160 Semicolon tattoos: A symbol of optimism

The semicolon tattoos have become very popular because of their recent association with hope. Whereas before, most people saw in those who wore this type of tattoo as geeks of grammar or language, the meaning of the image is currently far removed from this interpretation. Today, the semicolon has become a symbol of optimism, survival and help. With such meanings, it's no wonder that people are interested in this punctuation mark.

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Significance of the tattoos of semicolons

The semicolon is a symbol of hope or survival that comes from an awareness movement called Project Point-Virgule. This project was launched in the USA by a woman named Amy Bleuel, in honor of her father who committed suicide. A. Bleuel chose this punctuation mark as a symbol of his project, which aims to help and surround with love those who are depressed or anyone who needs it. According to the Project Point-Virgule website, "A semicolon is used when an author could have decided to end his phase there, but does not do it.The author is you and the sentence, it's is your life. "

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Of course, the experts in linguistics will tell you that the use of the semicolon is not limited to that, but this punctuation mark conveys the idea of ​​continuation. The semicolon thus appeared to remain as a support image and community belonging recognizing the pain experienced by many people – and especially the depressed.

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This meaning explains many of the usual embellishments that accompany the tattoos of semicolons. It is quite common to see drawings or flying birds embedded in this type of tattoos. This form usually suggests a deep emotion. Many people also choose to create their tattoos in specific colors to associate the message of hope with something more personal: many people use for example the colors of the rainbow, because they belong to the homosexual, transsexual and transgender community.

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The fact that someone is wearing a semicolon tattoo does not mean, however, that he has thought about or tried to commit suicide in the past. As we have already said, the healing power of accompaniment is an important part of this movement. Many people have this tattoo done for themselves but for some of their friends or family members who have had depression or attempted suicide.

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Types of semi-colon tattoos

There are many kinds of semicolon tattoos. We have separated them for you into two main types of tattoos: the single tattoos of semicolons and the tattoos of semicolons decorated.

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1. Simple drawing of semi-colon tattoo

The simple drawing of a semicolon is exactly what its name says: a semicolon. This tattoo is not suitable for everyone, because some might find it very devoid of ornamentation. Those who are made this type of tattoo are however generally very satisfied with the simple strength of this solitary brand. They want all attention to focus on the symbol – sometimes they do not want this drawing to be specially noticed. Embellishments are a way of giving emphasis to the main motive, and in this way a semi-colon can almost become an exclamation point. The simplicity of the drawing makes it possible to attract the attention only on its only meaning.

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This can be a good option if you want to get a tattoo semi-colon to show your solidarity with those who advocate his message of hope and continuation, without wanting to wear a symbol too visible. It can also be an ideal choice if you are simply a discreet or simple person in terms of affiliations and tributes. The drawing of the single semicolon can however be done in any color, which means that you can choose an intense color to add additional visibility to the symbol.

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2. More complex and ornamented semicolon drawing

This type of drawing is being used more and more. The tattoos of decorated semicolons exist in different shapes and styles. All they have in common is the semi-colon on the drawing. The latter can be incorporated into many decorations or pieces of art: people often use it to represent the body of a butterfly, for example, and adorn the punctuation of butterfly wings.

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Decorated semicolon designs can also be done by simply printing the semicolon shape and then using colors or patterns to fill the spaces between the lines. Any type of pattern combines well with a semicolon drawing, so do not be surprised to see some very colorful or eye-catching examples once you start looking around.

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Ideal placement of semi-colon tattoos

The beauty of the semicolon lies in the small size and discretion of this symbol, which you can place just about anywhere. The smallest tattoos can be put on quite visible places without being easily noticed: look at the examples of tattoos placed behind the ear or on one side of the finger. Some people also put their tattoos on the back of the foot.

The larger designs and the highly decorated tattoos generally determine for themselves where they will be placed for obvious reasons. One of the most popular places is the inside of the forearm. Some people even specifically put their semicolon tattoo there, in reference to (and to thwart) the practice of cutting one's veins. You can also have a semi-colon tattoo on the bottom or side of the neck, on your thigh and in many other places.

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Preparation tips before the tattoo session

Before going to the tattooist, eat a balanced meal and be sure to drink enough to stay hydrated during the session. You should also put on comfortable and easy-to-remove clothes to give your tattoo artist easy access to your skin.

Remember to bring something that allows you to pass the time. Many people bring MP3 players to listen to their favorite music until the work ends. Others bring a book or just watch a movie on their smartphone.

If you are taking medication or have some health problems, you should also report it to the tattoo artist. The basic rule is not to go to the tattoo artist if you are sick, so as not to put too much pressure or stress on your body.

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Estimation of realization costs and standard prices for tattooing of semi-colons

The tattoos of semicolons are among the easiest to achieve, especially if you do not intend to embellish the symbol. The cost will therefore be the minimum possible price for a tattoo – unless you do not want it to be 5 cm (or more) high. The simplest tattoo possible will cost you around € 40, depending on where you live.

If you're starting to add colors or special designs to your tattoo or even consider creating special designs, get ready to pay more. You can probably get away with a € 100 bill if you only use the smallest options at the waist (no drawing, so) but any drawing reaching or exceeding the surface of the palm of your hand will probably require a supplement per hour of work. It can range from € 100 to € 200, depending on the tattoo artist. The cheapest options can usually be found in tattoo studios in big cities but do not hesitate to pay a little more elsewhere if the artist is worth it. You will be able to judge his work by looking at examples of his previous work to evaluate his talent.

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Maintenance Tips for Semicolon Tattoos

Once you have acquired your tattoo of semicolon, keep it as clean and dry as possible. Washing it is recommended but rubbing it is totally forbidden because the rubbing could remove the crusts formed by the healing skin and even put germs in it. If you rub vigorously the tattoo area before the end of the healing period (on average two weeks), you could even get the ink out. The result would be a patchwork of body art that you would regret bitterly. That's why you should try to avoid as much as possible touching tattooed skin.

You should also remember not to rub the tattooed area to dry it but to lightly pat the towel on it. When you do, be delicate. Also make sure that what you use to dry the area is clean. If this is not the case, you risk depositing germs in the wounds.

Some artists recommend healing ointments to help the skin recover from dryness, cracks or scratches. As tattoo needles pierce the surface of the skin repeatedly to deposit the ink underneath, healing tattoos are nothing more than still fresh wounds to your skin. This is why some unscented scarring ointments may be a good idea.

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If you would like more specific advice on how to care for your healing tattoo, you should talk to your tattoo artist. He can give you a timeline that will let you know when your tattoo should be healed.

Remember that you must take great care of your tattoo during the few days following the tattoo session. Follow the instructions above to the letter so that the healing is going well. Doing a tattoo supposed to represent hope and healing just to see it destroyed by an infection would be the height of irony.

Take care of it until it gets better, and then show it to anyone you want, as a sign of support for survivors around the world. Most of us know at least one person who can be supported in this way. If this is your case, you can give us your opinion in our comment section.

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