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Clover tattoos

The symbolism of alfalfa today is very rich and interesting. Clover represents the divine triad, triplicity of the world and the human being, which consists of inner spirit, immortality of the soul and mortal body.
Aincient Egyptians had great gods Osiris and Isis, who wore clover pictures on their hairstyles. Indians found the meaning of the four parts of the world in it, and Buddhists saw the unity of the soul and the body. In China, clover of antiquity, we hear the summer. Druids considered clover to portray the spring equinox. The practice of planting clover on the graves of the dead also makes the symbol of lost love and confession.

In Christianity, clover has become the symbol of the Holy Trinity – Lord God, son and Holy Spirit. According to a St. Patrick legend, the defender of Christianity, who came to the lands of the Irish Peninsula explained the essence and motives of the Holy Church and faith according to the cloverleaf, as a symbol of Trinity quite unspecified. Since that time, clover has become a must in decoration and symbol of St. Patrick's Day commemoration on March 17 in Ireland.

As time passed the Christian meaning of the clover tattoo found in the cultural tradition of the Celts and symbol of primitive Christianity.
Clover tattoos have distinct meanings of each leaf of alfalfa. First leaf means faith, the second symbolizes hope, and the third was made for love. So in a small flower can be combined the most important and sacred ingredients of human life.

Sometimes it's the fourth leaf – the lucky leaf. But in the four-leaf cloverleaf is very rare, which is why it is considered, that whoever finds these flowers will bring sudden luck. Thus, four-leaf clover has become the known symbol of luck. First of all, the meaning of the four-leaf clover tattoo is defined as the symbol of rarity and singularity, the symbol, which brings luck and happiness to those who wear it.

According to one of the legends, four leaf clover existed only in the Garden of Eden and Eva, going back down to earth with her husband took one of these flowers with her. But botanists do not agree on this story and turned out that this flower grows in nature in Central and South America.

So, with the example of clover, you can see how small non-living material can consist of a wide variety of meaningful and sacred things for many cultures of the world.

Clother is a very popular plant that grows almost everywhere and makes the tattoo of clover really popular. Clover tattoos are usually pretty weak and virtually every clover tattoo design contains green colors, but that does not mean there is no space for fantasy. Clover tattoo can be used as a combination with other plants. Clover and rose are symbolizing love, and in combination with violets, it means confession. To strengthen the symbolic clover tattoos can contain horseshoes, crowns and other items. Often inscriptions, numbers and letters that have their meanings are used. Clover tattoo looks very good in Celtic style with the use of twisted lines and never meeting. Clover tattoo designs are considered unique not only because of the positive symbolism, but also because of its shape. It is highly esteemed and can be used in various forms of clover tattoo designs.

The places of application for the clover tattoo can be very different because of its small size.

Clover tattoo can be just as good for men and women. Each person deserves a little luck. Of course, this kind of tattoo is very popular with the Irish people, but also around the world. Best places for tattoo application are the wrists, forearms, ankles and feet.

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