101 Turtle tattoos (and their meanings)

The turtle is a powerful spiritual symbol in many traditions and cultures around the world. From native peoples of North America to Japanese, many cultures have created countless legends with a turtle as their main character.

In some stories of the native peoples of North America, the turtle is the deity of the shores of the world. Legend has it that this animal took mud from the bottom of the ocean and used it to form the continents. This association between Mother Nature and the ocean could explain why turtles represent the female cycle and the phases of the moon.

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Of course, one of the most famous associations of the turtle comes from fables of Jean de la Fontaine, which would be drawn from the fables of Aesop. In The bunny and the turtle, the turtle is considered a wise animal and represents the power of the "brain on strength". This concept is not isolated because many african and greek legends are filled with stories telling the wisdom of the turtle patient.

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On average, turtles live to 150 years of age. That's why they are revered as symbols of health and longevity. The medical reticles of Zuni tribes of New Mexico are decorated with a turtle emblem. These special awards help improve health and help those who wear them to defy death. The Navajos have similar practices: the only accepted dish for administering remedies is the turtle shell.

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In Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean, sea turtles are considered powerful aphrodisiacs. Although this practice is illegal due to the dwindling number of turtles in the wild, many men hunt and eat these precious creatures in hopes of improving their sexual performance and prowess.

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Whether you regard the turtle as a spiritual entity of creation or as a magnificent extension of Mother Nature, its charm and influence on the conscience and soul of humanity is undeniable.

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Meanings of tattoos of turtles

Through the history of humankind, turtles have been an inspiring agent of positive change. Turtles also represent:

  • Patience
  • Longevity, life expectancy
  • Wisdom
  • The peace
  • Innocence
  • Stability
  • Endurance
  • Female energy

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Variations of tattoos of turtles

1. Tribal tortoise

The elements of drawings Polynesians, Samoans, Hawaiians and Maori are the most prominent figures of tribal tattoos of turtles, mainly because these creatures are intrinsically connected with the cultural identity of these island peoples. As peoples and ideas are still spreading across the globe, many major tattoo artists have taken inspiration from the ancient traditions of these noble peoples. This is why tattoos of tribal turtles are responsible for the cultural symbols of the island peoples from which they come and their deep spiritual connection with the sea, Mother Nature and the turtle.

2. Celtic tortoise

The Celtic knots Traditional are infinite loops that represent the endless cycle of life and longevity. When fused with the image of the turtle, these tattoos become an incredible way to mix two seemingly separate cultures and express your desire for a healthy and long life.

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3. Peace turtle

Peace turtle tattoos are a wonderful way to pay homage to both the ideals of "peace and love for everyone" and the awareness of humanity about its impact on the ecology of the world.

4. Cartoon turtle

Many tattoos of turtle cartoons pay tribute to the turtles that have all started, but there are many more types of cartoon turtle tattoos that represent the essence of the innocence and frivolity of childhood.

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