37 Tattoos to commemorate or pay tribute to your grandparents

We can create strong bonds with our family, with each of our loved ones. However, it is possible that for each of us, the bond established with the grandparents is particularly special. These relatives, who have released the moorings of the severity with which they raised their children a little, often treat their grandchildren with almost absolute gentleness.

For this reason, grandparents hold a special place in the hearts of the majority of people. It is therefore not surprising that many people want to get a tattoo in their honor, to remember it forever or simply to pay tribute to them.

To do this, they can choose between several options, that is to say between several particular themes, so that the tattoo expresses what they feel for these important members of the family.

grandfather tattoo 45


Often what touches us most about our grandparents is their portrait. It can be a great option if we want to pay tribute to them and always have these people so dear to our hearts.

grandfather tattoo 39

grandfather tattoo 41

Life Lessons

A sentence or a life lesson that their way of being has taught us can be a wonderful reason to want to honor them as it should be. Grandparents not only spoil and love us unconditionally, but sometimes they are also harsh (justly) and give us great life lessons.

One of the best ways to remember years after their disappearance is what is left of their lifestyle or a phrase they told us while they were alive.

We can even pass on the life lessons that our grandparents passed on to us first. These tattoos can therefore be ideal “excuses” for telling family history because body art works are often steeped in history.

Memorable names and phrases

We also remember certain grandparents for their words of mind or their ideas. Their particularities, these things that only they said and that have been their particular mark in life can also be good subjects for tattoos.

grandfather 69 tattoo

Phrases they used to say, funny or deep. It’s all worth it, as long as it reminds us of our loved one and most of their life. As we have already said, it is also possible to get a tattoo of the sentences transmitted by our grandparents.

This last option is undoubtedly particularly magnificent. A phrase which, until then, was constantly present in us, at each stage of our life, and which was transmitted to us by our grandparents, is a very touching way of paying homage to them on a daily basis.

grandfather tattoo 01

grandfather tattoo 03

grandfather tattoo 05

grandfather tattoo 09

grandfather tattoo 11

grandfather tattoo 13

grandfather tattoo 15

grandfather tattoo 17

grandfather tattoo 19

grandfather tattoo 21

grandfather tattoo 23

grandfather tattoo 25

grandfather tattoo 27

grandpa tattoo 29

grandfather tattoo 31

grandfather tattoo 33

grandfather tattoo 35

grandfather tattoo 37

grandfather tattoo 43

grandfather tattoo 47

grandfather tattoo 49

grandfather tattoo 51

grandfather tattoo 53

grandfather tattoo 55

grandfather tattoo 57

grandfather tattoo 59

grandpa tattoo 61

grandfather tattoo 63

grandfather tattoo 65

grandfather tattoo 67

grandfather 71 tattoo

grandfather 73 tattoo

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