105 Small tattoos (and their meaning)

Tattoos are very popular around the world and more and more people are rushing to tattoo studios to get one done. Whether it's cultural significance or holiday memories, many people are now open to tattooing.

The varieties of tattoos you can print on the skin are endless and each has its own meaning. In this article, we have chosen to present you some very popular tattoos currently and share with you their meaning.

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1. Three points

Three small dots mean "my crazy life". They are generally associated with the lifestyle of band members or, more generally, with rebellious people. They are usually placed on the hands or near the eyes.

2. Tear

Originally, the tattoos of tears represented a murder but, currently, they can represent both death and what is dark.

3. Butterfly

Butterfly tattoos are both complex and emotional. They have different meanings, like wanting to be a free spirit, personal evolution, an unstable personality and short-term physical beauty.

4. Moon

The moon tattoos symbolize life and its many phases. It's a good tattoo for people who feel they have had many different times in their lives.

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5. Universal sign of the Zodiac

This particular tattoo is a representation of your personality. For many lovers and lovers of signs and stars in general, this tattoo represents their style, their personality and their general vision of life.

6. Sun

This tattoo represents life, perseverance, new beginnings and power. It's a perfect tattoo for those who want to start from scratch and leave their problems behind.

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7. Wings

This tattoo represents freedom and reminds you that you are a person in your own right, that no one can own or control. The wings are perfect for those who want to express their individuality and are not influenced by social pressures.

8. Heart

This tattoo obviously represents love and passion. It is often chosen by couples or lovers. To make this tattoo more personal, a name (that of the person you love) is often drawn in the heart. Pay attention to this particular option because, unless you are absolutely certain that you and your partner will always be together, you may regret having done so.

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9. Dragon

This tattoo represents ferocity, power and mysticism, as well as a strong and determined personality. It can vary in size and many people think that the bigger the dragon tattoo, the stronger your personality. This drawing can also represent jealousy or other negative traits of your personality.

10. Tribal

Often small and delicate, these tattoos can represent many things like the warrior or the transition to adulthood. They are worn by members of certain tribes like the Maori of New Zealand or by ordinary people who are just interested in the aesthetics of the drawings. It is always advisable to ask your tattoo artist what a tribal drawing means before you get a tattoo.

11. Fox

The cunning fox can represent your brilliant mind or simply be your favorite animal. Whatever the reason for your choice, this tattoo will always make a big impression.

These tattoos are just a few of the popular motifs in the present day. They are a means of personal expression. Many have fallen in love with this art and are less reluctant to get a tattoo on the body.

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