful about what your tattoo retains its colors. And while it’s normal for tattoos to fade over time, you can slow down the process. One way to do this is to coat your tattoo with sunscreen even if it is completely cured. This can help protect your skin and preserve the color of your design.

compass tattoo 136 compass tattoo 147 compass tattoo 177 tattoo compass 167 compass tattoo 140 tattoo compass 229 tattoo compass 173 compass tattoo 178 compass tattoo 169 tattoo compass 228 compass tattoo 175 Compass tattoo 205 compass tattoo 146 compass tattoo 224 tattoo compass 218 compass tattoo 187 compass tattoo 206 tattoo compass 192 compass tattoo 155 compass tattoo 176 compass tattoo 210 tattoo compass 126 compass tattoo 168 compass tattoo 216 tattoo compass 152 compass tattoo 211 compass tattoo 151 compass tattoo 162 tattoo compass 122 tattoo compass 137 tattoo compass 190 tattoo compass 145 tattoo compass 195 compass tattoo 156 compass tattoo 142 tattoo compass 207 compass tattoo 159 tattoo compass 127 compass tattoo 181 compass tattoo 141 tattoo compass 130 tattoo compass 138 tattoo compass 182 compass tattoo 179 tattoo compass 129 compass tattoo 191 compass tattoo 220 tattoo compass 134 compass tattoo 227 compass tattoo 170 compass tattoo 149 tattoo compass 148 tattoo compass 163 Compass tattoo 208 compass tattoo 184

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